Rocketship Education And The Many Things Preston Smith Did Well

Preston Smith has many years’ worth of experience as an educator in San Jose after a degree from the University of North Carolina. Mr. Smith was the Founding Principal at L.U.C.H.A. Elementary School in San Jose, working its way from API 573 to 881. He stayed there until 2007, branching off with John Danner to create Rocketship Education out of a desire to help students from low-income areas do more with their future academic selves.

Preston Smith learned how to speak Spanish in college, at the University of North Carolina. He started teaching at a San Jose school and found that many low-income students had not been performing up to par, or at least as well as similar high-wealth enrollees at private schools in each of RSED’s immediate areas.

Rocketship Education was created a decade ago. The current President and CEO, assuming the doubly-demanding role alongside founding it in Redwood City, California, with help from John Danner. Their educational product has eighteen facilities across the United States of America, as one of the most popular charter schools in the entire nation.

Parents need to be willing to set aside personal time to help screen people who apply to teach at Rocketship education. Parents know what their particular children want in academic instruction. When coupled with an administrator’s point of view, better instructors are chosen. They also need to tell their children of how great it is to go to a public school as successful as any of RSED’s eighteen spots.

Locations that have diversity in their respective bases of students should get teachers on their roster that match the backgrounds of classrooms of students.

These students visit four classes each day, including personalized education classes that take up about one-fourth of their time at Rocketship Education’s low-income-friendly facilities.