Darius Fisher’s Advice on Online Reputation Management

Online Management is a new skill-based form of evading crisis situations that not only harm a reputation but create a long-lasting issue for an individual. As of recently, one of the top online reputation management services that is offered is a company called Status Labs. Status Labs, though only four years old, has already served to help over 1,500 clients around the world in over 35 different countries. Status Labs is a company that uses both traditional public relations methods as well as new digital marketing that has the goal of increasing positive SEO feedback through browsers such as Google and Yahoo.

CEO and co-founder of this four year company, Darius Fisher commented on the vital importance of online reputation management. Mr. Fisher notes that much of the public’s opinions of someone in the spotlight comes from online readings or online comments. Darius Fisher states that he and his 30 employees have taken advantage of this and have used Google searches to the company’s advantage.

In addition to this, Darius Fisher gives specific and recent examples of the importance of online reputation management and when it is necessary. His specific example occurred recently in mid-December when the CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes laid off 65 of his employees in three of his Hootsuite locations. Darius Fisher commented that the actions that proceeded is a prime example as to when online reputation management is needed. The actions that proceeded after the CEO laid off his employees included the fact that Mr. Holmes posted that night a picture on Instagram that depicted him hold a glass. The caption that followed stated “cheers to all my homies”. The caption that was posted in accordance to the photo angered his laid off employees as it was in poor taste after his most recent actions.

Darius Fisher states that if Mr. Holmes used online reputation management, he would have been able to handle the situation in a more effective manner rather than angering his 65 angered employees. Mr. Fisher of Status Labs believes that those who run a company should show the respect through online reputation management to the employees.