Allied Wallet offers specialized payment solutions to their consumers as well as businesses. It helps in processing payments in different currencies for different countries around the world. Some of the services it deals with online include eWallet, credit card processing, ACH payment, business pro integration, and also PCI compliance. Allied Wallet was founded in the year 2002 and its headquarters are based in London, United Kingdom (Yahoo).

Allied Wallet introduced a new alternative payment mode in the Philippines. According to a press release done in 2018, Philippines e-commerce had total market revenue of EUR 742 million, and the country had by then a population of over 105 million people. Allied Wallet also estimated an annual growth rate of the market volume up to EUR 1,168 million by the year 2022. This is why they thought this region required an alternative payment method for their e-commerce community considering that only 3% of the population by then had credit cards.

Some of the newly introduced payment modes include Dragonpay, BancNet, and PayCash. These services were flexible in that; one could deposit money into their account and shop while paying online as well as paying for online goods or services at a physical branch with cash at hand. Global GCASH, on the other hand, is a mobile wallet, and it enabled customers to reload their online wallet or link their digital wallet with their bank account.

These options are accepted and supported by most of the retail chains in the Philippines and also most of the banks in that region. Because of this agreement, the customers can access their money from the banks account to their digital wallet and can conduct online shopping with ease. Allied is a secure and easy way to do shopping. You can get all records of your spending, your actual balance as well as what other things are recommended for you to buy at the click of a button.

Allied Wallet has developed these means of online payments to create easy money transfer when shopping and also the assurance of one’s security. Because you do not have to carry any physical cash with you as you go shopping, pick anything online then also pay online and with that, you are assured of your safety. Allied Wallet continues to introduce new payment methods in other countries around the world as a way to support their growth in e-commerce.

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