How Market America Is Changing How People Shop

Market America is a privately held company that was founded in 1992. Its specialties are ecommerce, advertising, marketing, brokerage, and the internet. It sells products over the internet and through One-to-One marketing techniques. There are 160,000 distributors of their products around the world and they have over three million customers to date. Over the lifetime of this company they have sold over $2.4 billion in goods.

Market America is based out of Greensboro, North Carolina. Between their headquarters and internationally the employ over 500 people. In addition to their headquarters they also have field offices in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. These office provide support to their independent distributors. These distributors sell Market America’s products both face to face as well as on their own websites. Market America, meanwhile, sells its products on services on their web portal

Each year this company holds a world conference which is attended by many of their independent distributors.

The world conference for 2018 was held in Miami, Florida. Market America shares the latest happenings with the distributors at these conferences, new initiatives, and any new products and services that will soon become available. This year it was held on February 1st through the 3rd and it was located at American Airlines Arena which can hold up to 21,000 people.

The biggest thing people were talking about at the world conference this year was the “Shopping Annuity” program. At this world conference, which was also a 25th anniversary celebration, executives of the company talked about how the independent distributors could take advantage of turning their spending into earning through this program. has a proprietary comparison shopping engine as part of the website. It finds the best prices for each product anywhere on the internet. When consumers buy something they can get up to 50% cash back on their eligible purchases on this website.

At this conference Chief Executive Officer JR Ridinger said that his company was changing how consumers buy things. He said that his company is creating its own economy where people earn money by buying things which is a revolutionary concept.

White Shark Media And Why It Is Better To Gain Assistance For Internet Marketing

One of the ways many people try to make money online is through internet marketing. However, they soon find that this is actually a very difficult thing to pull off. There are a lot of factors that play into the success of the marketer. One of the factors that people have to consider before trying their hand at internet marketing is whether or not they are going to need assistance. Many people find it almost impossible to actually do the internet marketing on their own. This is why there are marketing firms that are available to help people achieve their goals.


White Shark Media is one of those firms. They do offer many different services for people. The client has he option of choosing the type of services that he wants. Otherwise, a professional is going to take the time to look at the site and decide what services are best for the company. For instance, he could look at the site and decide whether the business is best served by local SEO or mobile advertising. In many cases, it is a good idea to try to use many different measures for the success of the company.


White Shark Media is also very honest with what it is doing. The clients know everything about what the company is doing to bring in the conversions for the client. Therefore, people do not have to worry about being left out of the loop on what they are doing. White Shark Media offers tools that people could use to check up on the campaigns.


It is very rare for someone to succeed all on his own. Even if he succeeds, it is most likely that his success is going to be limited. With the help of White Shark Media, he can be lifted of some of the burdens of carrying the business.