Rodrigo Terpins Wins The 22nd Edition of Prototype 1

A rally driver’s life is defined by the ability to cut through the rugged terrain. Foreign to most citizens, this life encompasses a lot of determination and focus. Coupled with the need for strong muscles to contain adrenaline, racing is not a task for the average citizen. Not only does it call for passion but also focus and persistence. Rodrigo Terpins fits this description. The man has excelled in different levels and platforms of racing. Being skilled and knowledgeable, Rodrigo is a real definition of what a rally driver is expected to be. In a competitive industry, Rodrigo has defied all odds and emerged a champion.

Team Player

Rodrigo joined the famous team of Brazilian racers in Bull Sertoes Rally, a team that is admired for its excellent performance. Like Michel Terpins, his brother, Rodrigo is highly regarded in the industry. He has won several awards in his journey as a racer. Perhaps his main success story is the T1 Prototype in which he emerged a winner. The second edition left people wondering because tough as it was, Rodrigo made it to the list of winners. Excelling in such competitive races, Rodrigo is not only determined to win but also an active team player. In situations where the car breaks down, Rodrigo is admired for joining his partner in fixing it.


In the twenty-second edition, Rodrigo Terpins registered excellent performance, making it a win for the Bull Sertoes. To break it down, Rodrigo was third in Prototype T1. He ranked the eighth in the general listing. Although the edition was shorter than the previous one, he performed well because only two people managed to clinch the first two positions. Issuing a statement concerning the edition, Rodrigo Terpins said that he was delighted by the performance because the competition harbored challenges. Being partners with Fabricio, Rodrigo played a vital role as a team player. His partner was equally supportive throughout the journey. Rodrigo and Fabricio made an excellent team coupled with tremendous success. As a racer, he poses as a good leader and team participant. He can be emulated by prospective racers. Search “Rodrigo Terpins” on Google to learn more.,1c23b1adb8235f237e617298007cc51857nbd5ll.html