Dr. Mark Holterman’s Contribution in Pediatrics

Dr. Mark Holterman has helped thousands of children acquire the best treatment and medical care. He is a renowned pediatrician who has dedicated his career to helping the needy. An article about him on the medical daily times outlined his commitment to helping the children of Vietnam with rare illnesses and promoting the welfare of the community through his expertise.

Mark Holterman is described as a man who has the greatest desire to alleviate the suffering of patients. He is involved in conducting research on therapies for various illnesses and supporting medical students as a professor. He has taken up his role in a passionate manner ensuring those around him benefit by supporting charity organizations.

He supports the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam that works with schools and hospitals to ensure advancement in the field of surgery. They support children with various illnesses by providing surgical services and helping through donations and volunteer services. Dr. Mark Holterman supports other nonprofit organizations that are committed to improving the lives of patients (GazetteDay).

In addition to being a member of the American Diabetes Association, Dr. Holterman formed the Hannah Sunshine foundation to cater for the needs of children with rare diseases. He partners with organizations that conduct research on perennial diseases to find cure and therapies through advanced methods and treatments. He has been pivotal in supporting ill children in Vietnam and helping them gain hope to live normal lives.

Dr. Mark Holterman has received several awards for his immense contribution to the field of medicine and dedication to supporting research works. He received recognition as America’s top doctors for several years, which is an indication of his great efforts in transforming medicine. He was also named in the Chicago Magazine top doctors and ACS fellow. Mark has gained great respect across America for his role in pediatrics.

Dr. Holterman is a professor at Illinois University College of medicine and a CEO at Mariam Global health. He also supports surgical procedures in other hospitals and is a member of various bodies that cater for the welfare of children.

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How Stream Energy is Empowering Women

If you don’t know who Stream (Stream Energy) is, you should. This young company has grown quickly and surpassed many other energy companies thanks to their innovative direct selling techniques. But they aren’t resting on past successes. Instead, they are using their resources to empower the women in their organization and elsewhere.


This year marked the fourth straight year running of their Women of Power Retreat. This event is held at their head office in Dallas and draws women from all around the country to gain skills and confidence. The company hopes these women will walk away with real skills and systems to grow their own businesses and inspire other women to be powerful.


Famous women speakers act as mentors to the attendees, including such names as Nicole Lapin (well-known journalist and best selling author), Karen Leland (business expert) and Melissa Mark Garner (wellness coach). The theme this year is “Shine.” This means bringing out the unique value that each woman carries. In addition, the event teaches confidence, personal branding, and mindfulness. The end result, Stream executives hope, is to empower these women and help them build their own businesses their preferred way (https://crunchbase.com/organization/stream-energy).


About Stream Energy


Stream Energy is a company founded in 2005 in Dallas, Texas. In twelve years, it has grown to be one of the largest energy companies around thanks to their innovative direct selling techniques. They allow the costs to be reduced and pass on innovation to their consumers to aid them in their busy lifestyles with connected life services.


The services that Stream offers include protective services, home services, wireless services, and energy solutions. Their unique style has led them to create $8 billion in revenue since their inception. They offer services nationwide and specialized services in Texas, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.


In today’s world, many companies are taking the easy way out. This is creating bigger wallets for executives and not passing much value to consumers. However, Stream is using their growth to invest in their female associates, inspire others, and pass on the savings to their clients. All of this is impressive and refreshing in the new digital age (Indeed).

Medical technology in Brazil-Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll has been in the forefront of changing and improving the medical and the health care system in Brazil. He is an ambitious man who has always worked hard to achieve his dreams and goals since he was young. After his High School graduation; Mr. Jorge joined Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and graduated from the Medical School. Dr. Moll graduated from the same University but this time with a degree in neurology. He wanted to be an expert in the medical sector and he furthered his studied when he joined the University of Sao Paulo, faculty of medicine and graduated with a Ph.D.

Dr. Jorge Moll is a successful entrepreneur in Brazil. The medical expert began his business in the medical industry in 1977 and he established D’Or Group. The medical group has grown to be the largest in Brazil operating over 30 Hospitals with more than 4000 beds. Jorge Moll and his family are the largest shareholders in the healthcare business. Mr. Moll is the President of the Board of Directors of the medical facility. His administration has led to the expansion of the organization with the group acquiring other medical institutions in Brazil including Sao Luiz which is a Sao Paulo based Hospital, GIC Pte. Ltd based in Singapore, and Carlyle Group. All the three organizations were acquired in 2015.

Jorge Moll is passionate about bringing positive change to the medical industry in Brazil. To achieve his goals he has been working effortlessly and hand in hand with other medical experts in Europe and the United States. The medical doctors among them Dr. Albert Chan of the United States has been of a great help to Dr. Moll. Through the experience he has gained, Dr. Moll has been in the forefront of improving the Brazilian medical industry through his research and technology. The improvements, as well as innovations, are experienced in his medical facilities (MollLab). With the advancement of technology, Moll has been using the smartphones to connect his patients with their physicians. The clients can easily access their medical information online. Apart from the use of online services by patients, one of the group’s medical facilities; Copa Star Medical Facility has modern facilities as well as luxury. Jorge continues to bring medical technology and innovation to Brazil.

More at https://es.linkedin.com/in/jomoll

Oncotarget: An Open-Access Journal Disseminating Important Information On Oncology And More

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that is published twice weekly. The bio-medical journal initially only published articles based on research on all areas of oncology. It has now become so widely embraced by the health care community that it now offers articles on health topics beyond oncology. Established in 2010, Oncotarget is a production of Impact Journals. This valuable medical resource has as its editors-in-chief noted researchers and educators Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. Visit Oncotarget’s profile page at Facebook.

The journal is indexed and abstracted in BIOSIS Previews, Scopus, Science Citation Index Expanded and Index Medicus/PubMed. Between 2011 and 2016, Oncotarget was ranked as one of the top oncology journals annually. It has an Impact Factor of 5.168. Initially published once weekly, Oncotarget has risen so much in impact, quality, volume and importance it is now published on Tuesday and Friday each week. This increase is designed to accelerate the publication’s dissemination of important scientific information. Accepted papers will be released to PubMed directly and quickly in their final paginated permanent form.

The editorial board of Oncotarget includes Nobel Prize winner Andrew V. Schally and former Cancer Research editor-in-chief Carlo M. Croce. Together the men have published more than 37 well-received papers in the journal. According to MEDLINE, Oncotarget plays a major role in sharing papers on important basic science research and has high ethical guidelines and editorial practices making it one of the field of oncology’s most important research journals. It has featured groundbreaking articles by some of the top scientists and researchers in oncology. Learn more at researchgate.net

The newly expanded version of Oncotarget now accepts papers on Cardiology, Cell Biology, Endocrinology, Metabolism, Neuroscience, all areas of Pharmacology and much more. An outstanding journal, Oncotarget publishes more documents on Oncology than any other journal. The publication performs a very useful function for medical professionals and researchers working on cancer research and medicine in general. It receives strong support from the NIH and investigators working in oncology. Printed copies of the online journal are made available to people upon request.

Download: http://endnote.com/downloads/style/oncotarget

In its 7 years of existence Oncotarget has had a significant impact on cancer research.

National Steel Car: Offering Service to the Country

The world has experienced two global wars in the past, leaving millions of people dead. During these times, businesses are required to serve their countries by working with the government. The government and the businesses should cooperate with each other, and most of the time, the government will ask them to create products or deliver services for the benefit of those who are fighting for the country. Companies could build weapons, war vehicles, war machines, war planes, and war ships. They could also create products that can be used by the soldiers on the field, like processed food, parachutes, gears, and so much more. During the First and the Second World War, the National Steel Car participated in the war efforts, cooperating with the Canadian Government as a show of support for defeating the enemies.


During the First World War, the National Steel Car sent some of their employees to war, fighting for the Canadian Government and its allies. Few of those who fought during the First World War perished, but those who managed to return home were given honors and medals. The National Steel Car was just a few years old when the First World War broke out, and it never really affected their business of producing and manufacturing rolling stocks. The decade when the First World War took place is in fact one of the most profitable years of the National Steel Car, a precursor of their golden age that would take place in the next decade. View Additional Info Here.


After experiencing tremendous growth in the 1920s, the National Steel Car experienced the extreme opposite in the 1930s. The great economic meltdown that sent thousands of businesses into bankruptcy affected the sales of the National Steel Car, and they survived by creating other products unrelated to rolling stocks. The world was still recovering from the effects of the Great Depression when the Second World War broke out. It was the deadliest war in the history of mankind, and the National Steel Car was again contracted by the Canadian Government to create weapons and vehicles for the war. The company also sent some of their employees to the war, and some did not come back. The Second World War helped the company bounce back, but the images of the war would still haunt the company.

When Aziz bought the company in 1994, Greg Aziz placed an emphasis honoring the employees of National Steel Car who fought during the two world wars. Gregory J Aziz stated that he salutes those who fought for their country, and encouraged the present employees to show their respect to their fallen colleagues. Greg Aziz is National Steel Car’s present president, chairman and CEO.

Million Dollars Donated By Bob Reina To Help Tampa Bay Humane Society

Do you find yourself picking up every stray cat or dog you come across? Is your home taken over by animals because you find yourself bringing each one home? If so, you are just like Bob Reina. Are you familiar with the name? If not, you might be familiar with his business. Talk Fusion is Bob’s main company. In his spare time however, he is always helping new strays in the area.


During a annual gala held earlier in the year, Bob Reina wrote a check to the humane society for a quarter of a million dollars. This check was to help them to support the strays that are brought in each year and to help future residents of the humane society. Then later in the year, Bob wrote another check to the same humane society for three quarters of a million. In total, Bob has donated over a million dollars this year to the Tampa Bay humane society.


It is Bob’s hope that through his contributions, they are able to build a vet clinic that will be low cost for animal owners to be able to bring their pets to that do not cost nearly as much as a vet would. The low cost is hoping to make it so that more pet owners are able to provide follow up care for their pets as well as to providing a low cost spay and neuter program to pet owners. When you are unable to care for your pet like you would, you feel bad for whatever they are going through and in some cases, this can be a life and death situation.


When Bob has came across people who were unable to provide the right level of care for their pets, he has went out of his way to help the owners. He helps them out anonymously to prevent them from feeling as if they are unable to care for their pets on their own. In some cases, it is beyond our control as to what we can afford to give to our pets. When this does happen, it is nice to know someone like Bob Reina is out there helping us out. Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/



Gregory Aziz: A Little Knowledge and a Lot of Hard Work

Not everything is fruitful when you tend it. There are some things that just don’t work out. National Steel Car CEO Gregory Aziz never thought that would be the case when he took on the small railcar engineering and manufacturing company. In fact, he knew that it would be amazing. He knew that there was potential within the company, he only needed to provide the right leadership. Aziz was prepared for this leadership position because he had been in the business world for most of his life. At the age of 19, his family founded Affiliated Foods. This company started small but grew quickly after they started importing fresh food from international markets. Aziz learned a lot about business from watching this process.


Another way that Aziz gained information was through his education. He obtained an Economics degree from the University of Western Ontario. After graduating, Greg Aziz took his place with his family at Affiliated Foods. He worked there for 16 years, gaining knowledge about the business field, and honing his leadership skills. By the time he left when he was 38, he was ready to make a change in the world.


While searching for a company of his own, Gregory James Aziz worked as an investment banker in New York City. In 1994 he bought National Steel Car from the Dofasco company. While many doubted the company’s ability to bounce back, Aziz started looking at what he could do to revitalize it. One of the first things that Aziz did was start expanding the manpower available at National Steel Car. With only 600 workers, it was impossible for them to produce the quality product that Aziz wanted. By 2000, the workforce was all the way up to 3,000 individuals. This meant that National Steel Car could create 12,000 railcars annually instead of the 3,500 it had been used to. See This Page to learn more.


With the increased production, the company did not slack on quality. Since 1996, the company has consistently received the TTX SECO award commending their work. This feather in Aziz’s cap was exactly what he was looking for from the company and he has continued improve the National Steel Car brand. Gregory Aziz took a chance with National Steel Car. He nurtured the company and put the right amount of work into the right number of places. While some might not succeed in the business world, Aziz has proven that it only takes a little knowledge and a lot of hard work.

More on: http://ca.viadeo.com/en/profile/greg.aziz

Obsidian Energy: The Guide To Its Basic Profile

We won’t be able to read all the ominous information about Obsidian Energy. In fact, we might be losing all the available time we have for research and we still won’t get the information we need about Obsidian. In this article, we will try to address that by sharing to you only the most important information about Obsidian. So, shall we start?


The Operational Background

One important thing you may need to know about Obsidian Energy is the fact that it is right now one of the leading mid-sized oil production and drilling companies today that are based in Calgary, Alberta. It may also interest you to know that the company has been the S&P/TSX 60 today, which is a list of a series of companies listed under Toronto Stock Exchange. In between 2005 and 2011, Obsidian had also been able to maintain its name as a Canadian Royalty Trust, which is a reputable award in itself. It is also during this time that Obsidian reached a total market peak capitalization of around US $9.5 Billion. This makes the company one of the leading and fast-growing companies today.


Another interesting event that happened in the growth of Obsidian Energy was the time when it experienced a series of financial and operational difficulties at the time when the price of crude oil fell in great levels back in 2014. It is during this time that the company was able to force itself a significant overhaul of its operations to make sure to address the variety of its assets being sold out just to offset the losses.


The Location

It’s also public knowledge for everyone that Obsidian’s oil fields come from areas in Alberta, especially the one near the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. This is the region with the world’s largest reserves for raw petroleum, and has been the center of growth for the company. That said, it is safe to say that one big contributing factor to the success of Obsidian is the fact that it is located in an area abounding with riches in oil. That said, without its location, it would be hard to expect the success of Obsidian to reach the level it is right now. Click the Following Link for more information on Obsidian Energy.


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USHEALTH Advisors Insurance Portfolio and Solutions

USHEALTH Group is a pioneering company in offering reliable insurance solutions to companies, families, and individuals. The firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. USHEALTH Advisors operates as an independent subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, Inc. The company sells personal health insurance plans to its clients. Besides, USHEALTH Advisors sells other supplementary products that are underwritten by The Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, another independent subsidiary of USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Advisors is holistically committed to serving its clients who are mostly self-employed, individuals, families, and small-scale business owners. USHEALTH Advisors was established in 2010 as a privately held insurance firm. The company operates with over 300 employees. USHEALTH Advisors is wholly specialized in Critical Illness Coverage, Dental Insurance, Guarantee Issue Plans, health insurance agent, Innovative Fixed Indemnity, Health Coverage, Accident Coverage, Life Insurance, and Health Insurance Agent Recruiting among others.

USHEALTH Advisors offers other services such as a renewable and convertible term life policy for life, income protection solutions, and personalized illness protection. Formerly known as Ascent Assurance, Inc., the group resolved to change its name to USHEALTH Group, Inc., in 2005 and later gave birth to USHEALTH Advisors. USHEALTH Group was first incorporated in 1982 at Fort Worth, Texas.

USHEALTH Advisors is found at 3100 Burnett Plaza, 3100 Burnett Plaza, 801 Cherry Street Unit 33, Fort Worth, TX 76102-7025 in the United States of America. The company’s Fax number is 817-878-3300.Through USHEALTH Advisors and other subsidiaries, USHEALTH Group has built a broad customer base of more than 15 million clients.

USHEALTH Advisors has been in operation for the past five decades and now guarantee exceptional insurance plans to its clients. The advisors are highly experienced and licensed to exercise their various roles in the company. USHEALTH Group offers all the advisors specialized training to make them knowledgeable enough to represent various products. The company firmly adheres to the certification standards enforced by the state.

USHEALTH Advisors are widely recognized for their competence in customer care, innovation, and business growth. The Strong client-advisor relationship has particularly strengthened the trust on all insurance coverage products offered at USHEALTH Group. Visit:https://www.bbb.org/central-texas/business-reviews/insurance-companies/ushealth-advisors-llc-in-grapevine-tx-235975292/reviews-and-complaints


Matt Badiali: A Natural Resource Investment Expert

     Matt Badiali is known for his work as an investment consultant on natural resources. He is a trained geologist who graduated at Penn State University with a BS in Earth Sciences. Matt later attained his Masters in Geology at Florida Atlantic University. Matt is however not limited to the trained profession. He has established a large following for his articles that have led to his recognition as a writer.

Matt started his career working at an oil drilling company where he developed many skills in the field. Matt was dedicated to growth and expanding his knowledge which led to his role as an editor at Stansberry Research. Matt has written for the company since 2005. His articles reach writers across the globe through his contribution in the Stansberry Resource Report. His greatest accomplishments working as a writer has been the opportunity to travel and document firsthand information. His work involved many travels to various destinations that included mines and oil drills.

While working at Stansberry, Matt was able to visit countries such as Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong and Iraq among others. This provides him with great exposure to metals, oil and gas. He conducted research on crops and metals and was able to conduct experiments where necessary. Matt’s articles enabled him gain recognition from companies, other experts, and prominent personalities. He has met important people in his travels who have been instrumental the success of his research works.

Matt currently works at Banyan hill publishing as an editor for the company’s monthly issue. He provides his readers with information on natural resources and advices them on the best investment ventures. He encourages his readers to take up new investment opportunities and outlines the advantages of owning important metals. He also conducts forecasts in the prices of crops and metals and advices on future trends. His subscribers have benefited from his work aimed at growing the industry and encouraging the conservation and proper utilization of natural resources.

Matt shares his articles on medium.com on metals to invest in. He reviewed the prices of platinum and palladium used in the automobile industry. The two metals have been on demand since they act as catalysts in cars. He encourages investment in platinum due to its stable prices and its decreasing supply in the market. Matt notes that platinum will be an important commodity since it is widely used in diesel cars.

In the decade from January 2000 through December 2010, U.S. exports averaged 1.1 million barrels per day for that…

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