How Jim Toner Influenced People’s Perception About Investing in Real Estate

Jim Toner is perhaps one of the most successful real-estate investor that denies the “code” of real estate investing. From his work ethic to the kind of books he produces, Jim Toner has set his heart to helping people. To begin with, he is a philanthropist of several charities like Frank and Nilsa Caring house project, which are helping both veterans and the homeless. Second, Jim Toner spends most of his time coming up with podcasts, seminars and materials that help people grasp everything concerning real-estate investments. Besides, Jim Toner has been in the industry for the past 25 years and has a reputation all of the country due to his seminars.

His Work Ethic

Jim Toner’s success is attributed to several things, but one of the most influential things is his gym routine. Jim wakes up very early to go the gym where his ideas are ‘birthed.’ He takes some considerable amount of time to exercise which he states has been a big help to his fitness and business life. But since Jim Toner also loves reading, he tries to integrate his reading schedule in his fitness session.

After gym, Jim Toner heads over to the studio to come up with podcast ideas. Once the ideas come to mind, he gets started with recording some of them. Once in a while, he responds to some of his clients request concerning personal coaching on real estate investments.

Unlike most entrepreneurs, Jim does not agree with the 24/7 work ethics. He believes resting is important. In fact, he takes a nap every afternoon for 30 minutes just to refresh his mind. In addition, Jim Toner does not have fixed routines. Jim prefers getting started on anything and go with the flow without forcing himself on something that doesn’t work at all.

Jim’s Advice to New Investors in Real Estate

Having 25 years of experience in real estate has left Jim with a vast experience in the field. In fact, most of his works including podcasts and books like The Consumer Guide to Investment Real Estate are full of valuable information concerning real-estate investments.

Visit to get guidelines from Jim Toner towards financial freedom.

Alexandre Gama Is A Great Marketing Executive

     12 years ago, in 2006, Alexandre Gama started his run as one of the most often-awarded advertising executives across the entirety of the continent of South America. That year, Mr. Alexandre Gama was one of the few people nominated for the class of seven important business professionals considered the most crucial to the success of the Brazilian economy over the past 50 years. About magazine has brought together 250 business professionals across the country of Brazil to see who would make the list – to absolutely nobody’s surprise, Alexandre Gama made the list of seven professionals thought to be monumental to the success of the Brazilian economy.

That same year, he was named the “Agency Director of the Year” by the Propaganda Professionals Association, an award that is only given out once per year by the APP – the Propaganda Professionals Association – which is made up of all the best advertisers in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali Offers Effective Legal Representation

Are you looking for a powerful attorney to advise or represent you in Brazil? Do you want to enlist the services of a renowned law firm or attorney? Maybe you want to choose one of the most reputable attorneys in the industry.

If you need a lawyer for business, corporate or personal legal issues, it’s imperative to find someone who is well versed in the type of situation you’re facing. Having a good attorney or a team of competent lawyers will certainly help resolve your case effectively.

There are many different situations that require the expertise of a legal advisor or lawyer. Some of these situations are easily predicted, and others will occur unexpectedly. In either case, however, it is crucial to find the right attorney who can best advice or guide you in your case.

Your lawyer will be helping you handle your legal matters, so it is important that you feel comfortable enough to discuss your situation with him or her. You need to be honest with you lawyer, and provide all the facts and information necessary to address your case.

Arm yourself with the information you need to get a good lawyer. Before you set up a consultation, make sure you have a set of things to inquire about prospective attorneys. When first speaking to an attorney about your legal problem, they should be able to let you know whatever they’re going to do to address your case, how much they will charge, and how long the case will take to solve. A good lawyer will ensure that you are comfortable with their response to your questions.

Bruno Fagali is a top rated Administrative Law and Urban Law attorney. Based in Brazil, Bruno Fagali has been catering to the needs of entrepreneurs, organizations and high-profile individuals. Bruno Fagali also handles cases related to Regulatory Law, Ethics and Compliance.

Bruno Fagali takes the time to look into his clients’ case before deciding how to approach the matter. He is a highly knowledgeable and experienced attorney and he wants the best for his clients.


Eric Lefkofsky Hopes To Use Big Data to Improve Cancer Medication

Chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer have been a major challenge in healthcare systems for many years. The capacity to use and implement big data, machine learning as well as artificial intelligence (AI) to understand the genetics algorithm patterns of a disease can enable the provision of better personalized as well as precise care and cure.

Eric Lefkofsky cofounded Tempus Labs to address the computational problem in 2015. The tech firm is based in Chicago and aims use big data not only to merge, consolidate, and clean the data but also digitize the information of each cancer patient. The digitized health information will assist physicians in treating future cancer patients. They will also learn from the data. Tempus has developed data pipelines whose main function is to collect and analyze clinical data of patients which will enable medical precision in future treatments.

Tempus Labs hopes keep cancer patient’s clinical as well as molecular data in a single sphere and available physicians. Cancer doctors would access the data and use it to make data-driven decisions in real -time. Data integration will allow doctors to learn from hundreds of patients diagnosed with cancer every year. The physicians will be able to get information on how patients respond to certain medications and learn how others were treated and use the information to improve future treatments.

To achieve its objective, Tempus has entered into partnerships with major healthcare organizations as well as academic institutions. It also collaborates with almost all National Cancer Institutes and Comprehensive Cancer Centers. The oncologists in the institutions send patients’ genomic sequencing at Tempus. In turn, Tempus, collect data and pairs molecular information before generating a report on the patient. It then sends a report to the institution and also allows them access to Tempus Labs’ operating system. Alzheimer’s disease could also benefit from use of big data. Researchers and government hope to use biological markers especially brain changes to help improve diagnosis as well as treatment of the disease.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus Labs. He is also involved in other businesses such as LightBank, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, and Echo Global Logistics among others. Together with his wife, Eric contributes generously to cancer research using Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

Eric acts an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan. Eric Lefkofsky obtained Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan Law School.

Dr, Saad Saad’s Medical Missions

Dr. Saad Saad is a renowned pediatric surgeon based in Eatontown, New Jersey. He grew up in Palestine and went to Cairo University in Egypt to study medicine. Upon completing his medical degree, Dr. Saad Saad proceeded to England to undertake his internship program. After that he moved to the United States where his career as a pediatric surgeon took shape. Saad Saad comes from a family of 8 siblings and all of them are well educated with prestigious careers. He has been married for over 42 years and blessed with four children all working in the United States.


Dr. Saad Saad gained popularity in his career due to his extensive experience and expertise in pediatric surgery. He has so far performed thousands of pediatrics surgeries within the United States and outside the country. Besides, Dr. Saad Saad has two patents and has also invented various surgical techniques that are currently in use in various hospitals. His success in the medical field has drawn attention to various people and organizations across the world including the Saudi royal family and a number of humanitarian groups.


Dr. Saad Saad’s mission work in Palestine


Dr. Saad Saad has done extensive medical work in the Middle East region especially Palestine. He has worked closely with the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) handling complex surgical cases ranging from infants to teenagers. PRCF was founded in the year 1991 with the aim of providing medical help to Arab children in the Middle East. Dr. Saad Saad started working with PCRF early 2000 when the organization referred a case of a 15-year old boy who had been shot severally in the West Bank. Dr. Saad Saad successfully operated the child in 2003 in a surgery that took more than 6 hours.


Reasons why Dr. Saad Saad personally visited Palestine


Dr. Saad Saad highlighted various reasons as to why he chose to help the children of Palestine and sometimes traveled there personally. The first reason he gave was that he wanted to treat children from poor families who could not afford better treatment abroad. The other reason for his trips to Palestine was to impart medical skills he had learned over the years to young surgeons in Palestine. Lastly, Dr. Saad Saad said that the other aim of his medical trips to Palestine was to help prosper the local economy of Israel. Learn more:




As a result of his efforts to help the people of Palestine, Dr. Saad Saad has received two major awards. During one of his medical trips to Palestine, he was informed that a certain VIP wanted to meet with him. The VIP turned out to be Palestinian President, Mr. Mahmoud Abbas who awarded him the Gold Medal of Palestine. Besides, Dr. Saad Saad was also awarded the Humanitarian Award by the PCRF.

Whitney Wolfe Helping People Connect With Ease for Dating and Professional Purposes on Bumble

     People who are actively following the business news, particularly the tech industry and start-ups, would know about Whitney Wolfe already. She is amongst the top female entrepreneurs in the world today, and after leaving Tinder where she was a co-founder, Whitney Wolfe decided to build Bumble, a dating app that lets women make the first move. Whitney Wolfe is just 28 years now but has achieved tremendous success in only a few years of her career. Whitney Wolfe knows that it is essential that the dating apps to focus on giving something different to the users to sustain in a niche, which has been overcrowded for a while.

After Whitney Wolfe left Tinder with cold feet, her priority was women empowerment, and it is what led to the idea of developing a dating app that would allow women to contact the men first and not the other way round. It did sound awkward at first, even to her, but she knew that it is what the industry and its target audience want. Not only the rule of allowing women to make the first move filter out the abuse and the bullying, which has become a standard part of the online dating world, it would also help in the development of meaningful relationships, one that is valued. Whitney Wolfe recently married a restaurateur, Michael Herd, an Italian. Whitney Wolfe is often referred to by the popular magazines as the game changer in the dating business.

Whitney Wolfe recently launched Bumble Bizz, a professional networking platform that is a part of Bumble itself. It would allow members who are interested in professional networking to showcase their skills and work examples, and find new jobs or freelance projects, or just expand their professional network. Whitney Wolfe said that Bumble Bizz is not introduced to compete with Linkedin or any other professional networking site, but compete it will ensure that it can create a niche for itself. The best part about Bumble Bizz is that even though it is a professional networking platform, it is more casual in its approach. It is what most of the members are liking about Bumble Bizz, and the fact that in Bumble Bizz, only female members are allowed to contact first ensures that the members don’t misuse Bumble Bizz for dating purposes. Whitney Wolfe aims to keep Bumble a feminist app but also knows that it is a long way to go before it can fulfill its objectives to perfection.

Adam Milstein Is Working To Raise The Jewish Communities Awareness of The Values Of The Jewish Religion

Adam Milstein, a native to Israel is on a mission to help eliminate the hate for the Jewish people. There are currently boycotts in motion and sanctions which are being moved forward by those who are radicals with the desire to eliminate the Jewish religion and state of Israel. Adam Milstein knows how important it is to have others know their religion and ways of their ancestors when there is a threat of elimination to the State of Israel.

During the centuries, the Jewish people have lived in fear from persecution. The Holocaust was not the only persecution that the Jews have faced. Adam Milstein knows about hate and has lived through some of it during his time in the Yom Kippur War. It is now something that others are living across the United States. The increasing rise of hate has crossed onto the universities and other areas in the United States.

Adam Milstein is hopeful that the rise in violence is not going to contribute to the complete fall of the State of Israel. Right now there is conflict that is threatening to put an end to the State of Israel. If this happens, the Jewish community must come together to maintain their values and morals. If Israel fails as being a State, the Jewish community does not lose their beliefs. They simply must live around the falling and find a way to move past it.

Adam Milstein hopes that with his help, the Jewish commuity in the United States is going to be more aware of what their ancestry is and how to conform to the morals and values of the Jewish religion. Through the foundations that Adam Milstein and his wife Gila are a part of, the Jewish religion will move forward in the United States at a much faster rate than it would without their help.

Adam and wife Gila have high hopes for the Jewish community and are working through the various programs to bring more awareness to them. Through a foundation that they co-founded, 15,000 families in the United States will receive free books monthly that are provided to them in Hebrew.

Million Dollars Donated By Bob Reina To Help Tampa Bay Humane Society

Do you find yourself picking up every stray cat or dog you come across? Is your home taken over by animals because you find yourself bringing each one home? If so, you are just like Bob Reina. Are you familiar with the name? If not, you might be familiar with his business. Talk Fusion is Bob’s main company. In his spare time however, he is always helping new strays in the area.


During a annual gala held earlier in the year, Bob Reina wrote a check to the humane society for a quarter of a million dollars. This check was to help them to support the strays that are brought in each year and to help future residents of the humane society. Then later in the year, Bob wrote another check to the same humane society for three quarters of a million. In total, Bob has donated over a million dollars this year to the Tampa Bay humane society.


It is Bob’s hope that through his contributions, they are able to build a vet clinic that will be low cost for animal owners to be able to bring their pets to that do not cost nearly as much as a vet would. The low cost is hoping to make it so that more pet owners are able to provide follow up care for their pets as well as to providing a low cost spay and neuter program to pet owners. When you are unable to care for your pet like you would, you feel bad for whatever they are going through and in some cases, this can be a life and death situation.


When Bob has came across people who were unable to provide the right level of care for their pets, he has went out of his way to help the owners. He helps them out anonymously to prevent them from feeling as if they are unable to care for their pets on their own. In some cases, it is beyond our control as to what we can afford to give to our pets. When this does happen, it is nice to know someone like Bob Reina is out there helping us out. Learn more:



Matt Badiali: A Natural Resource Investment Expert

     Matt Badiali is known for his work as an investment consultant on natural resources. He is a trained geologist who graduated at Penn State University with a BS in Earth Sciences. Matt later attained his Masters in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. Matt is however not limited to the trained profession. He has established a large following for his articles that have led to his recognition as a writer.

Matt started his career working at an oil drilling company where he developed many skills in the field. Matt was dedicated to growth and expanding his knowledge which led to his role as an editor at Stansberry Research. Matt has written for the company since 2005. His articles reach writers across the globe through his contribution in the Stansberry Resource Report. His greatest accomplishments working as a writer has been the opportunity to travel and document firsthand information. His work involved many travels to various destinations that included mines and oil drills.

While working at Stansberry, Matt was able to visit countries such as Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong and Iraq among others. This provides him with great exposure to metals, oil and gas. He conducted research on crops and metals and was able to conduct experiments where necessary. Matt’s articles enabled him gain recognition from companies, other experts, and prominent personalities. He has met important people in his travels who have been instrumental the success of his research works.

Matt currently works at Banyan hill publishing as an editor for the company’s monthly issue. He provides his readers with information on natural resources and advices them on the best investment ventures. He encourages his readers to take up new investment opportunities and outlines the advantages of owning important metals. He also conducts forecasts in the prices of crops and metals and advices on future trends. His subscribers have benefited from his work aimed at growing the industry and encouraging the conservation and proper utilization of natural resources.

Matt shares his articles on on metals to invest in. He reviewed the prices of platinum and palladium used in the automobile industry. The two metals have been on demand since they act as catalysts in cars. He encourages investment in platinum due to its stable prices and its decreasing supply in the market. Matt notes that platinum will be an important commodity since it is widely used in diesel cars.

In the decade from January 2000 through December 2010, U.S. exports averaged 1.1 million barrels per day for that…

Posted by Matt Badiali on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Jack Yasatine: A Financial Voice That Can Be Trusted

     Jeff Yastine is the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing as well as a writer.  In his last article, Yastine believed that the rising debt is warning to this bull market. He goes on to say that he was correct in saying that oil prices would rise after being 40 US dollars during the summer. This rise in prices could be a sign that the market could go from a bull market to a bear market. The rise of oil prices will affect consumer pricing and will also be a factor in changing the market.

In an article entitled The Cost of Gasoline, Yastine wrote that in 2008, other kinds of loans made up 21 percent of Americans’ total debt balance. Now, loans to finance cars, colleges and credit cards make up 30 percent of the total debt. These debts will be a factor if the oil price continues to rise.

He wrote two articles about hackers. The first article just talks about a new powerful new toll that could be used to fight hackers. This new toot is an app on a person’s phoned that will act as a biometric password. A person uses his or her eye as a password. The second article talks about what companies are trying to do to battle hackers. His first example is Well Fargo offering smart phone phone apps that offer voice, face and eyeball biometric algorithms to gain access to their important data. Other banks are offering the same services. Biometric cybersecurity seems to be the future in fighting hackers.

How does Yastine know so much about the financial markets? It comes from being an investor and financial journalist for 20 years. He worked for the PBS Nightly Business Report as a journalist and anchor from 1994 to 2010. He did a number of stories on growth stock, large company small-cap growth stocks and many other financial stories. He did an investigation into the poor, inadequate infrastructure system of the United States and won an Emmy Award for Business and Financial Reporting for his efforts in 2007.

At Banyan Hill Publishing, Yastine continues to provide good financial information to the people.