Why the Elite Surfers Go to Nihiwatu

The best surfers are picky about where they can go for the best action. If you ask them where they can go in Indonesia, they’ll tell you all about Nihiwatu. This remote island is known for it’s rock formations along the beach, but what the surfers know about this spot is different than what other travelers know to be true about the island and the resort. What draws the surfers is the 20 foot break in the waves, what most surfers long for in a trip on the water.

Nihiwatu, on the southwest coast, is now the #1 hotel in the world according to the readers of the Travel and Leisure magazine. This beach, a half moon shape has two reefs that have served as protection from storms and the like. White colored sand, much like what you hear about in Destin, Florida, adds a rare grace and beauty to the island. It was in the late 80’s when the Graves Family built a hotel that would cater to the surfers that would come from around the world. While looking for help to expand the hotel, Chris Burch and James McBride were ready to jump in and turn the hotel into something better (wingsjournal.com).

The resort was remodeled in 2015 once the purchase was finalized with McBride and Burch as partners, creating the place that would attract those desiring solitude and the natural beauty of the island. The resort is now the largest employer on the island, making it the ideal location for a vacation, as well as to take on employment. Additionally, the Sumba Foundation, partnered with these entrepreneurs, combining funds to give back to the community through humanitarian aid. The goal is to preserve the culture of the island, while remaining focused on creating the true vacation experience.

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Why You Can Never Get Rid of Chris Burch

We are always looking for the best out of every opportunity. Chris Burch is a man that brings a lot to the table. At 64 years of age, Mr. Burch has spent most of his life diversifying into a variety of business ventures. His most famous invention is the Burch Creative Capital, an institution that he heads as the Chief Executive Officer. With Chris being extremely enterprising and possessing skills in sales and marketing and branding, he has been able to help create Tory Burch, another luxury fashion company successfully. Chris Burch has even gone the extra mile of establishing Nihiwatu, another corporation of epic proportions. Being the great investor that Burch is well known for, he has been able to take the board and advisory roles in organizations like Poppin, Chubbies Shorts, Grability, and Nihiwatu.  More of this on bjtonline.com

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Over the years, Chris has created a model that shows you how to build a successful enterprise from scratch. Mr. Burch has been hugely successful in his endeavors primarily because he is the ultimate opportunist who does not let any chance get wasted. He has learned how to tap into new and old markets so as to move more of his products and services. Another factor that has kept Chris going is his ability to ask questions. Through the above, he has been able to get new ideas on how to do things differently, hence his success. Chris Burch has also nurtured a habit of helping others become successful entrepreneurs and investors despite age. Burch is mainly attracted to individuals who lead purpose-driven lives since they have well laid out goals and objectives.  Click on crunchbase.com for Burch timeline activities.

In Burch’s pursuit of excellence, he has experienced a lot of downfalls but has never given up. He has made a choice to always take risks in life since it is the unexpected outcomes that have built him a lasting empire over the years. See fashionista.com for additional article. Finally, Burch has learned the hard way that re-inventing the wheel does not necessarily yield you success. Therefore, it has become Burch’s mission to think of new ways of doing things, since at the end of the day clients want someone who can solve their problems.  Related article on burchcreativecapital.com.

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