The Koch Brothers Are Currently Directing Their Wealth To Their Newly Founded Family Office

Charles, a David Koch, are famous American business people, the owners of Koch Industries. This billionaire brothers control approximately 42% of stakes in their Koch Industries. Charles Koch has stood out from his brother due to his political and economic analysis interest. The Koch brothers have also been on the political scene as big time political funders. They have been making major donations to various political candidates over the years especially during a general election. Their political support is mainly inclined towards conservative candidates. In 2012, the brothers made a record of channeling over $400 million to political campaigns. This 2016 they are planning to issue out over $900 million to conservatives election campaigns.

Charles Koch has recently been very vocal about the current elections and its candidature. He has been engaging in various political discussions about the progress of elections. Recently, the Koch brothers started family properties and wealth management firm known as 1888 Management LLC. This is a private firm that the billionaires plan to use to manage their personal properties and wealth. The 1888 Management LLC has been created as a spin out of Koch Industries Inc. So far the 1888 Management had been conducting an analysis of the Koch brothers personal properties and wealth. This includes the funds that they plan to use in the current elections funding. With this new spin out, the Koch brothers will make their family the most influential in the United States.

This brothers main businesses include oil, ranching, energy among other profitable businesses are currently worth over $100 billion. Their newly founded family office is expected to increase further their fortunes in the business world. This family office is currently managing more than $2 billion for the brothers. So far the family office has already invested nearly $100 million stock markets countrywide. The 1888 Management will be specializing in the direct investments sector. The Koch brothers are expected to use this family office to place sizeable investments in stock markets worldwide. These famous brothers are specially interested in the telecommunications sector. They are looking to invest in business entities offering voice and data services to large scale consumers like businesses and governments.