Ara Chackerian: On Digital Health Care Advancement

Career Achievements

Mr. Ara Chackerian is a leading expert in the technological healthcare sector; over the years, his influence in this sector is undeniable. His main goal is to develop technology that has a direct impact on human health, reduce mortality rates, and improve the general well being of the human race.

His passion, however, began early and has seen him take on several high positions in the health care industry the most notable being his position as chief executive officer of BMC diagnostics. This experience has seen him rise to greater heights in the industry and venture into partnerships and develop ideas that are a real game-changer in Health care.

Emerging Trends

He keeps tabs on the latest trends in technological advancement in the Health care industry, and one that has aroused curiosity as documented in his blog is Telemedicine, digital assisted healthcare apps. Read on to find out more.

Mr. Ara Chackerian describes it as a game-changer, and it could not have come at a better time considering the alarming increase in depression rate among people in society.

How it Works.

Focusing on the out-patient psychiatry space, he describes it as the third pillar of psychiatry coupled with medication and oral therapy. The app developed, is designed to keep track of how a person behaves, this is because people who suddenly go into depression tend to change several things like how they communicate, frequency of speech, and speech patterns.

Mr. Ara Chackerian conveys that it all comes down to the Algorithms that can detect a change in an individual’s behavior and after that is providing a detailed assessment on the patient’s deterioration/improvement in one’s health.

This will help reduce by significant margins the rate of deaths due to depression around the world.

“The future of Health care is certainly bright, and by the day the bridge between technology and Healthcare continues to reduce significantly” Mr. Ara Chackerian