Beneful in the Healthy Dog Food Industry

One of the most exponentially growing businesses in the world is dog food. As more and more people are obtaining pets, dog food has become a commodity in higher demand. Has the demand for dog food is increasing, more and more companies are finding a new niche in order to create a competitive company that will sell its product. One new initiative has been to create a dog food product that is both delicious as well as healthy.

One company in particular, called Freshpet Production, owned by Richard Thompson, is a small gourmet-food manufacturer that specializes in creating products that are both healthy as well as wholesome and ready for any dog to consume. Richard Thompson is obsessed with his products and only uses the freshest of ingredients in his products. Mr. Thompson even limits the shelving time of his products in order to allow for everyone of his customers to taste the flavorful and fresh food that he provides.

Mr. Thompson, like many other manufacturers have found their spot in this billion dollar industry by promoting a new type of dog food that promotes healthy living. Of these new companies, one company in particular has marked itself as one of the top companies to sell the best product. This company is called Beneful.

Beneful is a company that specializes in producing three products which include wet dog food, dry dog food, as well as dog treats. Among all the products offered on Purinastore, the wet dog food is the favorite which comes in over 20 different flavor varieties. Fresh proteins such as chicken, lamb, beef, or pork are combined with wholesome ingredients such as rice, barley, carrots, as well as green beans to create a delicious meal.

In addition to the wet dog food, the treats are created and baked in such as way that provide consumers with different choices in textures. A dog can either eat a cracker-like dog treat that is flaky and crisp or a dog can consume a biscotti like dog treat that is rich and dense. At Beneful, it is the dogs that decide what to eat, not the producer.