EOS Review: Lip Balm For The Millennial

EOS Lip Balm has recently announced a launch of a new vegan crystal line with all new flavors. This has taken the industry by storm, with the company selling out of the product on the same day of the launch. Previously, all of EOS’s lip balms were made from beeswax, which didn’t quite make the product certified-vegan. Now, with the launch of this new line, the lip balm company is having its products fly off the shelf, see also here at imabeautygeek.com.

EOS stands for the Evolution Of Smooth, and was started back in 2009 by Fast Company. Its focus was to use organic products and establish an emotional connection with the buyer, read more here. They did this through celebrity endorsement (Kim Kardashian is a devoted customer), using all organic ingredients, and using online platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The primary goal of the start-up was to make EOS the lip balm brand of the millennial and the success is in the numbers.

The company quickly became the best-selling lip balm brand, eventually outpacing the sales of long-time leader, Chapstick. The company’s devotion to its customers was on the forefront of the decision to offer a vegan option for those who would not use a beeswax-based product. The wide range of flavors and textures they are able to produce makes EOS the lip balm brand of the present and the future.

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