Dog Food Has Never Seemed so Appetizing

Dog food is usually looked at as something functional. Most people plan their own meals as a combination of entertainment and health. Some aspects of a meal will be planned to provide the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional components on But when people plan a great meal they’re usually thinking about taste. However, when people plan a dog’s meals they usually only concentrate on the functional aspect of the meal. They simply never consider that taste might be as important to a dog a it is to a person.

But a recent article in the Daily Herald might change the way that most people look at dog food. The story begins with a reporter who’s taking a look at the products of a new dog food company. The company on in question is one of many new companies which seek to create a more gourmet experience for dogs. Their standards are so high, in fact, that the people giving the tour even did a quick taste test of the finished product. The article goes on to show that this is hardly unique to one company. More and more dog food brands are branching out to include higher quality options. This might come as a broader choice of flavor, ingredients or both. 

But while the public is only just now learning about gourmet dog food, it’s not quite as new as many might think. In fact, one of the prime innovators in the field has been doing it since 2001. This high quality dog food brand is known as Beneful. Their main mission statement can be easily gleaned from the name. Beneful was founded to create the most nutritionally beneficial dog foods in the world. But they factor in to the discussion of gourmet dog food because of the path they took to reach that point. 

Beneful wanted to ensure that their dog food was just as nutritionally packed as the meals canines would find in the wild. This prompted the company to create meals using only the freshest organic ingredients. In doing so they ended up creating dog food which wasn’t only healthy, but also quite tasty. The freshest ingredients will always lead to great natural flavor. And this became even more true when Beneful worked to create a whole line of different recipes. And while each has a unique taste, they all remain focused on high quality ingredients. 

Why James Dondero Has Successfully Grown In the Investment World

The development of different types of business platforms has contributed to enhanced economic growth among different states across the world. This has necessitated the development of different investment management firms that have contributed to the growth of the business sector. As such, there are different types of professionals that have emerged offering improved service delivery in the investment management field. Due to increased service delivery, many people have found the ability to develop their own business entities to tap into the overgrowing capital market. James Dondero has been at the center stage in transforming the investment management world in the United States of America. In a recent release by Forbes, James Dondero weighs in on the stock market outlook of 2016 and what we should expect in terms of economic growth.

Growth of uncertainty and volatility has brought about much focus on risk management structures. This is because many investors incurred losses in the year 2015 and have developed the desired mechanism of combating the risk come 2016. The last quarter of 2015 saw many people loose stock due to the dwindling and surging of the market structure thus enlightened many people to look upon risk management. The falling oil prices have also contributed to increased worry among many investors in the industry. This is due to uncertainty that might be experienced in 2016 as the oil prices continue to fall further thus raising issues. The low returns experienced in 2015 could be an indicator of a successful 2016 stock market prices that would improve with the prospective improvement of the economic situation.

James Dondero is the President And Chief Executive Officer of Highland Capital Management. This is one of the leading investment management firms in United States of America and has grown to open branches in other countries. Jim graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in accounting and financing. This was the starting point into his successful career in the investment management field. With over 30years experience in the industry, James Dondero has helped many firms and industries develop in multinational entities that have benefited many people.

Jim Dondero started his career as a Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life Subsidiary. This was the point he made impact when he helped the company to develop into a 2billion dollars industry. As such, he got much inspiration and later moved to American Express where he also helped managed 1 billion dollars funds in fixed assets.

Billionaire Republican Donor Koch Unhappy with Current Frontrunners

Charles Koch, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Koch Industries, finds that the selection of Republican primary candidates for the 2016 presidential election are heading in the wrong direction. He is particularly critical of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

He objects to Trump’s plan to prevent all Muslims from entering the country as being against American ideals.

“Well, then you destroy our free society. Who is it that said, ‘If you want to defend your liberty, the first thing you’ve got to do is defend the liberty of the people you like the least?’”

He criticizes Cruz’s proposed plan to carpet bomb ISIS, saying that it would be “fruitless.”

“I’ve studied revolutionaries a lot. Mao said that the people are the sea in which the revolutionary swims . . . but how do we create an unfriendly sea for the terrorists in the Muslim communities? We haven’t done a good job at that.” With Cruz’s plan, he said, we’d go from one country to the next bombing Muslims.

Koch, with his brother David and other Republican donors, had planned to spend close to $900 million on the upcoming election. They use their fortune to support candidates and issues with whom they agree He feels that as of now the return on his investment in politics is not as strong as in the past. There are some benefits, he says, but he can’t see them now.

Trump, also a billionaire, has poked fun at the Kochs, claiming that they make “puppets” out of the candidates who accept the donations. Koch, to the contrary, says they are not bothered by lists of important issues given to them, and he doesn’t feel that he controls them.

Charles Koch, 80, has been in his position at Koch Industries since 1969. The company has 100,000 employees worldwide, including 60,000 in the United States. Based in Wichita, Kansas, the conglomerate includes such diverse products and activities as fertilizer, pollution control equipment and technology, minerals, grain processing, biofuels, commodity training and much more.

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Jon Urbana on Vimeo: Above and Beyond

Jon Urbana is more than just a businessman, he is an individual with a banging Vimeo channel and many talents and interests. Urbana’s love for lacrosse earned him a spot playing for a professional team. He played competitively for a few years before deciding to retire, but his passion didn’t stop there.

He now runs a lacrosse camp that he co-founded in Denver Colorado, teaching youth about the sport. The name of the lacrosse camp is Next Level and it has quickly grown into one of the premier youth camps in the area.

As mentioned before, Jon Urbana’s interests spread far beyond business or sports, he has projects in both music (Swan Song by Jon Urbana) and photography (a popular Instagram handle). Lately, Urbana has been focusing much of his time and energy into raising money for local charities. He promotes much of his work through video.

Vimeo is one of the places in which Jon Urbana publishes his videos. In one video, Urbana filmed a moose in the Alaskan wilderness. It is a still film that is only around 10 seconds long, but the images that Urbana is able to capture are phenomenal, even when it’s just coffee. Watching the video will make a viewer feel as though they could reach out and touch the beautiful animal.

In another, more abstract and artistic video, Jon Urbana filmed a goldfish swimming in a cabernet glass. The video only lasts 9 seconds, but leaves much to be interpreted. The white background accompanied by the translucent glass makes the goldfish stand out remarkably. It is a very interesting video.

One of his longest videos is actually a promotion for his photography. The video is just shy of 10 minutes and it features countless photos from Urbana’s extensive portfolio. Included in the video are pictures from around the world of famous locations such as the Great Wall of China. In addition, there are some more abstract and artistic photos to showcase the many talents of Urbana.

Not all videos and songs released by Jon Urbana are about promotion or entertainment. He also releases many videos about the charities that he is raising money for. One video in particular is his featured video. In the video, viewers are introduced to the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society in Denver, Colorado for which Urbana is raising money for. The ARAS focuses mainly on stray or mistreated cats in the Denver area.


Everyone in the world has something that he/she does best. The talent is a gift nature that people show interest in the work you are doing in its perfection. The case of the popular king of pop Michael Jackson was no different. Through his talent, he climbed the ranks of the world’s entertainment history and made history. He is the most remembered artist in the world of pop music. Since his death in 2009, Michael fans continue to remember his memories.
Sergio is a Spanish-born talented young musician who is 42 years old. He is among the best impersonators the world has ever seen in the world of music. Sergio took his talent further to impersonating the king of pop. He had the opportunity to meet Michael during his childhood when Michael was performing in the famous Jackson Five shows. Since then, he discovered his talent and coupled it with his love for Michael. The world and the fans of the late king of pop have someone to carry on his music and memories.
Since impersonating is a career, it requires practice and hard work. The best of Michael’s impersonators had to undergo plastic surgery to have a similar look. But something still isn’t right, the voice. Sergio is blessed with a voice so similar to that of the popular king of pop. His dancing styles are very similar to Michael’s. He is also the same in lifestyle and chirographies. The love for the American singer is felt everywhere in the world for pop fans. But someone has taken his place since his demise, the Latin Sergio Cortes.
Sergio commands an enormous following through his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He has over 16000 followers in Facebook. The majority of his fans are the fans of the late king of pop. Some new ones like his performances. He has performed in various shows throughout the world. Some include the tribute to Michael Jackson show in Barcelona.
Sergio received an invitation as a teenager for a photo session dressed as Michael Jackson. The opportunity changed his life and his career. He discovered himself and worked to perfection. His inspiration and love for Michael gave him more morale. With an interview with Noticas .com. Sergio admits that Michael’s death was a big blow to him. He is committed to giving the king of pop a remembrance for his memories.

Follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook or on Twitter.

Get Your Wiki Is Top Wikipedia Writing Service For Good Reason

Business exposure is good for all types of companies. You have probably put the time and money into a variety of marketing schemes like advertising, site creation and local billboards. What you might not have done is the grueling process of a Wikipedia business page creation. Wikipedia is a site that you have more than likely already heard of or used. What you might not realize is that Wikipedia is great for businesses like the one you happen to own. When you use Wikipedia, you can easily bring in a new crowd of visitors so that they make use of all of your services. Wikipedia is a wonderful site to use when trying to grow your business and get it well known.

One of the major issues that company owners have with Wikipedia is knowing how to create their own page. With Wikipedia, pages need to be formatted properly to ensure that they adhere to all Wikipedia guidelines. If you do not have a well-formatted page, you may not be able to publish the Wikipedia page for your company. This is why a lot of people are using Get Your Wiki so that professionals are able to create the page for you. By having expert Wiki writers create the Wikipedia page, this will prevent you from having to do it yourself. You can also feel confident that the knowledgeable folks at Get Your Wiki will format the page properly so that it is able to be published fully.

The first step to making sure that your Wikipedia is created is to get help with it. Once you Wikipedia page is published online, anyone can visit it to learn more about your company. This is great for anyone who would like to be able to gain followers and get more people interested in their services. Be sure to consider hiring a professional service if this is something that you would like to do without all of the work done on your own. There are tons of different benefits that come when using Wikipedia for your business, but the fact that you can get a variety of people interested in your company with just one page is why a lot of people are considering this for their own needs. There are professionals out there who are more than happy to help out with whatever it is that you need and the work that comes along with it.

Darius Fisher Reveals Secret Strategies To Strengthen Defense Against Doxing

Businesses and executives thrive on keeping a flawless digital reputation. The sad reality is that a crisis can happen any day, ruining several years worth of integrity cultivated with extensive practice and growth. Luckily, digital crisis extraordinaire, Darius Fisher can restore a once-reputable brand. Mr. Fisher has launched a top-notch consulting firm, namely Status Labs, which caters to all customers’ digital reputation needs. A sampling includes services such as public relations, digital marketing, Web reputation management, and more. Mr. Fisher has fueled Status Labs by employing several years worth of political consulting and copywriting experience; to build an empire that puts emphasis on rehearsing tarnished reputation.

It’s been 4+years since this New York native launched Status Labs alongside long-term business partner. Status Labs owns multiple offices serving over 1,500 company profiles worldwide, New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil included.

Status Labs operates from its Austin, Texas-based corporate office providing remarkable Web reputation services. Among Fisher’s extensive client portfolios are company executives, public figures, high-profile celebrities, politicians, etc. Besides cleaning and polishing Web profiles, Fisher’s Status Labs’ handles PR (Public Relations) strategy planning and impactful digital marketing solutions. In fact, Status Labs has expanded its outreach to 35+ countries worldwide.

Fisher has remarked on business executives lack of readiness in protecting their digital integrity. He believes that every business prospects online reputation are instrumental to garnering industry success. His well-designed speech delivered at the recent marketing conference “Impact 15” was an opener. He spoke at length about the value of digital presence and why everyone should exercise protection protocols. As a professional fixer of infallible character, Fisher has dominated the digital presence market, re-branding online profiles and restoring normalcy to troubled lives.

Darius attended Vanderbilt University where he excelled academically and graduated among the institution’s most brilliant honors’ student community. Shortly after he landed roles as a well-rounded copywriter and political advisor. Today, Darius runs one of the world’s most accomplished digital reputation consulting firm. His services are instrumental to helping Fortune-500 companies/brands, athletes, and other professionals keep a polished public profile. Now, president of Status Labs, Darius continues to share his insightful methods of managing public profiles properly.

Relief Efforts for Those Who Experienced the Nepal Earthquakes

Majeed Ekbal is a successful real estate investor who is based in Chicago. Recently, Majeed Ekbal created a Go Fund Me campaign to help victims of the Nepal earthquake. In the summary of his campaign, Majeed Ekbal explains that he is very passionate about relief efforts made towards this natural disaster as he has many friends and relatives currently living in Nepal. The Go Fund Me campaign was established back in December of 2015 and is looking to raise $10,000 from start to finish.

Clay Sculptures by Majeed Ekbal from Majeed Ekbal on Vimeo.

As stated before, Majeed Ekbal is a successful real estate investor in Chicago. He has made it his passion in life to invest in some of the top real estate companies to ensure that he is able to expand on shopping, homes and apartments. Because of the experience that Majeed Ekbal has, it is easy to see why a lot of people utilize his services when looking to get help with buying properties. The great thing about Majeed Ekbal is that he has been doing this for many years.

Apart from his Go Fund Me campaign, Majeed Ekbal is passionate in his work and continues to grow as one of the more successful investors in the area. This is why so many individuals are using his services when looking to make investments as well. His knowledge, skills and experience in the real estate field make him a top contender that many people are making use of themselves.

Now that you know a bit about Majeed Ekbal’s Go Fund Me campaign, it might be a good idea to check it out and learn more about how the money will be used for this purpose. There are a lot of people who are currently putting into the campaign with great success, and this might be something that you feel passionately about as well if you have friends or family in the Nepal area. Natural disaster relief is very important and this is why it has been a passion of Majeed Ekbal’s to provide them with the relief efforts that they so desperately need to get back on their feet.

Eucatex Is An Environmentally Conscious Company

There are some manufacturing companies that go to great lengths to ensure they do not overtax the planet’s natural resources. Eucatex is one such company. Started in 1951, this Brazilian company chose to think about the impact it would have on the environment, and decided to produce their products using materials found in nearby eucalyptus trees. The first building materials this company produced were considered soft board materials. They soon moved on to creating somewhat harder panels and tiles. Today, Eucatex produces a full line of building materials ranging from vinyl flooring to interior doors and frames.

Making a Difference

Eucatex actively participates in their own recycling program, which uses the residue from wood to create energy. Their objective is to use renewable resources to create the energy used for the production of their products. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint the company will leave on the planet. This company also takes steps to educate the general public about the importance of preserving the environment. Through their House of Nature program, Eucatex provides visitors with information, as well as tours through the natural preserve’s trails.

The leader of this amazing company is a man named Flavio Maluf, more info can be found here on Wikipedia. Mr. Maluf graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering and is an environmentally conscious entrepreneur, and his bio shows that dedication. He has been the CEO of Eucatex since 2005, which has been a family run company for so long, and serves on the boards of several other divisions within the corporation, which includes Eucatex Trading. Flavio also takes time out of his busy schedule to speak with people about the job industry. He most recently had a one-on-one discussion about the questions asked during interviews. His knowledge of the business world has brought about several industrial changes within Eucatex, leading to the opening of new plants in Sao Paulo and Botucatu.

The Mission

From what he’s said on Facebook it’s clear that Flavio Maluf’s vision for Eucatex is in line with the company’s mission statement, which includes using renewable resources to protect the natural environment of the surrounding forests. The company also places importance on providing a safe and clean working space for their employees. It also takes an active role in community events, which are often designed to raise awareness about sustainability. The company values are designed to bring about results through excellence in teamwork. The people at Eucatex are committed to the values they promote, which include justice, equality and social responsibility. They also go the extra mile to maintain good relationships with all of their investors.  Just take what Flavio has said about the future of education, and you know that Eucatex is on the right track.

Ricardo Guimarães Enhances His Family Business With Football Sponsorships

Ricardo Guimarães is the heir to a family bank that has become the largest in South America, and his company is currently using football sponsorships to enhance the bank’s overall image. This article explains how the BMG Bank brand has improved with help from football sponsorships, and people who are consuming the popular Brazilian football league know the name of BMG Bank well.

#1: Ricardo Makes Personal Appearances

Ricardo Guimarães has chosen to make many personal appearances at football matches wearing jerseys and other accessories to note his support for the clubs his bank sponsors. Bank sponsorships are common in the football world, but BMG Bank is being more aggressive than other companies in the football market. Ricardo has been seen at football matches for Atletico Mineiro, and he will continue his support as the money flows to his sponsored clubs.

#2: Ricardo Is Taking Advantage Of The TV Broadcasts

Television broadcasts of matches have made the BMG Bank name even more prevalent than it was before. People who have not concerned themselves with financial matters before are noticing the name of BMG Bank when watching football on TV. There marketing push that Ricardo has started will ensure the bank is a household name across Brazil. Brazil has a growing middle class, and the middle class needs a place to keep its money. A middle class without a friendly bank is not a middle class at all.

#3: BMG Is Marketing Services To Its Customers Through Football

BMG Bank is marketing services to its customers through its marketing campaign, and the campaign is helping the burgeoning middle class of Brazil to learn how to manage its finances. The financial state of the country is easy for people to navigate when BMG Bank is offering the best services for its customers. There are many services BMG offers from investment banking to savings and loan services. These offerings are significant for a country that is finally becoming a world superpower in its own right.

The BMG Bank name is a powerful one in Brazil, and the Brazilian people are benefiting from services they find through football advertisements created by Ricardo Guimarães and his team. The heir to a large fortune and one of the largest banks in the world is a wonderful manager of people, and his understanding of marketing shows that he knows his constituents just as well as he knows his balance sheet.