A political action committee or PAC is an organization that collects contributions from its members and uses these inputs as funds for a particular candidate or use it against another candidate or a political party. In the United States, a known PAC is called the End Citizens United (ECU). In 2010, the US Supreme Court decision denationalized the limits on independent spending for or against a particular candidate. However, the ECU in 2015 fought against the 2010 decision, and they lifted the restrictions.

End Citizens United started in the year 2015, gaining 25 million dollars during their first election cycle in 2016. The End Citizens United is funded by principal donors. Their primary objective is to oppose the decisions and statements made by Citizens United. End Citizens United would want to show those who are elected future candidates and the citizens as well, on how ECU’s major and principal donors fight against the boldness of those billionaires who are trying to buy votes.

To be able to achieve what they have in mind and be able to fulfill their mission, End Citizens United has steps and guidelines to follow to be able to make their objective successful. First, the must elect candidates who are supporting reform. Second is to be able to bring up the issue of money in politics as a major problem every election and make it as a national priority. To be able to pass pro-reform laws by using ballot measures in the United States. Lastly is to be able to demonstrate the political power and highlighting the issues in politics by being able to establish principal memberships to create funds.

The End Citizens United support Democrats who are in favor of reform and have a broad vision for proper change in the country and are against the Citizens United. The ECU believes that if they support these Democrats, change can happen with their help. They mainly support candidates mainly Democrats who are dedicated to not only reforming the country but also mending the broken finance system. The favored democratic candidates who were endorsed by the End Citizens United are Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold and Zephyr Teachout. Recently, End Citizens United had announced that they are supporting Democrat Conor Lamb to represent Pennsylvania, in Congress. The president of the End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, was the one who announced the committee’s support for Lamb.

End Citizens United is political action committee who is fighting for finance reform. Although other groups are also competing for the same cause, the ECU is different because this group does not only fight for the improvement in funding but also together with this supports candidates who are willing to fight for the same cause.