Sawyer Howitt, the Entrepreneur of the Future

Entrepreneurship is universal, and it is all inclusive. This simply means that you can venture in entrepreneurship at any age regardless of your gender, race or other social factors. It has absolutely no limits and Sawyer Howitt seems to understand this well. Sawyer is a young entrepreneur who is currently a senior student at Lincoln High School in Portland Oregon.

Just like most youths, Sawyer Howitt is quite smart. As a matter of fact, he is regarded among the most intelligent and focused young men in his hometown. If he is not on his school work, he sure is on an internship to learn more about business and finance. Moreover, Sawyer is not a dull kid. Besides class work, he has built himself a reputation as an athlete who mostly plays racquetball games, and he is a popular player at the Oregon Racquetball Club.

Looking at him may only give you the impression of a typical successful youth, but he is far from average. Sawyer Howitt has made tremendous achievements already in his formative years. He is a father’s kid and spends most of his time working alongside him. His father, David Howitt, is the owner of the Meriwether Group, and Sawyer serves in the firm as a Project Manager.

With leadership comes responsibility. Sawyer is tasked with handling several of the projects the company undertakes. Mostly, he focuses on those projects that seek to revolutionize commerce in the future and how business can develop through the adoption of new technologies.

At his tender age, Sawyer Howitt understands both financial and operational needs of an enterprise. You can bet he is up to any task from networking with clients, handling complex spreadsheets, presentations, filing, note taking in business meetings and a lot more. For him, every task entrusted to him is essential.

More so, Sawyer Howitt has a generous heart. He has been involved in different charitable events. Moreover, he has advocated for the mentoring of the youth as his father mentored him. He is also involved in fighting for the rights of women and leads the international ethnic study group.

Sawyer Howitt’s work plan is remarkable, and it cuts across the business, finance, and also customer care. He is set to join California University in 2017 to pursue an Entrepreneurial Finance degree. He is an entrepreneur in the making and his future in the field seems to be crystal clear.

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