Serial Entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov, like many successful people, knows the essence of quality education. He has persistently undergone educational training so as to better his skills. Alexei has also ventured in many industries to seek to understanding. He graduated with a medical degree, but later decided to pursue business. A few years later, he graduated with an MBA. It was fundamental to his success as businessman and philanthropist.

Alexei started his career after medical school. He decided to switch, and venture into business. He has founded many successful companies. Among the most successful is SOLVY, an online educational platform. In February 2015, he was appointed Chief Operations Officer of SOLVY. He has steered the company to greater heights, and continues to show his abilities and skills online. Alexei can always be reached online on Facebook, LinkedIn, and his Twitter handle.
Alexei is a known philanthropist. In his work, he has touched the lives of many students in Russia. Through the INSEAD program, he supports the scholarship issue to Russian students that want to further their education. It is a great contribution to society. The majority of the students given the scholarships are from financially unstable families. In fact, his work is applauded for giving a future to the next generation. He is creating leaders and brains, which will be instrumental in bettering the future of tomorrow. It is the sacrifice of people like Alexei, which improves life going forward.

The rational entrepreneur has diversified his portfolio to the different industries. Alexei continues to be seen as an example by the various industry leaders, and the students that he supports. The calculative investor knows where to put his money, and is not afraid to incur losses. After all, losses are an ordinary occurrence in business. It takes courage, and belief to dive into the investment world. The chances of success are determined by the actions of the investor. Therefore, people that begin early in life always have an advantage. They seem to have met these challenges, and are prepared to handle them.

Alexei is more of a serial entrepreneur than just a businessman. He has ventured both in business, and education. Early 2015, he launched SOLVY in EdSurge Conference. The Los Angeles conference witnessed Alexei entertain participants with his brilliant work. He shared his idea with teaching professional from different parts of the world. It revolved his education software. In his submissions, Alexei describes SOLVY as software that allows for progressive thinking for students. The software measures how much, in a subject, students understand. SOLVY allows teachers to select questions that students can answer on different topic, but without multiple responses to choose. In fact, described his innovation as “One of the World’s Most Promising Startups.” It was also mentioned among the “100 top Innovations, Today” by BetaList.

Yahoo Finance also says that Alexei Beltyukov has set standards to his work. According to his employees, he is the most determined man to manage any business. Alexei continues to invest in more industries, but continues to keep much focus on bettering the quality of education.