A New Twist On A Tried And True Favorite: EOS Lip Balms Are Now Clear

Many of us love our EOS lip balms. They come in lovely flavors, smell delicious, feel amazing on our lips, and leave us feeling happy and satisfied. How could it get any better? For those of us who like a little change once in a while, the new EOS lip balm will give us just that.

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In a new twist on our favorite balms, the new Crystal Lip Balms are perfectly clear. Can you imagine? Instead of the opaque product that we are used to, the new product is completely see through, like a crystal (hence, the name!). This fun twist keeps EOS fresh, and gives us an excuse to buy a new flavor. Try out Vanilla Orchid or Hibiscus Peach, the two flavors in the new clear line-up, all are available here at target.com. The case on the Crystal Lip Balm line is fresh and different as well.

Instead of the sphere that has become so familiar, the new balms come in a somewhat triangular case, but with rounded edges. This shape is inspired by jewels. The company showed off the new Vanilla Orchid balm surrounded by cut diamonds, and it fit right it! The ingredients of the new balm remain vegan friendly, which gives the EOS products that weightless, wax-free feel. It is also made with five essential oils, all of which help the lips feel delightfully soft! More great articles to read here.

EOS started out as an innovative startup that wasn’t afraid to think outside of the box when it came to lip care. EOS, which stands for the Evolution Of Smooth, created a lip care product that was very different than the traditional tube-shaped, clinical looking products available on the market. Fans quickly fell in love with the unique spherical shape, feminine colors, and fragrant flavors that the brand created. Today, EOS is a leader in lip care and has expanded to produce lotions and shaving cream.

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