Business Mentor Glen Wakeman Assists Entrepreneurs and Executives Transform Their Ideas Into Businesses

Bringing together his talents as a communicator, an innovator and as a teacher, Glen Wakeman helps C-suite executives and entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

Wakeman worked his way up the ranks at GE Capital, ultimately earning the executive management position of CEO of GE Money, Latin America, look at this. During his tenure, Wakeman crafted a successful startup involving 9 countries completely from scratch, that grew to more than 17,000 employees, generating over $2 billion in revenues. From these business experiences, Wakeman learned valuable lessons that he shares with companies, assisting them with designing plans to meet today’s business challenges.

After completing his Bachelors Degree in Economics in Finance at Scranton University, Wakeman went on to earn his MBA from the University of Chicago. Both degrees have proven invaluable in Wakeman’s professional career and to the businesses and executives he mentors and advises.

In describing his methodology for assessing the needs of a business, Wakeman relates his findings that many issues that exist between a company’s vision and the results they are producing stem from the gap between their vision and their plan. An idea is not a plan that creates results, Wakeman explains. He adds that the plan creates the infrastructure that supports the idea and makes it work in the business world, browse more info here.

At the core of Glen Wakeman’s strategy are 5 factors that he believes assist companies with increasing their effectiveness. Leadership Development, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management and Governance are the central areas that Wakeman offers strengthening strategies to his clients.


Wakeman’s Launchpad

To support his belief about the importance of having a plan, Wakeman founded Launchpad Holdings. Launchpad is an outgrowth of Wakeman’s key observation that most new business failures are the result of the lack of support that results from the activities that are necessary to make an idea into a business.

Launchpad is a software service that provides a comprehensive suite of guidance and assistance tools, providing entrepreneurs with a technology-based solution that helps them transform their visions into tenable business plans.

Wakeman’s Launchpad has been well received by the startup community, receiving startup community recognition for the thoughtful and anticipatory assistance it provides to materializing their entrepreneurial ideas, click now.