Business Mentor Glen Wakeman Assists Entrepreneurs and Executives Transform Their Ideas Into Businesses

Bringing together his talents as a communicator, an innovator and as a teacher, Glen Wakeman helps C-suite executives and entrepreneurs achieve their business goals.

Wakeman worked his way up the ranks at GE Capital, ultimately earning the executive management position of CEO of GE Money, Latin America, look at this. During his tenure, Wakeman crafted a successful startup involving 9 countries completely from scratch, that grew to more than 17,000 employees, generating over $2 billion in revenues. From these business experiences, Wakeman learned valuable lessons that he shares with companies, assisting them with designing plans to meet today’s business challenges.

After completing his Bachelors Degree in Economics in Finance at Scranton University, Wakeman went on to earn his MBA from the University of Chicago. Both degrees have proven invaluable in Wakeman’s professional career and to the businesses and executives he mentors and advises.

In describing his methodology for assessing the needs of a business, Wakeman relates his findings that many issues that exist between a company’s vision and the results they are producing stem from the gap between their vision and their plan. An idea is not a plan that creates results, Wakeman explains. He adds that the plan creates the infrastructure that supports the idea and makes it work in the business world, browse more info here.

At the core of Glen Wakeman’s strategy are 5 factors that he believes assist companies with increasing their effectiveness. Leadership Development, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management and Governance are the central areas that Wakeman offers strengthening strategies to his clients.


Wakeman’s Launchpad

To support his belief about the importance of having a plan, Wakeman founded Launchpad Holdings. Launchpad is an outgrowth of Wakeman’s key observation that most new business failures are the result of the lack of support that results from the activities that are necessary to make an idea into a business.

Launchpad is a software service that provides a comprehensive suite of guidance and assistance tools, providing entrepreneurs with a technology-based solution that helps them transform their visions into tenable business plans.

Wakeman’s Launchpad has been well received by the startup community, receiving startup community recognition for the thoughtful and anticipatory assistance it provides to materializing their entrepreneurial ideas, click now.


Felipe Montoro Jens Explains How PPPs Are Getting Public Projects Completed

Felipe Montoro Jens is a Brazilian businessman who is an expert when it comes to infrastructure projects in that nation. He recently provided his expertise when talking about what is called PPPs, or Public-Private Partnerships. Basically, it entails a transfer of assets from the government to private companies in order to get public infrastructure built. There are a number of states in the Northeast of Brazil that are pursuing this strategy as a way to get around restrictions that the federal government has regarding federal transfers while still getting needed projects completed in a timely manner.

In the state of Bahia, Felipe Montoro Jens explains that a PPP is being used in order to build their 19 mile long light rail vehicle project. This will be replacing a current train service that has become outdated. It will feature 21 stops and is expected to help 1.5 million people in their travels including commutes.

Two PPP projects are being completed in Piauí, he says. The first one is with a sanitation company that will dramatically improve the sewage network in Teresina, the capital of this state. Felipe Montoro Jens says that this network will expand from servicing just 24% of the city to 80%. By 2031 they expect that the entire city will have access to water.

The other project in Piauí is one that will increase the speed and access of the internet for residents. Felipe Montoro Jens says that a total of 1,500 access points will be installed all the way from the coast to the southern end of this state. It will be a fiber optic network and 2.1 million residents of Piauí will benefit from this project.

Eli Gershkovitch – Steamworks Craft Brewery Success

Craft beer has existed as long as there has been beer. The flavors, nuances, and variations have changed over the millennia but their popularity has never diminished. One such brewery, is Canadian Steamworks Brewery under the leadership of CEO Eli Gershkovitch.

As a front-runner in the Canadian craft brewery sphere, Eli Gershkovitch is not just an entrepreneur. He is also an accomplished pilot and a lawyer. Born on the fourth of July in 1975, Eli Gershkovitch has become a successful businessman and innovator in his forty-two years.


Steamworks Brewery

Brewmaster Eli Gershkovitch and his team of experienced and talented brewers have produced varied and full-flavored porters, lagers, ales, pilsners, and IPA’s. The brewery has been in business since 1995 opening operations in the historic Gastown brewpub. Once they took ownership and assessed the property, they discovered a unique steam system that had been used for heating.

When Eli Gershkovitch powered up the steam heaters and created the first product, they found the flavor of the beer to be exceptionally full-flavored and smooth. From their explorative beginnings, Eli Gershkovitch and his brewers have created an acclaimed brewery that receives visitors from all over Canada and beyond.

In the past decade, Steamworks Brewery, under the guidance of Eli Gershkovitch, began packaging their product. They ship to BC, other Canadian provinces and the United States as well as many central European regions and Hong Kong, China. Their steam-powered brewing has not changed from their humble beginnings, having become a popular alternative to other more modern methods, read more.


Brewmaster Eli Gershkovitch

There are competitions across the globe that invite craft brewers and other more mainstream breweries like Budweiser and Miller to present their very best. During these competitions, craft beers are taking many awards that had traditionally been awarded to the mainstream breweries. Steamworks. His easy-going personality sets Eli Gershkovitch apart from the typical Fortune-500 CEO, see for more. Though he is not stress-driven, he is customer driven. His economic strength comes from the idea that you either grow to meet demand, or demand for your product will shrink to meet your lack of growth. With this mentality, Gershkovitch has continued to develop innovation in production and flavor.

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The Importance Of Obtaining A Freedom Life Insurance Policy

Obtaining life insurance is a fundamental and indispensable solid financial plan. There are several reasons one would need life insurance besides just peace of mind. Paying final expenses upon a loved ones death can be a huge burden. Life insurance is essential if you do not want your family to suffer financially at the time of your death. If both you and your spouse work, a life insurance policy will help replace the income of the deceased spouse. It can help cover debts such as your mortgage and medical bills to help you stay afloat. Follow freedom life insurance on facebook.

Freedom Life Insurance policies offer a variety of choices to fit your needs. They can also provide extra coverage to ensure your children can afford college education. Two of the most common polices are term life or permanent life. If you have a limited budget but need a large amount of life insurance, term life will pay your beneficiary if you die while the policy is in effect. At the end of the policy if you are still alive, you will need to renew your policy with Freedom Life Insurance or your coverage stops. A term life insurance policy will not allow you to build equity in the form of cash savings. Life insurance policy premiums usually increase as you age. You can renew a term life insurance policy at the end however, your premium will most likely be higher.

Permanent life insurance will pay your spouse or loved one whether you live forever or die tomorrow. It is an attractive policy because you can build a cash savings while on a tax-deferred basis. In case of a financial hardship, you could borrow money from a Freedom Life Insurance permanent policy. You can even use the savings to pay your monthly premiums to ensure your policy doesn’t lapse. Freedom Life Insurance can also discuss other options for you such as: universal life, whole life and variable life. You may still be able to borrow against these policies if you have poor credit. It’s important to obtain life insurance as soon as you can. The younger you are, the less expensive the premiums will be. If you develop a medical condition later in life, it can be harder to get. Read:



A political action committee or PAC is an organization that collects contributions from its members and uses these inputs as funds for a particular candidate or use it against another candidate or a political party. In the United States, a known PAC is called the End Citizens United (ECU). In 2010, the US Supreme Court decision denationalized the limits on independent spending for or against a particular candidate. However, the ECU in 2015 fought against the 2010 decision, and they lifted the restrictions.

End Citizens United started in the year 2015, gaining 25 million dollars during their first election cycle in 2016. The End Citizens United is funded by principal donors. Their primary objective is to oppose the decisions and statements made by Citizens United. End Citizens United would want to show those who are elected future candidates and the citizens as well, on how ECU’s major and principal donors fight against the boldness of those billionaires who are trying to buy votes.

To be able to achieve what they have in mind and be able to fulfill their mission, End Citizens United has steps and guidelines to follow to be able to make their objective successful. First, the must elect candidates who are supporting reform. Second is to be able to bring up the issue of money in politics as a major problem every election and make it as a national priority. To be able to pass pro-reform laws by using ballot measures in the United States. Lastly is to be able to demonstrate the political power and highlighting the issues in politics by being able to establish principal memberships to create funds.

The End Citizens United support Democrats who are in favor of reform and have a broad vision for proper change in the country and are against the Citizens United. The ECU believes that if they support these Democrats, change can happen with their help. They mainly support candidates mainly Democrats who are dedicated to not only reforming the country but also mending the broken finance system. The favored democratic candidates who were endorsed by the End Citizens United are Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold and Zephyr Teachout. Recently, End Citizens United had announced that they are supporting Democrat Conor Lamb to represent Pennsylvania, in Congress. The president of the End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, was the one who announced the committee’s support for Lamb.

End Citizens United is political action committee who is fighting for finance reform. Although other groups are also competing for the same cause, the ECU is different because this group does not only fight for the improvement in funding but also together with this supports candidates who are willing to fight for the same cause.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Mission of Cosmetic Excellence

Excellence can come in various fashions and forms. Every field of work has individuals in it that excels over the majority and cosmetic surgery is no different. This industry is one of the most fascinating and profitable industries on earth. Some of the most brilliant-minded individuals can be found here and this article is written on the behalf of one. The topic of discussion is JenniferWalden, and this astounding woman has helped to open the doors for other females. Women makeup a large percentage of all cosmetic surgeries, but male surgeons dominate the medical personnel staff. “There are too few females that go into cosmetic surgery,” said Walden. This statement is 100 percent true because there are over 8,000 board-certified cosmetic surgeons in the country, but only 851 are female.

Walden is well-known throughout the industry as she is a woman of many talents. This spectacular woman is known to be an author, a doctor, a philanthropist and a mentor. She is also one of the first cosmetic surgeons to use laser machines when it comes to vaginoplasties and labiaplasties. She has worked with high-profile cosmetic surgeons, and she has helped to bring back the use of silicone-breast implants. Is there anything that this woman can’t do? Walden has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Texas as well as a medical doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Yes, she is very accomplished, but she has always remained humble.

Being such a fabulous doctor, other medical facilities has given her certain privileges to use their actual facilities. This would include Seton Hospital and Westlake Medical Center. The former all-state soccer player has simply made it to the big leagues through hard work, dedication, determination and perseverance.

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Changes To Bradesco Due To Personnel Shifts

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is set to replace Lazaro de Mello Brandao. The latter is one of the olders bank chairmen who continued to serve at the age of 91. His consistent efforts as well as life time of servie for the greater part of twenty five years has made a big difference in the way that Banco Bradesco SA has operated and continues to function. Succession has been a race at the institution where the replacement is happening. This is due to the bank being one of the largest in Brazil based on net value.

Presently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the chief officer of the organization. After the appointment takes place in March he will hold both titles- as CEO and also as the banking chairman. He has an upstanding reputation in the company, having started at the age of sixteen as a clerk. Eventually he grew into being one of a handful of chairmen at Bradesco. This title was matintained between 1981 and 1999. Overall, he is one one of the oldest leaders of banking institutions and is well known based on the data and evidence compiled by Bloomberg.

The number one employee is currently held by Brandao due to his commitment to the continuation and development of the bank at large. It is possible that he will continue to make some of the regulation decisions that take place on a daily basis in order to improve the quality of life and strategies of innovation available.

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There is a significant culture of management that Brandao has continued to develop. Based on the large amount of talent that is already available at Bradesco, the appointment of further leadership will take place from within. This was announced in a major media series and has continued to remain a steadfast decision based on the CEO’s comments. Bylaws have recently been changed in order to address the change of leadership. THis is becaues the maximum age for the CEO has been increased to sixty seven years of age. This allows some extra time for the successor to be selected for this institution.

Brandao mentioned in an interview that he has succeeded throughout his career and is confident in the time that he spent at the company. He has created a list of several candidates that can be used for further development by the CEO. Mauricio Machado de Minas, Alexandre da Silva Gluher and Domingos Figueiredo Abreu are some of the selected candidates. With so many different specialities at the organization, there is a wide variety of outcomes that have contributed to the way that Bradesco works and complete projects.

According to Minas has joined the facility in 2009 and has almost a decade of experience at the company. He has a long career trend of working in IT departments and has made some revolutionary systems and designs for the management of the banking industry. Meanwhile, Gluher was responsible for managing one of the largest acquisitions that Bradesco has experienced. This was for more than five billion dollars and included a purchase that took place in 1976.

Another potential candidate is André Rodrigues Cano is a fifty nine year old official that has been part of Bradesco’s team for several years. He has maintained operations to a great degree int he human services department and is a major player in additions that have improved infrastructure and the quality of services processed. Overall he is a viable candidate because of his previous experience and commitment to the company that has been demonstrated over the years. There are a lot of reasons to watch this legendary cross over of power and transition in Brazil.

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EOS Review: Lip Balm For The Millennial

EOS Lip Balm has recently announced a launch of a new vegan crystal line with all new flavors. This has taken the industry by storm, with the company selling out of the product on the same day of the launch. Previously, all of EOS’s lip balms were made from beeswax, which didn’t quite make the product certified-vegan. Now, with the launch of this new line, the lip balm company is having its products fly off the shelf, see also here at

EOS stands for the Evolution Of Smooth, and was started back in 2009 by Fast Company. Its focus was to use organic products and establish an emotional connection with the buyer, read more here. They did this through celebrity endorsement (Kim Kardashian is a devoted customer), using all organic ingredients, and using online platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The primary goal of the start-up was to make EOS the lip balm brand of the millennial and the success is in the numbers.

The company quickly became the best-selling lip balm brand, eventually outpacing the sales of long-time leader, Chapstick. The company’s devotion to its customers was on the forefront of the decision to offer a vegan option for those who would not use a beeswax-based product. The wide range of flavors and textures they are able to produce makes EOS the lip balm brand of the present and the future.

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Lime Crime and the Los Angeles Connection

Lime Crime has always been a computer dedicated to a vegan market. Their products provide a choice for those that also value a pigmented look that lasts. Their product line also offers customers skin products that are healthy for the skin. When they reached out to the Chinese market, they had a few things to consider. The primary issue was how to go forward. They had no idea what to expect.

Kim Walls handled it all. The company discovered a solution at the National Retail Federation’s Los Angeles conference. She is the global manager for the company. When she began working with the company she knew it wasn’t going to be easy. They knew that they needed help with the China market. She found that company in Los Angeles called Revolved. After negotiations they agreed to handle the product testing for Lime Crime. That allowed the company to sell to the China market. It also allowed them to maintain their vegan product standards. This was imperative for a company that based on being vegan. It meant no testing on animals. The China market tests on animals. That was almost a roadblock to the company going forward. This solved their issue.

Once the system was in place they were able to roll the product line out into the China market. The audience was ready to receive the products through advertising. Social media was valuable for creating an audience ready to go when the product line rolled out. Existing fans of the company were already ready to go. “First-tier influencers” were also used for the product promotion before the China release.

The China market is ready for a line of makeup that offers a healthy option to its consumers. Fans of the cosmetic company are already making purchases. This places them at the top in China cosmetics. The partnership with Revolved is an exciting one as well. They have a long past of success in the market and expect Lime Crime to be no different.

Securus Technologies and the Growing Significance of its Wireless Containment Systems

Prison authorities around the globe see access to contraband cell phones by the inmates as one of their biggest challenges to prison security and efficient incarceration experience. I notice that when it comes to the United States, it is becoming the single biggest challenge of the authorities in the recent years. Considering the reported cases of prison officials being attacked by the gang members of inmates are showcasing the risk factor the contraband cell phones raises. It is high time to discuss the case of Robert Johnson, who was a prison official with responsibilities of confiscating contraband packages in a South Carolina-based correction center.

He was with more than 15 years of experience in confiscating such packages but was brutally attacked and almost killed in 2010. I was shocked that he was shot at point-blank and received six blows in the chest and stomach. The reason the attack was he seized a package of contraband phones that was actually sent to an inmate just two weeks before the deadly attack. The inmate contacted his criminal gang members outside using a contraband cell phone, and they plotted an attack against Johnson. I was even shocked to note that such type of attacks repeated many times against prison officials and their family members many times before and after the Johnson incident.

These incidents showcase the need of the contraband interdiction technology and its importance in prison safety. Johnson, who is now part of Securus Technologies as a paid consultant, detailed the security issues of contraband phones to the Federal Communications Commission, this year. Interestingly, the Wireless Containment Systems of Securus found to be producing efficient results in controlling such illegal calls. As I noted, it is creating a network similar to a mobile network and controls the calls by a type of filtering method. It means that it allows known number calls while it blocks all unknown or suspicious contacts.

I noticed that the system deployed by Securus Technologies, WCS, is producing excellent results in controlling the contraband or unauthorized calls by the inmates. A recent data published by the company showed that the technology could block over 1.7 million unauthorized calls in just eight correctional centers over a period of a year. The biggest change in the sector is the adoption of a streamlined process by the FCC in accepting the technology by the prison departments with a strong focus on reducing the communication between carriers and the associated paper works.

I am sure that the change is expected to further boost the need for efficient solutions like WCS in the coming years. A large section of the general public also started demanding the elected officials to accept the technology for enhancing the prison environment in their locality safer as well as secure.