Greg Hague’s Way to Sell Your Home Quickly with the 990 Company

The 990 Company is a real estate listing service based in the beautiful state of Arizona. It has been servicing families all over the country for years and has a rich history of helping people sell their homes more quickly than when working with basic agents. The basis behind the 990 sells homes is that the charge for services is just $990 to sell homes from start to finish. This eliminates the often-overwhelming expense that involves closing fees, attorney costs and taxes. With just $990, you can sell your home and get the maximum value from the sale price.

Greg Hague is the CEO and founder of the 990 Company. He is also the founder and CEO of the companies known as Real Estate Mavericks and the Harvey Mackay University for those interested in real estate education. Greg Hague totes a Bachelor’s degree in science as well as a J.D. degree from Washington’s College of Law. What sets Hague apart from many other real estate agents and company founders is that he has been working in the real estate field since the age of 18. He obtained his license to practice real estate at the age of 18 and went on to obtain a license to practice law at the young age of 26.

The Hague family itself has a long history of working in the real estate industry. In fact, Greg Hague began working in his family’s realty business when he first received a license to practice. This gave him the opportunity to work with clients who were looking to either sell or purchase homes. Realizing that his clients needed the most profitable result from selling their homes, Greg Hague chose to begin developing the 990 Company. Now, Greg Hague’s main focus in his career is helping people sell their homes without the high costs that come as a result of the sale.

The 990 Company is continually growing in size with Greg Hague being a substantial backing to the company. The company’s program has been proven for over 25 years with thousands upon thousands of clients using agents working for the corporation. The $990 for sale fees includes all 6% of necessary closing costs and services. The company has agents located in every state, which allows clients to use the website to search for an agent near to their home. It has been estimated by the company that its clients have saved millions of dollars over the years by using the company’s affordable services. Greg Hague continues to be a large part of the company and its future growth. The goal for his business is that clients are able to sell their homes quickly while saving valuable time and money in the process.