Understanding Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani was born in 1953. Sajwani is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. He serves as the chairman and also the founder of DAMAC Properties which is an international development company. Sajwani is known as one of the first people involved in the expansion of property market in Dubai. Sajwani managed to construct various hotels to accommodate the rapidly growing population that came to the Emirates for trade and business during the 90s. Sajwani is an Investor. He is known to be an astute businessman. He has registered massive success in the global equity and capital markets.

Hussain Sajwani currently has securities investment portfolios for several global and regional markets. Sajwani is the founder of the DICO Investments Co. LLC which is a flagship investment company. He started this company in 1992 and grew it to become successful and internationally recognized. Other business interests of Hussain include Al Jazeira Services which offers support and catering services, Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co, and the Al Amana Building Materials. Hussain Sajwani serves on various boards including the JUNO Online, NY, Majan University College, Muscat, Oman, and Emirates Takaful Company, Abu Dhabi.

DAMAC owner Hussain was born in Dubai. He is the eldest child in a family comprising of five children. Hussain was always interested in businesses ever since he was young. He was in charge of his father’s watch shop. His spirit of entrepreneurship has grown leading him to become one of the wealthiest people in the world according to Forbes. Sajwani joined the University of Washington where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. He started his professional journey as a contracts manager working for GASCO. He later went on to start his own business in 1982.

Hussain Sajwani currently manages over 200 projects across the world. He also services construction campsites, educational institutions, army camps, offshore and onshore locations, and 5-star hotels. Hussain owns various prestigious projects in big international cities such as Riyadh, Dubai, Doha, Jeddah, London, Abu Dhabi, Amman, and Beirut. His company known as DAMAC Properties has employed approximately 2000 employees. Its shares are traded on the Dubai Financial Market.

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Skout Caters to Many Different User Groups


SKOUT travel is a phrase that has been rolling off the tongues of many social media users. This is the latest feature that Skout has added to the already popular Skout app. More than 10 million people have “picked up” a virtual ticket and explored Skout virtual travel cities so far, but that is just the beginning of what Skout developers anticipate to become one of the hottest concepts around.

There undoubtedly are a lot of people that are curious about it, and there is no better place for the word to spread when it comes to talking about new concepts on the web. The social media world is filled with a mirage of people that are just waiting for the opportunity to get engaged with someone else that is out there in the Skout community.

Sometimes people chat and keep things friendly online. There are others users that get acquainted with one another by meeting locally. This is all part of the allure of Skout. People have so many different ways to connect. It is like have accessing to a wide community of people that have many different interests, but they are all under the same umbrella. There is no reason for anyone to consider something else because it would take several apps to get the strength of this one app. No other social media app out there is connected to headhunters, soul mates, new friends and virtual travel. That did not exist in as a combination of one single app until Skout rose to the occasion. That is something that sets this Skout app apart from the Facebook and Twitter sites. Many people wanted to initially compare this app to those types of apps, but virtual travel has certainly changed this into a new app that stands alone.

The number of people that are utilizing Skout will grow because the company appears to be on the innovative edge. This is a company that has surfaced as one of the most socially responsive apps out there. The Skout leaders have engaged in feeding the hungry, and the company has been involved in getting the word out about things like “Random Kindness Week.” These are the types of things that make this one of the apps that people will remember. People have become loyal to this app for these reasons. It has become a favorite of the youth of today.

In Order To Live – Life Under North Korean Regime

A young lady, Yeonmi Park, now 21 years old tells the horrifying story how her family was forced to in inhumane conditions under the North Korean totalitarian reign of Kim Jong-un.

Young Yeonmi Park shared on nknews.org, her mother, and father lived in North Korea for many years, but life became too difficult. People were dying from starvation and disease. They were forced to eat dragonflies and other insects to stay alive. Sanitary conditions were unheard of and disease escaped very few. When Yeonmi was a teenager, her father was arrested for smuggling and was taken away. It was at that time her mother decided she and her daughter needed to escape from North Korean or their life would be over as they would die from famine.

It was then her mother contacted traffickers that dealt in smuggling people from North Korea to the border of China where they would possibly reach freedom. The contacts made it possible for them to escape to China, although reaching China’s border to freedom was not the end of their horror story. Yoenmi and her mother were kept captive by the smugglers who repeatedly raped her and her mother for the next two years till they were allowed freedom. Her youthful innocence was gone and the frightening experience of rape continued until their release. Yoenmi now lives in New York and her time is spent traveling around the world speaking at conferences and other gathering bringing awareness to the public worldwide of the cruelty and inhumane conditions people of North Korea live under.

Yoenmi has written a book about her experience living under those horrifying ordeals. The book is titled “In Order To Live”. This information was originally reported on guestofaguest.co http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/yeonmi-park-reveals-the-horrors-of-life-in-north-korea-and-her-escape-to-china-a6678156.html.

Because of the high-profile activist life she now lives millions of people around the world are aware of living conditions in North Korea under Kim Jong-un. It is rumored that Kim Jong-un’s health if not well. He has not been seen in public or at special events he would normally attend making personal appearances. September 3rd was the last public appearance recorded of Kim Jong-un. Stories say he has been walking with a very bad limp and appears to have gained considerable weight. Other rumors say he has undergone some surgery and it apparently he has not yet recovered enough to make any public appearances. As of today, his health is in question.

Yoenmi is continuing to heal from her horrific experience and is taking each day as it comes. Her strength is found in her freedom here in America. There are emotional wounds that will never heal, but living a life of total freedom in the United States with the support of the public she will recover as best she can.