Talkspace Gives Patients Access to Mental Health Care

Talkspace is changing the way people can access mental healthcare. For many people, traditional therapists and doctors are too expensive or not available. In rural areas, access to mental healthcare is simply not an option. Talkspace hopes to remove both of those barriers. To help them spread their message, Talkspace has partnered with Michael Phelps. Phelps has suffered from his own mental health issues. For many years, he has struggled with anxiety and depression. He suffered in silence until he finally asked for help. He knew that he could not continue without it.

Initially Phelps thought that asking for help was a sign of weakness. He now realizes it was the only way for him to feel better. Talkspace also knows that people cannot get well on their own. Talkspace has a team of doctors and therapists who can help, and the company also has various blogs and forums to help people who have a variety of mental health issues.

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Talkspace is a unique way of offering help. It is an online therapy program that can be accessed in various ways. Talkspace has an app that patients can use to communicate with therapists and doctors. Patients can also contact health care professionals through video chat, emails, and text messaging. It is a cheaper and easier way to get help. For a monthly fee, patients can access a variety of care.

Talkspace also has an online community that is there to help people with their mental health issues. It comprises of people who are sharing the same experiences and the friends and families of patients. It helps people feel like they are not suffering alone, and the blogs are a source of information for people who are just getting help for the first time. The founder of Talkspace, Oren Frank, saw that there was a gap in mental health care options, and Talkspace will be able to fill that void.

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Why You Need to Consider the Talkspace App

If you’re currently going for therapy, you know how inconvenient and expensive it can be to go to just one or two sessions. Unfortunately, some people need to see a therapist for weeks or even months to overcome their issues and have someone they can turn to for help. If you’ve wanted to benefit from therapy but do not have the time to keep up with appointments, there is an app that you can download and utilize that gives you access to professional and licensed therapists who are based all over the country.

Talkspace is the first of its kind to create a therapy-based app for people struggling. Whether you’re a couple in need of couple’s therapy or you’re someone with a mental health disorder like bipolar, OCD or depression, Talkspace is there to help bridge the gap between wanting therapy but also wanting to stay home and not spend a small fortune for it. Talkspace is easy and quick to download, and after answering a few questions about your problems, you’ll be matched to a professional who is there to help as much as they possibly can.

Once you receive help from Talkspace, you’ll find that it helps you to see issues in a different light and without necessarily going to a local office where you’re not entirely comfortable. In fact, many therapists have long and grueling waiting lists, so it could be months before you’re able to even see someone. With Talkspace, you’re able to talk to a professional in just a few short minutes and begin receiving the talk therapy care that you need to live life to the fullest. Once you begin to use Talkspace, you’ll find that it trumps any type of conventional therapy you have ever gone to in the past for mental health help.