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Elysium healthcare is a unique organization that has embarked on efforts to provide a solution to the aging. They aim to incorporate the available knowledge to offer pills. They intend to use the chemical method where the chemicals will be converted into vitamin tablets. They believe that the pills are easy to use and distribute in large areas. According to the Elysium health experts, such distribution will fuel the quick adoption and the success of completing aging. The idea came through various lab tests that were conducted on the worms and mice. In the research, it was evident that pills increased the lifespan of the creatures. Likewise, they believed that the inclusion of the tablets in the life of people would have a similar level of magnitude thus providing a solution to the age-related ailments. The project has faced a significant boost of recent by Leonard Guarente, a biologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is willing to input his extensive experience in assisting to have an accurate report.

Leonard believes that a better health system and adoption of the pillars should work to slow the intensity of aging. He believes that aging is brought by the reduction in the metabolism activities. Leonard thinks that a repair or boost in the internal performance could replicate to the slowing of the aging process. He believes that the drugs which can prolong the life of a person could also have similar replication to people. Though he thinks that the adoption and the implementation of the methodology could take long .he is assured of success.

Due to the seriousness and delicacy of the whole process, Guarantee hopes to adopt the different methodology of handling the ailments. Leonard Welcomes separate research that could provide useful information that is required in the management of ailing.https://medium.com/@elysiumhealth

The idea to develop the pills was formed out of the experience he acquired from his prior employer (Sitris Pharmaceutical) which is globally known organization. During his tenure, he got a chance to research resveratrol drug a drug that was to be used in the control of aging. Despite the fact that the whole project was unsuccessful, he got essential skills that he uses in his recent endeavors.

To ensure that the pills got an immediate ground perception, he advertises them as supplements to the diet. It is followed by a study on the impact of the drugs on the health of the patients. After which he hopes to survey the same. To have reliable accurate and verifiable data he has partnered with Dan Alminana and Eric Marcotulli.

Background information

Elysium health organization was born in 2014.Lenard Guarantee privately owns the company. The company deals with assisting with the diet supplement. To have the business grow and succeed at a higher speed, he has partnered with Dan Alminana and Eric Marcotulli. Since the foundation, the company has been growing from strength to strength.

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