Brazil’s model citizen: Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

Who is Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva? 

Born in Brazil in the city of Itapetininga in 1958, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva knew at an early age that his life calling was in law. Eager to begin his journey, Silva enrolled in the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo where he earned his masters and doctorate in law by 1981. Although still technically a student, Silva had already a role at the school as a professor with the university (Youtube). 

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva, Academic leader.

While a professor for PUC-SP, Silva would lead the reigns in promoting the importance of education. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva best-known work came with programs such as the Scientific Council of the Lisbon Law Review, Center for research of cyberspace and the committee of Interpretatio Prudentium-Roman law review. He would during his time as a professor go on to write fourteen books, an incredible feat for any professor, let alone a professor with outside responsibilities. 

Judge and Professor

What made Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva so revered in the academic community was not so much his knowledge on the law, but what the concrete progress he made for the betterment of law in Brazil. His career first began when he was appointed a member of the state judiciary. He quickly rose to a prominent stance with his peers as he was soon promoted to be a substitute judge in 2002. 

By 2005, Silva was named an official member of the state courts of appeals. Here is where the judge has made a name for himself in the Brazilian community as Marco is someone who truly understands the law. His landmark case displayed his deep knowledge of the law as he oversaw and dwarfed an attempt by a prosecutor to use illegally obtained wiretap evidence to gain a guilty verdict. The judge’s decision was to be used as a jurisprudence for any decisions made in the future. 

The people of Brazil must be proud of the commitment that one of their countrymen has for the rule of law. Marco Antonio Da Silva is countlessly presented with awards for his academic and judicial accomplishments, all well deserved. His level of professionalism and character is paramount to his success. 


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