The Importance Of Obtaining A Freedom Life Insurance Policy

Obtaining life insurance is a fundamental and indispensable solid financial plan. There are several reasons one would need life insurance besides just peace of mind. Paying final expenses upon a loved ones death can be a huge burden. Life insurance is essential if you do not want your family to suffer financially at the time of your death. If both you and your spouse work, a life insurance policy will help replace the income of the deceased spouse. It can help cover debts such as your mortgage and medical bills to help you stay afloat. Follow freedom life insurance on facebook.

Freedom Life Insurance policies offer a variety of choices to fit your needs. They can also provide extra coverage to ensure your children can afford college education. Two of the most common polices are term life or permanent life. If you have a limited budget but need a large amount of life insurance, term life will pay your beneficiary if you die while the policy is in effect. At the end of the policy if you are still alive, you will need to renew your policy with Freedom Life Insurance or your coverage stops. A term life insurance policy will not allow you to build equity in the form of cash savings. Life insurance policy premiums usually increase as you age. You can renew a term life insurance policy at the end however, your premium will most likely be higher.

Permanent life insurance will pay your spouse or loved one whether you live forever or die tomorrow. It is an attractive policy because you can build a cash savings while on a tax-deferred basis. In case of a financial hardship, you could borrow money from a Freedom Life Insurance permanent policy. You can even use the savings to pay your monthly premiums to ensure your policy doesn’t lapse. Freedom Life Insurance can also discuss other options for you such as: universal life, whole life and variable life. You may still be able to borrow against these policies if you have poor credit. It’s important to obtain life insurance as soon as you can. The younger you are, the less expensive the premiums will be. If you develop a medical condition later in life, it can be harder to get. Read:


Protect the Future with FreedomLife Insurance

Everyone needs a life insurance policy. Based in Texas, Freedom Life Insurance helps people select a new life insurance policy. Life insurance is purchased to provide for your family and loved ones when you pass-away. It brings peace of mind, so you no longer worry about what happens to your family if you should die tomorrow. Selecting a life insurance policy is never an easy process. The agents at Freedom Life Insurance have the knowledge to simplify process of selecting a policy. For more updates, Like the page on facebook.

The reason for purchasing the policy is very important when selecting which policy to buy. If the policyholder is looking for life insurance to pay off their mortgage, they should consider term life insurance. When paying off a mortgage a thirty-year term life policy is the perfect choice. If they are looking at a policy to cover their children’s education, the best choice is a twenty-year term life insurance policy. A licensed insurance agent helps the policyholder find the best policy to buy. Price is important when selecting life insurance. Generally, term life insurance is less expensive than permanent life insurance. Let the experts at Freedom Life Insurance help you select the best life insurance policy.

If the policyholder needs insurance for life, a permanent life insurance policy is perfect in this situation. Many people worry about life in general. They are concerned about maintaining their family’s life-style and paying their bills. If that’s the case, then a permanent policy is the best choice. The permanent policy also builds cash value over time. Therefore, the policyholder can borrow against the cash value. The borrowed funds are available for anything, such as paying bills or taking a long vacation. If the policyholder dies before the borrowed funds are paid, the funds are deducted from the total proceeds of the policy.

Selecting a life insurance policy is not any easy process. However, purchasing life insurance is an important decision; designed to protect your family’s financial security. Freedom Life Insurance has several licensed agents available to help you make that very important decision.

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USHEALTH Advisors Insurance Portfolio and Solutions

USHEALTH Group is a pioneering company in offering reliable insurance solutions to companies, families, and individuals. The firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. USHEALTH Advisors operates as an independent subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, Inc. The company sells personal health insurance plans to its clients. Besides, USHEALTH Advisors sells other supplementary products that are underwritten by The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, another independent subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Advisors is holistically committed to serving its clients who are mostly self-employed, individuals, families, and small-scale business owners. USHEALTH Advisors was established in 2010 as a privately held insurance firm. The company operates with over 300 employees. USHEALTH Advisors is wholly specialized in Critical Illness Coverage, Dental Insurance, Guarantee Issue Plans, health insurance agent, Innovative Fixed Indemnity, Health Coverage, Accident Coverage, Life Insurance, and Health Insurance Agent Recruiting among others.

USHEALTH Advisors offers other services such as a renewable and convertible term life policy for life, income protection solutions, and personalized illness protection. Formerly known as Ascent Assurance, Inc., the group resolved to change its name to USHEALTH Group, Inc., in 2005 and later gave birth to USHEALTH Advisors. USHEALTH Group was first incorporated in 1982 at Fort Worth, Texas.

USHEALTH Advisors is found at 3100 Burnett Plaza, 3100 Burnett Plaza, 801 Cherry Street Unit 33, Fort Worth, TX 76102-7025 in the United States of America. The company’s Fax number is 817-878-3300.Through USHEALTH Advisors and other subsidiaries, USHEALTH Group has built a broad customer base of more than 15 million clients.

USHEALTH Advisors has been in operation for the past five decades and now guarantee exceptional insurance plans to its clients. The advisors are highly experienced and licensed to exercise their various roles in the company. USHEALTH Group offers all the advisors specialized training to make them knowledgeable enough to represent various products. The company firmly adheres to the certification standards enforced by the state.

USHEALTH Advisors are widely recognized for their competence in customer care, innovation, and business growth. The Strong client-advisor relationship has particularly strengthened the trust on all insurance coverage products offered at USHEALTH Group. Visit:


How Vincent Parascandola and AXA Advisors are changing the Insurance Industry.

AXA is a French multinational Insurance company that was founded in 1816 with its headquarters in Paris. The firm engages in investment management, financial and global insurance services. Initially, the company was identified as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. It later changed its name in various instances after acquiring other companies. It was once called Mutuelles Unies and Mutuelles Unies/Drouot. It settled the name AXA in 1985 as it was easy for any individual regardless of religion pronounce the name. Majorly, the firm operates in the Asia Pacific, North America the Middle East, Western Europe and Africa; the firm is also involved in philanthropic initiatives that help the general community. The company created AXA Research Fund that is aimed at researching on the risks that threaten the human life and its environment. It has more than two hundred researchers trying to understand these risks and how they can be avoided.

Currently, Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive VP of one of the AXA Group affiliate company, AXA Advisors. As the Senior Executive Vice President, his responsibilities include developing new and experienced professionals, overseeing the sales, recruiting new financial professionals, managing productivity and development and retention of unwanted individuals. He earned his B.S degree from Pace University that laid his education foundation. His experience of more twenty years in the insurance industry is what made him fit for this position. His career journey began back in 1987 when he was an agent as Prudential. He has held numerous leadership positions before he joined AXA Advisors that that helped sharpening his leadership skills.

He later joined MONY Life Insurance Firm three years later where he held various regional and local field management positions. In 2004 is when he settled with AXA Advisors. Recognized for the good work he does in the industry, Mr. Vincent has received various management awards in his career paths such as Master Agency Awards and GAMA’S Career Development. He has also been given chances to speak at numerous industry and company conferences such as LIMRA’s Distribution conferences and GAMA’s national LAMP Meeting. He hopes to continue helping and changing the insurance company with his good deeds and experience.