The RealReal’s Unique Email Strategy

The online consignment shop The RealReal is stepping up its email marketing focus, already one of the best in the business. As anyone in e-commerce knows, business lives or dies by its email list. Julie Wainwright, the founder of The RealReal is aware of this. To grow the company further she’s becoming even more hyper-focused on reaching her customer base.

Most email campaigns are devoted to promoting sales or up-and-coming products. The RealReal now focuses on highlighting the impact of customers purchases on the world around them. Their customer base is comprised of consumers who love luxury goods, but want to save money and the environment by purchasing items on consignment. Julie Wainwright believes that letting customers know that they helped save the planet by buying gently used couture outfits will encourage them to buy even more. So far, she’s right.

The response from customers has been awesome. Many were unaware they helped minimize greenhouse gas emissions all while getting their Christian Dior for half-price. The ability to quantify the impact of their fashion choices on the world around them has kept The RealReal customer coming back again and again.

The business got its start in 2011 as an online storefront after the last recession hit, when fashionistas everywhere needed luxury goods for a steal. Eight years on and Julie Wainwright and her team have grown the company into a major player in online retailing. They did this by growing a loyal customer base through tried-and-true email marketing, along with a stellar selection of products. Using highly trained employees with an eye for authentic luxury goods, customers know they are buying the authentic product, instead of a counterfeit one. Every item is thoroughly inspected before shipping.

Keeping their fingers on the pulse of their shoppers is paying dividends for The RealReal. By kicking up their email game a few notches, they are succeeding where most have failed.