Neurocore Historical Background

A brief history of the company.

Neurocore is a brain performance oriented institute that specializes in brain assessment and analysis of the data collected from the brain to help relieve stress, improve concentration and sleep in both adults and children. Since 2014, when it was founded, Neurocore has a national authority in applied Neuroscience. It has nine institutions in Michigan and Florida that uses its programs to perform the brain cells performance assessment and train the clients involved. Some of the programs include Heart Rate Variability Training, Attention tests, neurofeedback, EEG, biofeedback and nervous system autonomic diagnostic and regulations. As of the late, the company is privately held with about 200 specialist employees. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

How Neurocore does it?

In performing and undertaking its operations, Neurocore uses high technology and state of the art equipment to help people maximize the utility of their brains. In which case it helps people, from five years and above, to lead healthier and happier lives and function at their best. They utilize the reward system to improve cognitive habits and create better and stronger neural networks without the need for medication. Below are methods that Neurocore uses to improve peoples lives,

In Neurofeedback, the institute combines it with heart rate variability, a form of biofeedback, to strengthen the connection between the body and the mind. By the use of this method, one combines the subconscious, retraining of the brain and interval breathing exercises to enhance the body and the mind. It’s very useful in stress management and in patients with anxiety disorders.

Quantitative electroencephalography, also known as qEEG, is another important program used by neuro core to study brain performance by using computers to map or record EEG. qEEG applies statistics and algorithms to analyze one’s EEG and compare it with others in the same age or and gender. This function is qEEG makes it suitable for doctors and researchers to draw brain maps that would be studied over time.


Neurocore Muscle Tech.

This is a pre-workout program that works best for active men and women. It increases their energy and enhances their mental focus to help them get through their most sluggish day. Read more about Neurocore at