Unroll.me Manages Your Email for Free

Unroll.me is an email inbox sorting business that offers its services for free. It condenses the content of your inbox and helps their clients to maximize their time by streamlining the inbox sorting process in any given day.


Unroll.me takes your preset settings into account when you sign up and scans your email for content to prioritize and separate what comes into your inbox in a day. By taking emails that aren’t needed during a business day out of your inbox and providing them in a secure location until you want to see them, they save their clients time in having to sort them out themselves. You decide when Unroll.me shows these other messages and they send you a “Rollup”, an email linking you to their servers where these emails are stored. Then you can sort through them at and on your leisure, managing the content for yourself.


You can continue to change the settings for what your Rollup will contain. Sources can be removed, added, silenced and re-prioritized at your will. By sending you a single Rollup for each of your email accounts, you can easily prioritize or even ignore this content as you wish. Things can be moved to your regular inbox as well, meaning these items don’t have to be stored on Unroll.me’s servers, you can move the ones you want into your own email accounts.



Unroll.me is compatible with all internet browsers and most major email service providers, including Gmail, Yahoo and Google Apps. It is not currently compatible with AOL and some other providers, but says it is working towards being on all platforms soon. When you sign up for your free account you give them access to your email accounts, which they scan and sort in a matter of minutes. This scan is conducted automatically when you begin your service or add a new account.


Unroll.me has some room to improve, with additional filtering options and the ability to merge multiple email accounts into a single Rollup being prominent on the list, but it is a usable and convenient service offered for free.



3 Amazing EOS Lip Balm Flavors You Need To Try

EOS Lip Balm is popular, see here. Below are three of the most popular flavors, as well as information about EOS.


  1. Blueberry Acai

One of the most popular EOS lip balm flavor is blueberry acai. It comes in a blue case and has a nice acai and blueberry smell to it. Best of all, organic ingredients are used to make it and your lips will receive the nourishment they need.


  1. Pomegranate Raspberry

This EOS lip balm is nearly 100% organic and provides your lips with long-lasting moisture. Not only that, but it contains a good amount of vitamin E, as well as Shea butter. Let’s not forget to mention it smells just like pomegranate raspberries.


  1. Summer Fruit

Perhaps the most popular flavor is Summer Fruit. This is because the lip balm contains a mix of flavors such as peach, strawberry and blueberry. If you want to treat dry lips and you want to smell various fruit, then EOS Summer Fruit is for you.


What Is EOS Lip Balm

EOS is a brand that produces and sells various types of lip and skincare products. EOS is short for Evolution Of Smooth, and they are known for their lip balms, which are available in various flavors. This includes the above three flavors.

EOS Lip Balms are not only packed with flavor, but they are rich with Vitamin E, jojoba oil and Shea butter. They are natural and dermatologist tested, as well as hypoallergenic.

If you are interested in purchasing EOS Lip Balm, including the ones discussed above, then visit EOS’ website today, https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/.


White Shark Media gave me hope as a business owner.

The process of opening a business can be tough and very frustrating. But once you have everything in order and officially open the doors of your business to customers it provides a feeling of euphoria. Unfortunately, this great feeling can be decreased when sales of a particular product or service is not doing well. These feelings are familiar to me. In February of last year I decided to open my first online store. One of my friends talked me into after she told me that her husband had much success selling various products over the internet. I felt that if he could be successful with an online business I could be as well. I had great products that were available from my website but unfortunately after a couple of months, I wanted to give up on my new business. Thankfully, before I called it quits on my online business, my friend let me in on the secret to her husband’s success. She told me that a company called White Shark media was one of the main reasons behind his success.

Before, I gave up I decided to give White Shark a try and boy am I glad that I did. To make sure this was the company for me I researched their website and read through the many positive reviews. The reviews provided me with more reason to give the company a try. This one company, helped to turn my sales, website traffic, and view of my online business around. When I started my online business, I just wanted to make supplemental income for my household. Working with White Shark has showed me that I could make more money with my online business than I ever imagined.

Sales from my website were possible because of White Shark Media’s promotion and marketing tactics. By communicating with this company, they were able to develop marketing a promotion plan that would allow me to gain more attention, traffic, and potential customers.

One of the services that I that have helped to turn around my business was the AdWord optimization service. I have heard of AdWords before but I did not understand how important they were to my business. White Shark Media not only educated me what AdWords were and their importance but they also implemented them when promoting my business. With the help of AdWords and Seo optimization, White Shark Media made the presence of my online business more noticeable on the internet. People were able to find my business quickly.

Thanks to White Shark Media, I have a marking and promotion company that cares about how my business is doing. They continue to show me that they are trustworthy and that their services are a great fit for my online business.

You can like White Shark Media on Facebook.

Source: Yelp.com

How We Are Fixing White Shark Media

While we have had a lot of compliments given to us from our clients, we have to admit to our fair share of complaints, as well. But through it all, we do think that we have learned from our mistakes, and became a better company because of them.

We want to let our potential clients and other agencies understand the type of process that we are using in White Shark Media. We will use both compliments and complaints to move forward in the best fashion that we can. We will go through a list of typical complaints we have received in the past few years and show what we are doing to fix them.

“I Am Out Of Touch With My Adwords Campaigns”

From now on, we will be sure that every client is well aware of the ins and outs of their campaigns. You will know where to go when you wish to see how a certain keyword or ad is doing.

“Communication Is Lacking”

We realize that it was hard to get ahold of your contact person in the beginning, especially when you had to go through a receptionist. From now on, we will ensure that each client and SEM strategist reviews the results of all past 30 days along with monthly reports. Meetings will take place with GoToMeeting, so that we can share a screen with a client, to ensure we can easily look at the report and AdWords account together.

Clients will also have the ability to call their own contact person directly, as well as this person’s supervisor.

“SEO Services Are Missing”

While we cannot offer these just yet, we would love to review any and all SEO work and proposals that are given to you from your current SEO Company.

“Campaigns Are On Your Account”
If you have a campaign that is working well for you, we will continue working on your own account. We use a system to ensure that all new campaigns are started right from scratch.

“My Contact Person Didn’t Help Much”

After you sign up, we will have our Senior SEM Consultants follow you throughout your stay with us. This will last from the very beginning of signing up, up until the optimization phase. They will be available at all times for questions, even though they will not be your primary contact person.

“Most Of My Customers Are Through The Phone”

We have partnered up with Marchex to provide call tracking to every single client that we have. It is included in AdWords management plans, completely free, as it is crucial to track phone calls.

White Shark’s Guide to SEO Keywords

In marketing a website and utilizing SEO, the most important part to remember are your keywords. Whatever keywords you use will dictate which audience you adhere to. Be it teenagers, adults, college students or business people. The internet is always evolving and always changing and it is important to keep up to date with its changes in order to have the best SEO management. A lot of old techniques are still being used (keyword stuffing) so try to stray from these methods and use more professional ones.
One question in the midst is how many keywords to use. It is always best to optimize for users instead of search engines to be more organic in your search results. To help, have your keyword in the page title. Put it in the headline. Always fill out your meta description. Don’t have just one keyword in the content, have two or three. Remember to have your keywords in your images. Also, don’t ever have too many keywords.
Another importance is of course what words to use. You can do some research and use sites like Ubersuggest, WordStream or Google Trends to help you find the perfect keywords. Categorizing your keywords also helps a great deal in organizing your website and your thoughts for business purposes. You can also make your keywords the title of your page or website. Don’t forget to use geo-targeting to better improve your overall SEO. Lastly, feel free to play around with your words. Synonyms can be very useful for variety and yield the same effect.
This article was written with the help of a White Shark Media article. White Shark Media specializes in digital marketing. They provide small and medium sized businesses with effective and professional marketing solutions. They offer their services throughout North America helping thousands of companies with their unique techniques and innovative tools.
White Shark Media was founded in 2011 by a Danish team of marketing professionals. They trained in offshore and domestic relationships and offered all of their services, along with everything they learned, to their customers. The company consists of more than 150 employees. They are located in 3 countries and have a strong standing in Google AdWords, display ads, Google Analytics and Bing ads. In July of 2014 they were awarded with the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership.

Using Religion’s Principles to Tame Business


Joseph Bismark’s reverence for spirituality has seen him grow in business to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today. His rise to the spotlight is as a result of his efforts to find a perfect place in his life to involve spirituality. He is a strong believer in meditation and he has been practicing Buddhism for years now. Bismarck is an entrepreneur and in his talks he always references the value of spirituality in business. Basing on Bismarck’s success, it is clear that there is a connection between spirituality and business especially in the principles aspects of both disciplines. Understanding the connection allows you to become better in business.

Spiritual principles are very important and in fact they help an individual to change his or her attitude towards life. In business, attitude is everything and as the saying goes, your attitude determines your latitude. This simply means that the level of your attitude will be the level of your success. If your attitude towards life is negative and limited, so will be your level of success. Spirituality allows you to become a better person by changing your purpose in life and bringing you into a better and realistic and active life. Life issues and pressures can really wear an individual out and by seeking spiritual intervention you can actually overcome the effects of this.

There are certain disciplines that one develops when seeking spirituality that can help him greatly in the real world of business. In the real sense, spirituality has shared most of its principles to business activities and many people who have succeeded in business can attest to this fact. People who have learned to help and live their lives to help others live theirs are making tremendous progress in their businesses. In order to remain on top of your game in business, you need to have a sound mind. With the current pressures to make it in life, self and inner peace cannot be achieved unless there is a change of mind set. A person’s perspective can only be changed through spirituality hence creating a peaceful inner self.

Spirituality teaches morals and humane treatment of each other. As such, one is more likely to success in business if he or she is practicing the best moral and humane characters. In business you will not succeed if people are not satisfied and happy about your behaviors and the away you treat them. Learning to live a day a time and shunning all your selfish desires for the sake of others is one of the greatest lessons that business people can draw from religion. Religion encourages caring for each other and compassion for one another.

Iowa Straw Poll Has Met Its End

There will be no Iowa Straw Poll this year or likely ever again. The Iowa GOP has formerly voted to eliminate the straw poll.

This is a move that had been predicted by some, but is still stunning in a way, as Wet Seal CEO Susan McGalla will point out. The straw poll was a big money drawer for the state party, and generating some media coverage during the summer lull. However, the party may not like the coverage that it received from this poll as allegations of manipulation in the poll have run rampant for some time.

The desmoinesregister.com has made it official that the straw poll is done now. There will be no last minute revival of it or change of course. The vote against having it this year was actually unanimous, so there was not a lot of support for keeping the thing.

The Iowa GOP wants everyone around the world to make their choices about the candidates based on other things. They do not see the benefit in letting certain candidates bus in supporters and bring the results into question. Thus, they figured it was best to just do away with the poll entirely.

The money that was raised annually by the poll is sure to be missed by the state party, but the RNC must have decided that this was worth the sacrifice to get out of the business of conducting a straw poll popularity contest that seemed to prove nothing.

Bernardo Chua’s Recipe For Success

Bernardo Chua is a brilliant individual that is considered be an innovator and a man who’s success knows no bounds. He is most famous for being the CEO of Organo Gold corporation that specializes in coffee and personal care products. Bernardo Chua, coming all the way from the Philippines, founded the Organo Gold company in 2008 along with Shane Morand who is the co-founder. Coming from years of experience in marketing, he has constructed an ingenious group of people made up of expert medical consultants known as the Scientific Advisory Board to make their products high quality.

Their offices branch into both the United States and Canada. Bernardo Chua has constructed a system in which individual distributors market and sell the company’s products which results in everyone in the company earning profit. Their coffee is full of natural ingredients made up of delightful herbs that can control cholesterol making their coffee healthier than other brands. The company earns millions of dollars across the globe annually and it’s become a smashing success. Incredible; just a small glimpse into the mind of Bernardo Chua and we can see where those many of years of experience has gotten him. In fact, Bernie Chua has just recently expanded operations to Turkey.

Organo Gold has received the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal Award in Vancouver, British Columbia for showing Napoleon Hill principles. They believe they can show the world the true taste of what the earth has to offer and the incoming global appreciation of Organo Gold. Bernardo Chua will not stop until his successful Organo Gold is known worldwide as a global presence that cannot possibly be ignored. He has even reached a partnership with famous professional boxer, Manny Pacquiao, stating that Organo Gold is the next generation of direct selling and it will enter a new age of entrepreneurism. Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold has also been awarded two People’s Choice Awards for their excellent global network marketing and the other for the best organic health coffee.

Follow Organo Gold's Bernardo Chua on Twitter
Follow Organo Gold’s Bernardo Chua on Twitter!


Just imagine that none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the excellence and effort of Bernardo Chua. It can be safe to say that the world needs someone like Bernardo Chua leading the way of multilevel marketing for the future of economics. If you’d like further information, check out Bernie Chua’s facebook.