Sergey Petrossov Creates a Right For Flight

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter is one of the coolest apps on the market. From the click of a button on your smart device, you can have a private jet coming your way with little to no effort! You can thank modern-day entrepreneur Sergey Petrossov for this wonderful service! He has become very successful due to his ability to develop handy companies that strongly enhance and share their markets. His first creation was established with the intention to provide better equipment for schools in Russia and Eastern Europe. These countries do not have big budgets but they value education.

His company was created and named it the Federal System of Distance Education. This was an online platform that allowed students to take classes and learn from a technical device. It performed very well and is still used today to enhance students’ educational experiences. This was exactly the kind of success that Sergey wanted but he was not done creating helpful ideas. One day, Sergey Petrossov was invited to fly on a private jet. He took the offer and quickly noticed there were aspects of the business that needed to be fixed. For example, airplanes do not fly half as much as they could be flying. He used the data that he gained and created JetSmarter. Thanks to JetSmarter, more individuals ride on private jets and even helicopters at cheaper rates. Petrossov used data about seating and how many times planes do not fly to reduce the cost and make flying a task that is easier to accomplish.

JetSmarter is very successful and is gaining great benefits. Many investors and powerful figures are stepping up to support JetSmarter and its goal. JetSmarter aims to make flying easier while connecting like-minded individuals who want to fly in comfort and class. The future of flight is very exciting due to the ambitious efforts of Sergey Petrossov.

Jeunesse Global: Wellness Products Receive Honors

Jeunesse Global is breaking new ground in its packaging and marketing department. Recently, the Communicator honored the company for the Reserve and RVL packaging. The Communicator is a business that studies packaging and grants awards each year. Their award system is divided into two parts. The highest prize is the Excellence trophy. The other level is called Distinction, which Jeunesse Global won 13 of, and they won 11 Excellence trophies. 

It is not often that you get to hear about packaging being honored, but it is something that is very important to consumers. Because of this, Jeunesse Global spends time and energy perfecting their dispensers, exterior designs, and boxes. Jeunesse Global believes that the outside of their products should be the same quality as the materials that go in their items.

Jeunesse Global is a direct selling company. This means they work with entrepreneurs who work from their home. The home-based workers sell the companies items instead of having to create their own. In turn, the company provides training, support, and technology.

Some of the products the entrepreneurs can focus on are beauty, nutritional supplements, or weight control. One of the most popular systems the sellers have access to is YES, which stands for the youth enhancement system. This program combines many products to make a complete package. There are nine items total, and each one focuses on an individual’s wellbeing both inside and out.

Reserve, one of the winners in packaging, is in the YES program. It is a gel-like liquid based on real fruits and plants. The solution is an antioxidant powerhouse. The packaging is unique because it is in a single-dose pack, and to take the product, you simply tear off the tab across the top and squeeze the solution into your mouth. Because of its size, it is easy to keep a few in your desk at the office or in your handbag. Store some packets in your glove box if you are on the go a lot. The size, shape, and dispensing tab are so convenient. It makes the product easy to have around so that you can be sure you are getting plenty of vitamins.

Marc Beer, a true leader in the Biotech World

Marc Beer is called upon and delivers when it comes to finding business solutions and developing strategies to not only improve but boost companies into success. 

With a vast background in leadership and a superior education from the University of Miami, his career path led him into pharmaceutical sales and marketing. He is driven by his devotion to the field, natural business talent, as well as his desire to support the inadequately served population with rare medical diseases.

It was his role as Vice President of Global Marketing at Genzyme that propelled his career and led him to become an entrepreneur. Viacell, a biotechnology company, was his first company that launched in 2000. It was his drive and motivation and helped this company find success in cutting edge technology and medical advances with the preservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells for development and use to treat a variety of conditions in the human body including Parkinson’s Disease. Beer sold this company seven years later to PerkinElmer for $300 million. PerkinElmer continues to explore Beer’s concepts and made medical advances through stem cell research and regenerative medicine. 

Through triumph and turbulence including the untimely death of his wife, Beer continued to balance family life with his career. After a couple of years of focusing on his children after his wife’s passing, was when his 14-year-old daughter encouraged him to put more time and effort into his second passion, business, and medical advances. 

It was at this time, he found himself partnered with Dr. Iglesias and Yolanda Lorié to found Renovia. Once again, Beer took his passion for helping others, researching innovative ways to medically support disorders and diseases that impact the lives of others and co-founded Renovia. Renovia focuses on pelvic floor disorders that impact 25% of women. It was the leadership in Beer and the motivation Dr. Iglesias in finding an alternative treatment to surgical interventions that birthed this company. Millions of women have been helped by Renovia’s breakthrough preventative and therapeutic interventions. 

Seven years later, Beer as the co-founder and CEO finds himself and his team of experts Nominated for MedTech Company of the Year at the New England Venture Capital Association’s 2019 NEVYs Awards.

Through triumph and turmoil, failures and successes, Marc Beer’s humble approach to his life and his accomplishments pharmaceuticals and medical advances makes a likable person but is a depiction of what true leadership is. Learn more:

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Introduces Improved Hair Care Products

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has recently come up with a new hair product that will become one of the most in demand in the beauty industry. He and his company have put together a new formula for hair care products that include all-natural ingredients. This will ensure that consumers use the healthiest ingredients available to wash and condition their hair. Within the past few months, the product has become a bestseller and will likely to continue circulating around consumers who are looking for the best hair care products on the market.

In recent years, Dan Bethelmy-Rada found out that many consumers were looking for an alternative to hair products that contain chemicals. The consumers said that the products would sometimes damage their hair. After completing market research, Bethelmy-Rada and his company found an alternative that would satisfy many consumers. The company decided to produce hair products that contained nothing but natural ingredients. These new hair products would not have any toxins that can damage hair. While it would increase production costs, the new all-natural hair products will likely lead to increased sales and higher profits in the long term.

Recently, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his company began producing the new all natural hair products. Shortly after making these new products, the company began to experience favorable results in terms of sales. Many consumers were buying a lot of the product and expressed their overall satisfaction. With more satisfied customers, the company has decided to continue producing more of the all natural hair care products for consumers to purchase. As a result, the company’s reputation has improved very much.

After producing the new all natural hair care products, Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his company have received very positive reviews. Many consumers have praised the product due to its ability to help them maintain proper texture as well as style it more easily. They have also revealed that the hair products have also helped consumers avoid damaging their hair as well. With these benefits, the new all-natural hair products have emerged as one of the most popular in the Dan Bethelmy-Rada company line.

Maarten de Jeu: Lessons on Global Expansion

Growing a business internationally presents a number of unique challenges. These challenges are often times different than those faced domestically, and therefore require the help of a third party. Maarten De Jeu is one of those third parties. He received his MBA from the University of Oxford and has cornered the market in international business. Since the launch of SVM business Advisory in 2012, he has become an authority for many. He primarily focuses on coaching Fortune 100 companies, high-net-worth individuals and technology start-ups. He brings with him a multilingual perspective with experience from Sara Lee, Heinz, and ING. Here are a few ways he helps clients achieve international success.
Supply and Demand

Before expanding business abroad it is important to ensure that there is a need for the product. The conditions that had made it a success domestically aren’t guaranteed to exist in another country. One should also check to see if the pricing for the product can remain competitive against other products on the market. This will require extensive research on similar products and market demands. Maarten de Jeu believes that it is important to maintain the same production standards. One should not sacrifice quality as it can negatively affect the brand. This means that costs should not be cut to produce a product that is sub-par to that domestically sold. Inconsistency is a challenge and can have negative effects on the viability of the business. Learn more:
Language and Legal Adherence

It should go without saying, but in-depth research is required to understand local laws and customs. One must consider tax laws, immigration, and protection policies to name a few. These laws are an integral part of how the business can function and will dictate how operations are managed. This is to also say that taking into account the cultural differences is also important. Advertisements that are effective domestically may not be effective internationally. Translating advertisements and labels is important when attracting a foreign audience. The market strategy must capture the essence of the business in the language of its target audience.
Financial Viability

Overcoming the excitement for international expansion can be the most challenging part. This can require third-party help. One must determine if the company can survive if the expansion were to fail. This requires an in-depth analysis of the risk involved. If not then this can also necessitate the need for investors, shareholders, and other sources of additional capital.
In Conclusion

Maarten de Jeu has helped countless businesses achieve success. These three lessons are tried and true and are great starting points for anyone looking to expand. Remember that keeping brand, finances, and legal considerations in mind are key factors for success.

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Smita Shah Overcomes Challenges In The STEM Fields & Recommends Other Women Do The Same

The science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields have been filled with riddles since they first became industries, which is something that Smita Shah has always had a passion for. Shah has worked in the engineering field for her entire career, something which stems from the fact that she excelled in math and its related areas while at school. Because the field is typically male-dominated, she notes that it has often been difficult for women, among some minority groups, to excel in.


However, Smita Shah has been able to overcome many of the challenges that this has placed in her path; she currently serves as the CEO of Spaan Tech, a company she founded in 1998 and grown extensively in the two decades since then. Despite the barriers that many women may face in the engineering field, Shah encourages them to pursue the career, as she highlights the fact that women can often become much more successful in the area than they might believe.


Smita Shah has noted that engineering, as well as each of the other STEM fields, is an important and noble profession which can be incredibly rewarding for those that enter it, which is one of the primary reasons why she recommends women work the niche. However, she’s also noted that women should support and help each other throughout their journey in the field, which is something that she has extensive experience as a keynote speaker and influential business leader within the industry.


Since launching Spaan Tech, Smita Shah has led it to become an award-winning company, receiving accolades from Inc Magazine and much more. Much of this has been driven by her passion for solving riddles, which has allowed her and the rest of the Spaan Tech field to tackling complicated projects with relative ease. When challenges have presented themselves, Shah has been known to embrace them with a calm mind so that she can more easily overcome them, which has played a significant factor in both her and Spaan Tech’s growth and experience in the past two decades.


In the over 20 years since it was started, the business has handled various bridge and road construction projects, as well as public system integration and much more. Spaan Tech has also been involved in a variety of tech-related engineering projects, ranging from roofing to solar panel installations and grid integration, among many others. Learn more:


In the years since she began her career in the field, Smita Shah has been involved with a variety of companies and organizations, often serving on their board of directors, where she has received various accolades. She also holds experience working in a White House administration and has received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for her work.  Connect with Smita on LinkedIn

Smit Shah Talks About Her Fascination with Math and Science

Smit Shah, President & CEO of Spaan Tech, was recently featured in a radio interview where she revealed a lot of things concerning her professional and personal life. This article looks at her interesting story from her love for mathematics to starting a company that is now recording annual revenues of $10 million with more than 50 employees. 20 years ago, Shah started a company without caring about what would happen if it failed. She went all in knowing that if it didn’t work out, she would go on and work for someone else.


Smit Shah started the company with the plan of bringing extremely talented people together to work on great projects that would bring value to the community. She aimed at making a difference with her new venture. Going to where it all started, Smit Shah revealed that her love for math and science made her different keeping in mind the fact that she was the only girl in a number of goals who performed incredibly and loved the subjects to the moon and back. Shah worked with a few boys who loved the subjects to do math problems and made being different a normal thing. Growing up, she was the weird girl in a way but she embraced it.


Some people in her companies still mistake Shah for a marketing girl or an employee. According to the successful entrepreneur, it is normal to find people who make assumptions based entirely on your gender or looks. Some people are even surprised she has a Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering from MIT. She is excited by the trend of women pursuing careers along with engineering and becoming successful. Over the past few decades, many women have particularly graduated from MIT with engineering degrees. The awareness that engineering isn’t that hard and anyone can pursue it has increased over the past years.


Smit Shah interned at White House and at the time, Indians in the US were associated with careers along with engineering or medical fields. Today, the paradigm has shifted and you can find Indians in the field of law and the real estate industry. According to Smart Shah, Math and Science are just like any other fields, only that it is a fundamental building block of your life. Engineering is a great profession for anyone to pursue. Looking back, it turned out even better because she gets to contribute to the well-being of the community through her profession.


Getting into business, it didn’t feel hard to Shah, but thinking about it now, it is complex and a real challenge. However, it is possible to start a successful career, especially in the engineering industry. She is now encouraging others including her children to get into the field and achieve their ambitions. Smit Shah is also supporting other women to achieve their ambitions. Learn more:


Smita Shah: The Skilled Engineer Who Founded SPAAN Tech

From a tender age, Smita Shah had a particular penchant for mathematics and science. She knew that she had a natural strength in the subjects. She also loved the two and was always ready to pursue a career in the same line. Shah didn’t know that she would be successful in launching her organization, which does everything associated with engineering from design to construction management.


While growing up, she tried to figure out if she could pursue a career in other lines. The then-budding youth asked her father who was an engineer, which career she should pursue. It was a clear-cut answer that engineering was her best option. Following in her father’s footsteps, she attended the Northwestern University for a degree in civil engineering. She also went to MIT to pursue a degree in environmental engineering. Over the years, she served at different renowned engineering firms and served in various capacities. At Skidmore and Owings, she was an engineering executive. After her role in those organizations, she joined her father in business. Together, they negotiated for the launch of a power project in India with high-profile Japanese financiers.


In the 1990s, Ms. Shah realized that there was an emerging market she could easily cater to. Shah saw that organizations needed to hire people who had vast experience in the application of technology, engineering, in addition to infrastructure. Most firms were also conducting IT setup coupled with infrastructure-related projects. Therefore, she started SPAAN Tech in 1998. The company majorly focuses on infrastructure and civil engineering. Shah’s main challenge was finding customers. She didn’t have experience in doing so. Another problem when starting was attracting high-profile talent from the industry. A big break came when she landed a leading project in her town.


Ten years after its operation, SPAAN Tech was hired to offer technological upgrades to a societal project for the Commonwealth Edison. The skilled business professional, together with her team, executed the plan successfully. As such, SPAAN Tech was hired once more by ComEd in six months. After garnering experience working with various organizations, Shah was hired by similar companies to help attract top talent.


Today, she reiterates that her firm hires highly experienced professionals who are focused on becoming successful. SPAAN’s management delivers quality products. Therefore, they want to have a team that’s committed to their culture of success. With the consistent approach, the administration has been attracting incredible workers who have assisted it in creating a cohesive as well as a supportive work environment. SPAAN Tech aspires to change address issues related to infrastructure while helping its clients to demystify the complicated problems. The management has impacted on most roads and waterways. Through its excellent team, the company has successfully provided solutions by incorporating technology and business into various projects. Learn more:

Louis Chenevert Reveals Value of Investing in Employees

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who is currently the exclusive advisor to Goldman Sachs. As an advisor, Louis has mentioned that one of the keys to business success is to invest in employees. This is a process in which a company will look to provide a work environment that encourages productivity and enjoyment. Along with providing a suitable work environment, investing in employees will also include scholarship programs, rewards and building teams.


One of the best ways for a company to invest in its employees is to create an optimal work environment. It will be most beneficial to create a work environment where employees can use the most updated equipment, work in a comfortable environment and also offer a lounge where they can play games during their breaks.


Another way in which a company can invest in its employees is to reward the ones that work the hardest and have the most accomplishments. There are a number of employees who exceed expectations and make valuable contributions to the company. As a result, these employees should be given rewards such as gift cards, bonuses and salary raises. Rewarding hard workers will often result in a more motivated employee workforce. Therefore, the company will be in better position to succeed.


Along with offering rewards and an optimal work environment, companies will also want to offer a scholarship program when looking to invest in its employees. Since there are a number of jobs that require a certain education, a scholarship program can enable these employees to get the educational credentials they need in order to advance. Offering funds for continuing education is another great way to help employees reach their full potential.


By investing in employees who work for your company, you will be in better position to get a better return on the money you put into hiring them. Investing in employees is often much more practical than buying new equipment or machinery. This will enable a company to bond more closely with employees which will translate into a more productive workplace. With a positive work environment, employees will enjoy coming to work everyday and will strive to help your business consistently reach its goals.

Aloha Construction, Putting Customers First

In 2008, Dave Farbaky started his own roofing business, Aloha Construction, near Lake Zurich, Illinois. As a family-owned company, Aloha Construction has always made their community a priority. By putting customer service first, offering rigorous inspections, and working closely with insurance companies, this company earned a reputation of integrity. And for the last two years, the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois has nominated the company for one of three prestigious Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics 7. Only companies who exhibit the highest ethical standards are nominated. A panel of independent judges reviews customer practices as well as a nominee’s community involvement. Over the years, Aloha Construction has worked with The American Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club of America and Camp One Step to improve the lives around Lake Zurich. This community focus, when mixed with their innovative approach to customer complaints, propelled Aloha Construction from a nominee to a winner. President Dave Farbaky gave the credit for the award to the company culture and long-running devotion to Lake Zurich residents.

Aloha Construction plans to continue this dedication to service at both the Lake Zurich and Bloomberg Offices. They specialize in roofing, siding, and gutters. With over 20,000 roofing jobs completed, Aloha Construction has an excellent reputation, especially when repairing storm and hail damage. The company works with insurance companies to ensure coverage and partners with Synchrony Financial to ensure smooth payment plans. And now Aloha Construction plans to bring this same ethical dedication to their sister company, Aloha Restoration which will deal with disaster recovery, focusing on mold and water removal