Sumptuous Tastes From The French Master Chef at Bellamy’s

Though there is a great deal of ultra-modern trendiness in California, Escondido still offers an old fashioned environment. There are many restaurants to appreciate in California, but Escondido is home to a special breed of restaurant giving you tastes of the top agricultural picks.

Patrick Ponsaty, a master chef of France has made Bellamy’s home to his creations. There are only two chefs to have earned this renowned title, the other chef is Bernard Guillas of Marine Room.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar established his domain in the realm of cuisine beginning with Bellamy’s. The restaurant was once Tango’s and has been renamed. Brian Bonar wanted to recruit top staff for his new restaurant and was able to snag host Trevor Da Costa and cook Mike Reidy from El Bizcocho.

Bellamy’s is part of a family of restaurants, the other piece of the equation is the 144 acre Ranch at Bandy Canyon. The area is soon to be a four star upscale event area with a signature restaurant.

Don’t let the humble sign made from tarp in front of Bellamy’s fool you. Inside lies the rich reminiscence of the Tango restaurant combined with the piquant, palatable flavors created by Ponsaty. The environment could benefit from a little revamping to bring it on par with the food.

Dessert connoisseurs will appreciate the deep red beet ice cream with a goat cheese tart or saffron panna cotta with strawberry hibiscus consommé on the side. The only disappointment seems to be the local halibut, normally firm and delicious but has been found to be mushy at Bellamy’s. Ponsaty is still working on unveiling the kitchen that will be creating masterful cuisine at The Ranch at Bandy Canyon.

More on Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar’s background consists of creating the top restaurants that San Diego has to offer. Also a remarkable businessman, he is the chairman and CEO of Trucept, Inc. Bonar’s projects benefit from his vast knowledge which includes the field of technology.

With a Bachelor’s degree in technical engineering he began his early career at IBM as a procurement manager. Bonar later launched his own technology company, Bezier Systems before emerging into the restaurant industry.

Since Brian Bonar has such an entrepreneurial attitude towards business, it’s safe to assume that Bellamy’s and The Ranch at Bandy Canyon will not be his last endeavors.