Do You Know What Time It Is? Time To Learn About GreenSky Credit

GreenSky, a financial technology company, was created in 2006 by David Zalik. The company is found in Atlanta, Georgia, where David Zalik leads the company as its chief executive officer, a position he’s been in since GreenSky was founded nearly 15 years ago.

What is financial technology?

As mentioned above, GreenSky is a company that operates in the financial technology sector. Financial technology is the intersection between financial services and modern technology; it’s essentially a way of interweaving the best technology the world has to offer with the business of financial services.

This juxtaposition makes customers generally happier with the experiences they have with companies in the world of financial services. Further, providers of loans, banking services, and other services related to banking or financing are typically able to reel in more customers than they otherwise would be – that is, if they didn’t take advantage of the world’s top tech tools.

What is GreenSky Credit?

GreenSky Credit is the lending program put on by CEO David Zalik and GreenSky. The program encompasses GreenSky Credit’s mobile app, the program’s website, and all other infrastructure that makes it possible for customers to get their hands on loans and get in contact with the financial institutions that offer them.

Since GreenSky – the parent company of GreenSky Credit – was created in 2006, the company has worked with 13,000 lenders whose branches and headquarters are spread throughout all 50 states of the United States of America, 1.9 million customers, and more than $13 billion in loans.

The current state of affairs for GreenSky

Earlier this year – in May 2018 – GreenSky officially went public with an initial public offering. The company ended up offering more than 34 million shares of common stock to its investors at a price range between $21 and $23. GreenSky was known as a unicorn – a startup with more than $1 billion in funding under its belt – long before its initial public offering was made available.

David Zalik was effectively made a multi-billionaire after the IPO was over.

Women in Business Inspire


Successful women in business are inspiring, especially women that overcome all kinds of obstacles and break certain cycles in their history. One good thing about people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds and make a good life for themselves is that they often wind up stronger and wiser because of it. Among the women that have overcome their disadvantages and made a successful career is Portia Kersten, who is CFO of Skout. She describes her upbringing as growing up poor. However, she has always had a vivid imagination. Reading tons of books has helped grow her imagination and creativity. She has used it to her advantage and made a successful career.

Portia Kersten has found a good match for her in Skout, a social media platform. Skout is very unique from other social media platforms in that it encourages people to meet up for various reasons. Among the activities that Skout encourages are dating and traveling. Skout provides services to 100 different countries in the world. Skout has been founded with the purpose of fostering greater connections with people. A lot of people stay on their cell phones and mobile devices. However, Skout encourages people to meet in person so that they can know each other better.

Skout is also interested in bringing about stronger communities where people help each other and do things for each other. There have been surveys conducted by Skout that talked about doing things for others. Skout has also encouraged such activities among the users of the social media platform. People that have signed up for Skout have been very impressed with what the app has to offer for people. A lot of this has been made possible with the leadership of the app. Portia Kersten has gained a lot of insight from her upbringing and hopes to use it to help improve the lives of others.

One thing that Portia Kersten advises women and other people to do is to embrace versatility. She knows the mindset to have when running a business. Having the mindset of a business is most important and it is important to have patience when getting any type of job. Portia Kersten is also very confident, because she knows the recipe for confidence. She advises people to be logical and polite. Skout is also one of those networks that nourish confidence in users.




How Handy is Growing to be an Unmatched Firm in On-demand and Handyman Services

Despite only being in the industry for 3 years, Handy is dominating the space whenever it comes to handyman services and on-demand cleaning. It announced a round amounting to over $50 million and being worth about $500 million, it makes it hard to contemplate how the space would be like if it never existed.

Before Handy, Oisin Hanrahan and Paddy Cosgrave launched the MiCandidate. This platform provided media firms with political content. The pair also established the Undergraduate Awards, which was a non-profit organization that has grown to become the largest of its kind.

On being asked whether going from political content to the on-demand cleaning was because he had a specific penchant for cleanliness or money was what attracted him, Oislin explained that while he was still in college, he spent three years working on development of real estate in Hungary. What he found was that it was challenging to get people do small chores inside apartments. It was not until he went to study at Harvard that Handy came to life. While in Boston, Oislin and his then roommate came up with the idea and they dropped out of college and decided to make Handy a real business.

After raising over $50,000, the pair deemed Boston unworthy for the growth of Handy. They decided to look for an optimal location for the firm, its clients and stakeholders. The two opted for New York as the ideal place, and that’s where Handy was established.

Handy is a leading platform that connects people looking for any kind of household services with professionals who are independent, vetted and experts in their field. Regardless of what one is looking for, from handyman services to cleaning services, Handy will instantly match thousands of customers each week with the most trusted professionals in cities all over the globe. With a booking process of less than a minute, secure payment, money-back guarantee, Handy provides the easiest and most convenient way for booking home services.

Shaygan Kheradpir Signs as the New Coriant Solutions Chief Executive Officer

Shaygan Kheradpir Signs as the New Coriant Solutions Chief Executive Officer

Shaygan Kheradpir was born on 19th December 1960 in London. Kheradpir is an innovative business person who holds a degree in the field of electrical engineering. In his lifetime career, he has managed to work as a Senior Executive in Barclays Corporation and the Verizon.

He was earlier working as an Executive in Juniper Networks where he established a lot of initiatives and system developments. Mr. Shaygan is an experienced and a professional in investment ventures and banking investments.

Recently, Shaygan Kheradpir was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Coriant business solutions. Mr. Kheradpir will not be new in Coriant Solutions business ventures. The optical transport vendor confirmed that Shaygan had been lately working with Coriant Solutions.

The Vendor enclosed that Kheradpir had been working as the Chief Operating Officer of Marlin Partners. The appointment of Mr. Shaygan as the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant Solutions placed Mr. DiPietro as the Coriant Solutions vice chairperson.

  1. Shaygan has successfully headed the Marlin Equity private held Company that led to the establishment of Coriant solutions. Mr. Kheradpir has been in the telecommunication and financial services institutions for more than twenty-eight years now. He is well known for his successful venture in the business and technology sector.
  2. DiPietro was very much impressed by the return of Sir Shaygan in Coriant Solutions. Mr. DiPietro implied that Shaygan’s professionalism and experience in business ventures would lead to a rapid growth of the Coriant Solutions economy and stock market value.
  3. Shaygan owns significant teamwork values and code of ethics. His management of Coriant businesses will be a total success. He works in positive association with his juniors to ensure flexibility and sustainability of the firm are maintained. Mr. Shaygan stated that success comes as a result of participation and good team work spirit across the entire Company team.

Kheradpir will be managing more than one billion U.S Dollars in the Coriant Solutions. He will also be serving more than five hundred clients in the vendor system.

For more information on Kheradpir Shaygan signing in to Coriant Solutions Company, open the following link

In conclusion, CEO Shaygan is determined to take the Coriant Solutions to the next business level. His success goes hand in hand with his commitments and hard work in his position.

Funding Received By Handy

Handy is a large, popular company that is known for bringing home cleaners to people in areas in a number of countries. This business has received some funding from a number of investing companies in the form of $50 million for expanding the boundaries of Handy.

Handy has had a number of other competitors attempt to take the customers that Handy has created, but many of them have not turned out well. Handy is so successful because the listings are so finely combed through to make clients feel as if they are getting the most reputable cleaners in their home. Home cleaning has a very personal feel because clients may be in close proximity to cleaners.

Handy was founded back in 2012 by two college roommates at Harvard College. They did not expect Handy to be as large as it is, but it has blossomed to a value of more than $500 million.

Many of the workers on Handy are not full-time, which is considered to be more than 20 hours on the application. Professional home cleaners have listings on Handy, and have been able to succeed just like other independent cleaners. Many people who need a little extra money in their lives have been able to turn to Handy to get the money they need to support their families.

Clients of Handy getting their homes cleaned are able to stay in their home while cleaners clean to make sure that they are reputable and are trusted to work around their homes. A problem in the past has been finding cleaners who were reputable, but Handy has virtually eliminated this risk because they automatically ban any cleaners who have been accused of stealing. They’re so trustworthy they recently hit the one million booking mark!

Why Handy Has Continued To Prosper in Provision of Cleaning Services

Environmental conservation is a key responsibility and concern for many countries globally. Different countries have invested in the environmental conservation initiative by providing the required amenities to boost this field. This has subsequently led to the development of different types of companies offering environmental cleanliness services. These services range depending on the area of focus. Cleanliness has been seen as one of the key responsibility for every citizen. As such, many companies have emerged offering cleanliness services with the aim of maintaining environmental conservation. Handy is one of the leading company offering cleaning services to the entire United States of America. Initially, the company was called Handybook but over the years it has changed its name due to increased demand to Handy. Recently, the company announced it had raised 50million dollars in funding to continue expanding its services. The company has developed mobile phone software that is used by majority of its clients to access the services and book for them online. The application is available on the iPhone platform where the clients tap on the application to get services. Handy provides both residential and commercial cleaning services in many parts of United States of America and has expanded to open umbrella branches in London. The company has grown and its approximate worth is about 500million dollars. This is a New York based company that has continued to grow since its inception in 2012 and after 3 years it had completed over 1million bookings. This is the driving force towards the development and subsequent success of the company.

Handy is one of the leading global cleaning service companies that have continued to offer good services to people across the United States of America. The company has developed sophisticated ways of reacting to customer complaints within 60 minutes and provides the necessary services needed with money back guarantee. The company has also provided employment opportunities to many people across America and were even in talks to acquire one of their largest competitors. This is because they carry out training for people who may wish to join the expanding group of successful employees. They also provide the employees with the necessary privilege of choosing the convenient location to work from. This allows people to work during part times and at different location globally.

The New Service Slyce Has Come Out With Will Make Many Happy

The new service that Slyce has recently added is something that is sure to make many people happy. It was released in an article put on Philadelphia Business News that Slyce has recently bought out SnipSnap, a company that used to be all about saving people money through using coupons. Slyce has taken it and made it into so much more than that, now, and people are going to have the opportunity to save more money than they have ever been able to before.

Slyce’s new service, visual search allows people the chance to snap a quick photo of the product that they are looking to buy, and then to answer a few, quick questions about it before being directed to the place where they can pick up the item for the lowest cost. Slyce’s service allows everyone the chance to save a bit of money when shopping, and that should make everyone very happy.

There are many people who have been into clipping coupons and doing that kind of thing to help them save a bit of money here and there through the years, and all of those people are in for a real treat with Slyce’s new service. Slyce getting together with SnipSnap is the best thing that has happened for all money savers in a long time,and it is a service that will be sure to get very popular as time goes on. Everyone likes the thought of saving a bit of money on the products they are looking to buy.

Status Labs is the leader in online status management

In recent weeks the world has been filled with shock as the Ashley Madison Hack has been released. This hack released information on millions of Ashley Madison users, and it is already ending the careers of numerous public officials. This latest hack has shown just how important it is to manage your online reputation carefully.
While analysts have been emphasizing the importance of maintaining your online reputation for the last decade, many people have not taken this issue seriously. While every year a high level government official gets caught misusing their social media accounts, people have not been paying attention.
Managing online reputations has become an extremely popular business, and one of the leaders in this business is Status Labs. Status Labs works to ensure that their clients have the best possible online reputation. This job has several different facets. Status Labs will look over your online presence and determine whether there are any vulnerabilities in your reputation.
Status Labs also works on the public relations side to ensure that when people search your name they find the best possible information about you. They do this by researching your past history and issuing press releases on the numerous good works you have done in the past. When a bad story breaks, it can feel like there is a follow up story issued every day. This can be overwhelming for one’s reputation and the only way to counter it is through high quality public relations. The many wonderful press releases that come out of Status Labs can help a public official rebuild their reputation, or even elevate their reputation over time.
The Ashley Madison hack has exposed the vulnerability that everyone on the internet should feel. Everyone has an account somewhere that they believe is private. If you feel that you could be harmed by a future hack, then perhaps now is the time to research potential counter measures. One of the best possible counter measures is to hire a high quality online reputation manager. The current leader in this industry is Status Labs.

Fixing Your Online Reputation For Free

Nearly everything you post online these days can be hacked or stolen, regardless of the heavy protection most websites take to keep private information away from the public. People often hide beneath the anonymity of the internet and think their decisions will never be pulled from the privacy of their home computers, however hackers have been proving that theory wrong for quiet some time. The most recent and jaw dropping hack was directed at the website Ashley Madison. The hack is considered one of the biggest scandals in the history of the internet, delving millions of user’s personal like email, credit card information, and even GPS coordinates out to the public without warning.

Status Labs, a well known online reputation management company, has been receiving multiple inquires from lawyers, CEOS, corporate executives, accountants, government employees, venture capitalists university deans and small business owners who have received negative backlash from their information leaking to the public. The hack has left many professionals with a crumbling reputation and they have been looking to Status Labs for guidance in reeling back the negativity about them in hopes to save their career and reputation. Even though the websites base is frowned upon, Status Labs believes everyone deserves a chance at redemption and nobody’s life or business should be ruined by a single mistake. The company has begun offering free crises communication counseling to those affected by the hack.

Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs has been the single crusader in online crises management and has been offering public figures a second chance after a crushing scandal. Fisher focuses on the clients internet persona whether its website, google search or social media. Fisher claims one of the main issues in many of the clients he sees is their lack of preparation so they are blindsided with negative attention through the internet out of nowhere. By monitoring their online presence, Fisher states that it can help them manage their online reputation from the start and make it easier to repair any damage done online. Since google is one of the most widely known and used search engines, their biggest project is fixing negative results on the search engine. By feeding it with fresh and relevant information it dissipates the often old and negative results.

Not all cases are as extreme as the Ashely Madison leak, some people who maintain a low profile hit a snag like a divorce, and are suddenly defined by the negative media coverage about an extremely personal situation. Status Labs understands that not everyone is perfect, and a simple mistake caught by the media can transform into a huge storm. Their expertise can help guide people back into a positive online light.