Rick Smith, the Man Behind the World’s Largest Inmate Company, Securus Technologies

Rick Smith would pass as your ordinary business leader any day; however, nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Rick Smith is the CEO and brainiac behind Securus Technologies, a Texas-based technology correctional firm. Since becoming the firm’s CEO, Rick has been nothing short of an exemplary leader and one who has transformed this company from a mere correctional facility to one that has been able to keep the incarceration environment secure through its use of technology. Thanks to Mr. Smith’s experiences and qualifications, this has been like a walk in the park.

Rick Smith Academic Life

Education is one of the key determining factors of great leaders. Like any great leader, Rick Smith is highly qualified with a number of academic credentials in his CV. Mr. Rick is a graduate of Rochester University where he earned his MBA degree. He later joined the New York State University, Buffalo, where he undertook a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. Upon graduation, Rick further advanced his scope in the subject matter by taking a master’s degree in Engineering at the same institution. With these qualifications, it is without a doubt that Rick is competent when it comes to the technical areas and also the business aspect of the company.

Professional Life

Education aside, Rick Smith is the most qualified leader Securus Technologies ever had. With over three decades of experience in the tech industry, Rick arguably has served in all the departments of the companies he has worked for. Some of these positions include business development, technical operations, IT, and finance. Rick commenced his career in 1972 at Global Crossing North America. Mr. Rick’s initial deployment at Global Cross North America was at a junior management position. Diligently, he worked his way up the ladder proving himself worthy of top management level positions.

The other organizations Rick has worked with include Escheon Telecom Inc. where he joined in 1998. Rick worked with Escheon Telecom for nine years where he held different leadership positions including being the company’s chief financial director and the president in 1998 and 2000 respectively. Thanks to his exceptional record of accomplishments, Rick was able to impress his board of directors which appointed him as their company’s CEO. At this position, Rick Smith was able to bring the firm to a profit level of 350 dollars from 30 dollars.

Rick Smith’s success records are quite impressive. Even as he heads the largest incarceration company in the world today, the expectation is high not only in terms of the company’s revenues but also keeping the environment safer. If the recent Securus Technologies investments and appointments of executes are anything to go by, then it’s right to say that Rick is already making steps in the right directions.