Uh oh, they are low!

The unemployment rate is the lowest in 7 years. How could this be? This is in spite of recent economic bad news. It is also contradictory to last month’s poor numbers which were even revised downward. The improvement is beginning to be indisputable. The success of this president’s efforts should also be in line with this growth, and it is. Obama’s poll numbers are up as are Americans views on the economy. This is a significant shift from even last year.

This presents a significant problem for the opposition. Presidential campaigns are run on positivity. How can a party display positivity when they will have to present a message of gloom and doom that is contradictory to all feasible evidence. The dollar is strong and gas prices are historically low. America recently became the world‘s largest producer of oil. The opposition’s message cannot be that low oil prices damage the economy.

The conservative’s win in England should offer no solace for Cruz and the bunch after today’s job numbers and the corresponding dip in the unemployment rate according to Mikal Watts.