Everyone in the world has something that he/she does best. The talent is a gift nature that people show interest in the work you are doing in its perfection. The case of the popular king of pop Michael Jackson was no different. Through his talent, he climbed the ranks of the world’s entertainment history and made history. He is the most remembered artist in the world of pop music. Since his death in 2009, Michael fans continue to remember his memories.
Sergio is a Spanish-born talented young musician who is 42 years old. He is among the best impersonators the world has ever seen in the world of music. Sergio took his talent further to impersonating the king of pop. He had the opportunity to meet Michael during his childhood when Michael was performing in the famous Jackson Five shows. Since then, he discovered his talent and coupled it with his love for Michael. The world and the fans of the late king of pop have someone to carry on his music and memories.
Since impersonating is a career, it requires practice and hard work. The best of Michael’s impersonators had to undergo plastic surgery to have a similar look. But something still isn’t right, the voice. Sergio is blessed with a voice so similar to that of the popular king of pop. His dancing styles are very similar to Michael’s. He is also the same in lifestyle and chirographies. The love for the American singer is felt everywhere in the world for pop fans. But someone has taken his place since his demise, the Latin Sergio Cortes.
Sergio commands an enormous following through his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He has over 16000 followers in Facebook. The majority of his fans are the fans of the late king of pop. Some new ones like his performances. He has performed in various shows throughout the world. Some include the tribute to Michael Jackson show in Barcelona.
Sergio received an invitation as a teenager for a photo session dressed as Michael Jackson. The opportunity changed his life and his career. He discovered himself and worked to perfection. His inspiration and love for Michael gave him more morale. With an interview with Noticas .com. Sergio admits that Michael’s death was a big blow to him. He is committed to giving the king of pop a remembrance for his memories.

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