Crystal Hunt’s Famous Role In One Life To Live

Starting from the 1950’s American soap operas have captivated viewers with their constant plot twists and memorable characters. One Life To Live was broadcast on ABC Network and continued for a total of forty-three years from its original air date on July 15th, 1968. Creator Agnes Nixon successfully wrote ethnically socioeconomically different characters, which was a first on television at the time. Original episodes where only thirty minutes long but as the show grew in popularity, time expanded till each episode was an hour long.

The main focus is on the centers on the wealthy Lord Family as well as the Polish-American working class family, The Woleks. The show also featured another family, The Rileys, which was a family of less wealthy Irish-Americans.

One Life To Live had a multitude of memorable characters come and go, one of them Stacy Morasco played by American actress Crystal Hunt. Stacy first appeared in 2006 in Las Vegas as Gigi’s younger sister where she was stripping. In 2009 Gigi’s boyfriend Rex’s son is diagnosed with leukemia and Stacey pretends to be a donor match in order to force Gigi to break up with Rex. Eventually Stacey’s lie comes to light, however Stacy and Rex have already slept together which resulted in a pregnancy. Stacey miscarries without telling Rex and then gets pregnant by Oliver Fish but maintains the baby is Rex’s. Rex’s crazed father ends up kidnapping Stacey to steal her child, but upon finding out the truth he throws her into the snow and abandons her. Gigi finds her and helps her deliver her daughter in Victoria’s cabin, and later meets her demise by falling into a frozen lake.

Crystal Hunt has been acting since she was young and stared in many commercials such as the Walt Disney Company’s 25th anniversary commercial as well as an anti-drug commercial with then popular boy band N’sync. She played well known character Lizzie Spaulding from 2003-2006 in CBS’s soap opera The Guiding Light that earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination. Recently Hunt has produced her first feature film, Talbot County with friend and actress, Dania Ramirez, with a trailer up on Vimeo. Hunt aims to continue working in film from behind the camera.