Getting to Know Barbra Stokes

Barbra Stokes is making a difference in disaster recovery from the ground in Huntsville. Over the years she has made a big impact in this industry is has been featured in a number of articles.

Since the founding of her business, she has worked for hand and hand with FEMA in areas that have been hit by the disaster. This has been done via the building of structures that implement a number of building techniques that provide long term housing and other building structures. This has been the high point of her career that started years ago after she graduated from Mercer University.


While at Mercer, Barbara Stokes studied biomedical engineering and physics. She got her degree in 2001. Not all of her life is dedicated to working, as she is the mother to three kids and spends a good portion of her time volunteering in the greater Huntsville area. While managing this in her life her and her company back after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey, were awarded a contract with the federal government of $28 million that was to be completed as of March of last year. More recently her company has been helping those displaced due to a line of storms that came through the state earlier this year in back to back weekends. Visit PRNewswire to know more about Barbara.