Brad Reifler’s Investment Tips for Public Investing

The Founder and CEO of Forefront Capitol has set a new focus for his investment company: the 99 percenters who are just trying to catch a break. His tips are geared towards the not -so- rich folks that are trying to invest in their futures, the kids college fund and the hope of retirement. His own father in-law was the motivation behind the goal.

5 Tips for Investment
Tip number one on the list may just be enough for the newbie investor to handle. The advice is brief and to the point:

  • Be careful!
  • Consider risks, charges and expenses
  • Set goals

All five tips including what motivated Brad Reifler to help those not earning the same as the one percent (that’s $200, 000 individually or $300, 000 if married) can be read in the origional article link below.

Investment Strategies for Real People
According to Brad, “There have been recent experiences that have bothered me so much I’ve decided to change the entire direction of my firm.” Because of this and the other circumstances that have occurred, he is now focusing on the average person.
One example are the rising costs of student loans. In 2005 student debt was 400 million dollars, today those numbers have tripled. Add that to the fact that less than 44 percent of people have a savings of at least $6000 and you can see why Brad Reifler has decided to help the common man make wise financial choices when it comes to investing in the stock market.