Bennett Graebner Wins Again With “The Bachelor Winter Games”

As if the prior successes of Bennett Graebner weren’t impressive enough, the esteemed showrunner is adding another notch to his growing belt of reality show triumphs. The Los Angeles native has been serving as a producer for the hit reality television dating show “The Bachelor” for over ten years. Also lending his talents to various successful spin off series like; “The Bachelorette”, “Bachelor Pad”, and “Love at First Kiss”. Now, Graebners latest show is “The Bachelor Winter Games” premiering February 13th. 

Unlike “The Bachelor”, the new series “The Bachelor Winter Games” will feature contestants from all over the globe competing through challenging winter-themed sports all while trying to win the ultimate trophy, love. While there was some discussion of bringing back viewers favorite pairings from past seasons of “The Bachelor” to compete within the games, ultimately Mr. Graebner and other showrunners decided to make this year’s contestants all new and hopeful singles. With Bennett Graebner explaining, “Even though it’s fun to watch our cast tumble their way down a hill and skiing for the first time, it really needs to be about romance and relationships and falling in love”. Though the reality TV vet didn’t completely shoot down the idea of bringing back alums in the future either. 

“The Bachelor Winter Games” with Bennett Graebner behind the wheel is sure to provide new and exciting content while maintaining his formula for success from his other shows. Graebner throughout the years has undoubtedly mastered the ability to fulfill the audiences need for strong characters, developed plots, structure, and tension that continues to drive viewers to watch each and every week. His shows are destined to become America’s favorite. The continued success behind the pop-culture force that is “The Bachelor” franchise directly lies in Mr. Graebner’s ability to pull from real-life events, rather than simply relying on fabricated imaginations of some storyteller. 
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Guilherme Paulus Is An Entrepreneur In Brazil That’s Well Revered

CVC is a company based in Brazil that deals with the tour. The company has been led for years by Guilherme Paulus, and at the board of directors, he is the business leader. At the GJP Hotels and Resorts, he offers his services as an executive. Paulus career journey started when he was the IBM intern.

Many people have been amazed by the success that Guilherme Paulus has achieved over the years from being just an ordinary intern to become a successful entrepreneur. While Paulus was traveling via boat that’s how he met Carlos Vicente. At the time Carlos Vicente was offering his services as the state deputy. Though he had one interest and that is he would venture in tourism a company that would be based in Santo Andre that was the main reason why he talked to Paulus.

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At the moment it was not possible for Guilherme Paulus to start the agency all by himself because he didn’t have the capital. They came up with an agreement with Carlos Vicente that he would take care of groundwork, and the money would be taken care of Carlos Vicente. The passion that Guilherme Paulus had is one day becoming an entrepreneur that was the reason why he agreed to get into business with Carlos Vicente. The first stall that they started was near a cinema, the reason why they choose the location is because of the traffic that was in the place. That was a marketing strategy because people around there would have a glimpse of what they were offering in the business.

The partnership went on for four years until they parted ways. The reason why Guilherme Paulus has been successful tourism expert is because he is always optimistic. The way that he manages his time is through having a weekly schedule. There are so many positive changes that have been caused by technology. By just a single click through the internet anyone can get any information that they need. For any business to be successful, then one thing that anyone does is to know what the customer’s needs and through that anyone can propel a big company. That’s the strategy that Guilherme Paulus has used to ensure that CVC grow.


Read About Tech Entrepreneur Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur from Arizona who is known mainly for two reasons. First, he is a commentator on the future of technology and secondly, he is known for being an advocate of the anti-aging campaign. These two mark the major contributions of Jason Hope. In both of them, he is dealing with inventions which are coming up based on technological development or biotechnology.

Jason calls himself a “futurist” why can predict the big technological trends in coming years. His expertise in this field has been supported by the fact that he started talking about the Internet of Things so many years before it happened. While some people differed with him about the IoT becoming a reality, others agreed with him. He has been vindicated after all the predictions he made started turning out to be true in recent years. It is now part of technology, and it is being rolled out in almost every industry and even in our homes.

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IoT technology is about devices communicating with each other through the internet. Devices are now being installed with a small sensor that issues Bluetooth beacon technology. This sensor will be communicating information from the device to others as well as receiving information. The technology is being applied in almost every industry today. One of the industries that have taken the lead on this issue is the airline industry. A third of the airline companies are already funding IoT projects that will lead to automation of the industry using the latest technology. Currently, the Boeing 787s are being made with IoT incorporated into the system. Almost every part of the aircraft can communicate with the control system. This has made the industry safer than it was before.

The other thing that Jason Hope is advocating for is the invention of an anti-aging drug that will reduce the effects of old age. As we get old, our bodies become weak, and we develop old age diseases. These diseases can be a big problem since they come at a time when one is getting into the retirement age. Instead of enjoying retirement, one starts mobbing from one hospital to another. Jason Hope has supported this research by donating $500,000 which will go to an organization known as SENS Research Foundation.

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Every Time is Giving Time at Stream Energy

Corporate America gives. Companies give to those in need, especially when things are looking up, and the profits are huge. It is not something that just happens. A lot of planning goes into it, and there is always the usual hype about the particular company’s philanthropic efforts.

Interestingly, a lot of companies that give during good times do nothing when their benevolence would make the most impact.

One company, though, differentiated itself from the rest by moving fast and helping those in distress after Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston. Their giving was purely altruistic and unplanned — they helped because they cared.

When Hurricane Harvey Hit Hard

The disaster happened fast, leaving in its wake death, suffering, and destruction of property. Most companies in the affected area and across the United States just watched and sympathized, but not Stream Energy.

Patch featured the Stream Energy for having moved fast to give a helping hand to those the catastrophe had left homeless and devastated. It is clear the hugely successful energy selling business gave to alleviate suffering and not merely to gain recognition.

Stream Helped Texas Tornado Victims

Thousands of people in North Texas lost their homes and businesses the day after Christmas in 2016. Working alongside the Salvation Army, Stream Energy associates raised a lot of money to support the affected business people and homeowners. The company matched the donation, doubling the funds.

Stream Energy Cares Deeply

The Dallas-based company has always extended a helping hand, earning deep respect from the beneficiaries and others in Texas and beyond. The company has always supported those in need; their philanthropic efforts go back more than a decade.

Recently, the direct selling company launched a foundation, Stream Cares, whose sole mandate is to carry out charitable work in Texas and the rest of the country.

Stephan Murray and His Career Accomplishments

Stephen Murray was a career Private Equity Investor who was also the President and CEO of a company named CCMP Capital. He recently passed away on March 12th, 2015, at the age of 52. A month before his death, he left the equity firm due to health-related concerns.

During his career, he worked for many major companies, which included Aramark, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, Generac Power Systems, Cabela’s, Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, and the Legacy Hospital Partners.

He first began his career in 1984 by getting a job as a credit trainee at Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, which is based in New York. He later co-founded and worked for CCMP and its previous firms in 1989. Read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away and Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

One of the previous names of the company was Chase Capital Partners but was later known as JPMorgan Partners and J.P. Morgan. JPMOrgan later bought the company that is known today as Chase.

At one point in time, CCMP was considered to be one of the world’s biggest private equity firms. CCMP later became independent of JPMorgan in 2006. By 2007, Murray assumed the CEO position, succeeding the founder of the group, Jeff Walker.

Stephen Murray graduated from Boston College in 1984, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in economics. He later obtained his master’s in business administration from Columbia Business School.

He was a strong supporter of both of these educational institutions. He even sat on the board of trustees for Boston College.

In addition to sitting on the college board of trustees for the college, he served on many different company boards.

Some of these different companies included Crestcom International, Infogroup Inc., LHP Hospital Group, JMDH Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet.

Stephen Murray was also a supporter of various non-profit organizations in New York, such as Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

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