‘Real estate is the next big thing in New York’, Experts say

At a recent NYC  luxury real estate expo, experts and panelists noted the significance improvement of the industry in 2015 and are sure of better results come 2016. New York City is a well-endowed town that attracts many investors annually. And panelists such as Schechtman believe whether in liquid form or not there is money in New York one needs to be focused about it. He was answering Larry Silverstein’s who commented negatively about his sale of the Manhattan holdings.
At the expo one strong obstacle that was talked about by most of the panelists is the interest rates imposed by the financial institutions. However, the central bank was working on the issue and by December there will be a great change in regards to the same. There were also fears cited on the market moving forward and the shared sentiments of utilizing more to make real estate industry a better one as a mere nay say because it works on the opposite effect.
Moving in to New York and you have no idea where and how to search for a new home? You want a new home and you are a resident in New York and you have no idea whom to trust with the errand? No more worries about your new home whether a visitor or a stranger town Residential will work on your worries big time. Founded in 2010, town residential is one of the leading luxurious real estate firms in New York. The real estate firm was founded by the current CEO in addition the co-chairman Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt. The company deals with leasing property, marketing property, sales of property which are residential in nature and very luxurious. The quality of service provided by town residential has made it remain at the top and created their own measure of excellence in the vast industry of real estate.
The firm has been able to remain at the top because of the following important factors, professionalism, and vast experience in addition to knowledge of their market. The tremendous performance of town residential has not been in vain. The real estate firm boasts of accolades such as being named as one of the best work place in New York City as among top 50. This is all thanks to their representatives who work tirelessly to ensure that their clients are well attended to and their needs met exceptionally well.


Mr. Antony Marsala, one of the chief operating officers of Madison Street Capital the certified evaluators and analysts, have recognized his efforts in developing the industry. The national association for certified valuators and analysts recognizes the individuals who have made extraordinary advances in business valuation. The under forty recognition program 2015 is one its outstanding programs in identifying great contributions in the corporate sector. Mr. Marsala received the prestigious award for his fantastic qualities in the valuation business.

The association is founded on excellence and superior quality. It was based in the spirit of pioneering professionals and visionary leaders in the industry. The organization is keen in recognizing the extra effort by giving the professionals an opportunity to excel in its program. The people honored by the program are selected from a pool of over 125 nominees having extraordinary advances in certified fields. My Antony’s recognition is a demonstration of Madison Street Capital expertise into the industry. The award comes in the honor of featuring in various press releases in entire 2015. It also features the awards in different blogs of the Association and honorary profiles in the examiner value profile.

Mr. Antony is one of the co-founders of Madison Street Capital. He is very dedicated and crucial to expanding the company’s presence in Europe and Asia. Besides he has been very instrumental in opening an operating office in Ghana, Africa. His primary role is to oversee the firm’s valuation and analysis of corporate finance and merger and acquisition clients.

He has extensive specialization in business valuation. In his over 13 year career, Mr. Antony has overseen several M&A and corporate finances projects. His primary focus is the middle market companies and early stage ventures. He was worked across diverse sectors in the energy, technology, food and agriculture industries.

Mr. Marsala graduated from the Loyola University of Chicago with financial and information system degree. He also holds a master’s degree from the business school at the University of Oxford in financial and information management systems. Madison Investment Company has grown to be a leading international banking in his leadership. The company is committed to integrity, excellence, and professional service delivery to its clients. The company has undertaken various M&A projects successfully to the customer’s satisfaction. It has a high priority in meeting the client’s goal in time. In emerging markets, the company is dedicated to tapping their potential in by growing their clients from its professional team and expertise.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Why Handy Has Continued To Prosper in Provision of Cleaning Services

Environmental conservation is a key responsibility and concern for many countries globally. Different countries have invested in the environmental conservation initiative by providing the required amenities to boost this field. This has subsequently led to the development of different types of companies offering environmental cleanliness services. These services range depending on the area of focus. Cleanliness has been seen as one of the key responsibility for every citizen. As such, many companies have emerged offering cleanliness services with the aim of maintaining environmental conservation. Handy is one of the leading company offering cleaning services to the entire United States of America. Initially, the company was called Handybook but over the years it has changed its name due to increased demand to Handy. Recently, the company announced it had raised 50million dollars in funding to continue expanding its services. The company has developed mobile phone software that is used by majority of its clients to access the services and book for them online. The application is available on the iPhone platform where the clients tap on the application to get services. Handy provides both residential and commercial cleaning services in many parts of United States of America and has expanded to open umbrella branches in London. The company has grown and its approximate worth is about 500million dollars. This is a New York based company that has continued to grow since its inception in 2012 and after 3 years it had completed over 1million bookings. This is the driving force towards the development and subsequent success of the company.

Handy is one of the leading global cleaning service companies that have continued to offer good services to people across the United States of America. The company has developed sophisticated ways of reacting to customer complaints within 60 minutes and provides the necessary services needed with money back guarantee. The company has also provided employment opportunities to many people across America and were even in talks to acquire one of their largest competitors. This is because they carry out training for people who may wish to join the expanding group of successful employees. They also provide the employees with the necessary privilege of choosing the convenient location to work from. This allows people to work during part times and at different location globally.

The Colorful Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an inventive and revolutionary business owner. She has designed a unique make-up line known as Lime Crime. She offers an amazing collection of makeup products in eye-catching, exciting, and cool disco like tones and colors.

This former model from Russia wanted to create a company through which she could utilize all her creativeness. Lime Crime was created and Doe knows that cosmetics is a fantastic tool for females to express different statements. Her collection Lime Crime is absolutely inspiring in terms of coloration.

Doe Deere is famous for having vivid hair color and vibrant make-up in her own images. Doe is really a fan of fantasy and her online shop is definitely an experience of natural beauty and information. This lady has a passion for girl power and maybe it is precisely what has made her so successful with her makeup line Lime Crime.

Her beauty collection is designed for organic along with adventurous make-up looks. Doe is often developing new concepts and blending colors for her business. Her fans are thrilled to send in images of themselves with assorted tinted hair and Lime Crime make-up looks. Doe features each one of these pictures on her online website together with content articles on makeup trends.

This innovative women has cats and makes certain that her makeup products are cruelty free. The best aspect about Doe’s company would be that it centers on supplying new types of color to women of all ages. Lime Crime is indeed colorful it also includes a new hair color series. Doe continues to make these colors dazzling and delightful. You will not obtain regular hair colors like off black or golden blonde. Rather hair colors like orange, lilac, and crimson could be obtained as well as many more.

Doe loves what she does and cannot believe that she in fact is so successful. She is on a mission to stand out in the beauty world and to present women her extraordinary kind of makeup products. Lime Crime beauty products permit a lot of women the freedom to convey themselves utilizing their colorful make-up.

BMG Bank: One Of The Most Reliable Brazilian Banks

As numerous financial institutions are developing more and more, most people find it really difficult to find the most reliable bank that would at the same time meet all their needs. However, finding the right bank is very important, since all banks represent something that can ensure the clients’ stable financial position. Clients’ choice is often based on the bank’s reputation, and this is where BMG bank comes in, as one of the most reliable banks in Brazil.
The history of BMG bank
BMG bank represents a private financial institution that has a leading role in Brazil’s deduction credits. The bank is controlled by the Pentagna Guimaraes family, who has been involved in the financial world even since 1930. Since then, the bank services have been connected with wholesale and financing. Furthermore, it also represents one of the leaders in the financial world, and in the financing of one of the most important kinds of vehicles in 1980s. After that, it was engaged in providing loans to some of the most important companies, which is no surprise it has earned the trust of so many different clients.
In 2012, BMG bank made an agreement with Itau Unibanco S.A., which was just another step in payroll loans distribution in Brazil. Then, the two institutions decided to unite together, and BMG ended with 40 % of the total capital.

The bank’s strategy
As the reputation of any banks is very important, BMG bank as well is trying to bring about the success by creating new businesses that will meet the need of or clients. Marcio Alaor, the BMG bank’s vice president, is well aware of this, and he states that since the clients’ needs always differ, it is very important to keep in mind what their priorities are, especially as a way of ensuring the clients’ trust, which is something BMG always do. That’s why he has given Itau Unibanco access to various banking clients, which provided the bank with even more experience in the banking sector.
Another strategy includes profitability, which can be achieved by centering the bank’s attention of the loan portfolio growth. Mr. Alaor also makes sure that his bank always focus on conservative credit policy, and he can always rely on his team of professionals who can provide a detailed analysis of everything they need.
To conclude, finding the right bank can sometimes be extremely difficult. But, Marcio Alaor has some useful tips, and that is that all banks should first consider the needs of all clients in order to guarantee for the success.

The New Service Slyce Has Come Out With Will Make Many Happy

The new service that Slyce has recently added is something that is sure to make many people happy. It was released in an article put on Philadelphia Business News that Slyce has recently bought out SnipSnap, a company that used to be all about saving people money through using coupons. Slyce has taken it and made it into so much more than that, now, and people are going to have the opportunity to save more money than they have ever been able to before.

Slyce’s new service, visual search allows people the chance to snap a quick photo of the product that they are looking to buy, and then to answer a few, quick questions about it before being directed to the place where they can pick up the item for the lowest cost. Slyce’s service allows everyone the chance to save a bit of money when shopping, and that should make everyone very happy.

There are many people who have been into clipping coupons and doing that kind of thing to help them save a bit of money here and there through the years, and all of those people are in for a real treat with Slyce’s new service. Slyce getting together with SnipSnap is the best thing that has happened for all money savers in a long time,and it is a service that will be sure to get very popular as time goes on. Everyone likes the thought of saving a bit of money on the products they are looking to buy.

Brazil’s Commercial Real-Estate Demand is High Despite Sluggish Market

Brazil has undergone an economic slowdown recently. In spite of this slowdown, real estate developers in Brazil are not seeing any reduction in demand for commercial development. Commercial real estate prices in Brazil continue to rise. There has been plenty of demand to sustain high rental rates in Brazil’s most sought-after cities, such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Out of all of the developing countries in the world, Brazil is considered most often by foreign investors for real estate purchases this year. Helping the commercial real estate market in Brazil is the fact that Brazil has a mixture of socio-economic status. Rio de Janiero is in demand because it is the site for the 2016 Olympic games, as well as for its prosperous oil industry.

These factors all continue to Brazil’s excellent performance in the commercial real estate market. Office rental rates in Rio continue to outperform inflation. Many properties have tenants that have already made a commitment to leasing the majority of buildings that are currently under construction. In Rio de Janiero, property prices grew 15 percent in the period ending August 2013. Demand for office space is expected to remain high.

Commercial real estate firms are benefitting greatly from Brazil’s booming real estate market. One of these firms, Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos, has just completed several large commercial projects and plans to begin new projects in Rio’s West Zone, which is a current hot spot for development.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is a real estate firm located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The company was created in 2005 to tackle the needs of the real estate market in Brazil. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has worked on a number of important real estate projects. The Townhouses Hotel Lapa was acknowledged for its innovation, receiving the ADEMI Master Award in 2013. The Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos company utilizes a quality management team which is instrumental in the firm’s ability to build and oversee all of their own assets. Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos hopes to meet the country’s current and future real estate needs through innovative solutions that are flexible, creative, and secure. According to their new website Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has an excellent team that is committed to developing creative solutions to overcome the fluctuating real estate challenges in Brazil. The company hopes to position its real estate operations as a leader in the industry by joining with a number of strategic partners, such as Fonte Consultoria imobiliaria and Ibis Hotels.

Some Areas Of New York Are Getting More Expensive

Rent has become more of a burden to those living in certain areas of New York City than it ever has been before, according to what was said on Luxury Daily. The prices have risen for homes in Manhattan, and many people are having a struggle to keep up with their rent payments on NYC apartments for sale. More and more homes in the area are being labeled as luxury homes, and some people are even having to relocate because of the rising prices in that area.

When people are needing to move within New York City there is a realtor service that knows how to help them find the kind of place that they are looking for. TOWN Residential is all about helping those who are in need of a new place to find that place, and the service has been very helpful to those who have gone to it. The people working for the realtor service are very kind, and they make it a point to be patient with all of those who they are working for.

TOWN Residential knows that it is a struggle for some people to keep paying for the homes that they were residing in in the nicer areas of New York City, and they work with those who are having to move to help them to come to love the new place that they are moving to. They help them to see that there are some other good options for them, and they help them to get settled into a good place.

Crystal Hunt’s Famous Role In One Life To Live

Starting from the 1950’s American soap operas have captivated viewers with their constant plot twists and memorable characters. One Life To Live was broadcast on ABC Network and continued for a total of forty-three years from its original air date on July 15th, 1968. Creator Agnes Nixon successfully wrote ethnically socioeconomically different characters, which was a first on television at the time. Original episodes where only thirty minutes long but as the show grew in popularity, time expanded till each episode was an hour long.

The main focus is on the centers on the wealthy Lord Family as well as the Polish-American working class family, The Woleks. The show also featured another family, The Rileys, which was a family of less wealthy Irish-Americans.

One Life To Live had a multitude of memorable characters come and go, one of them Stacy Morasco played by American actress Crystal Hunt. Stacy first appeared in 2006 in Las Vegas as Gigi’s younger sister where she was stripping. In 2009 Gigi’s boyfriend Rex’s son is diagnosed with leukemia and Stacey pretends to be a donor match in order to force Gigi to break up with Rex. Eventually Stacey’s lie comes to light, however Stacy and Rex have already slept together which resulted in a pregnancy. Stacey miscarries without telling Rex and then gets pregnant by Oliver Fish but maintains the baby is Rex’s. Rex’s crazed father ends up kidnapping Stacey to steal her child, but upon finding out the truth he throws her into the snow and abandons her. Gigi finds her and helps her deliver her daughter in Victoria’s cabin, and later meets her demise by falling into a frozen lake.

Crystal Hunt has been acting since she was young and stared in many commercials such as the Walt Disney Company’s 25th anniversary commercial as well as an anti-drug commercial with then popular boy band N’sync. She played well known character Lizzie Spaulding from 2003-2006 in CBS’s soap opera The Guiding Light that earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination. Recently Hunt has produced her first feature film, Talbot County with friend and actress, Dania Ramirez, with a trailer up on Vimeo. Hunt aims to continue working in film from behind the camera.

Nobilis, Puts Cancer Patients and Families At Ease

Healthcare has become much better in recent years. The reason behind this is that it is no longer a one doctor practice. The most successful practices now work as a team. Years ago when my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer it was much more of a gamble, than it is today. There are a few reasons for that. First off it is twenty two years later and whether people want to believe it or not cancer is starting to be more treatable. Back in the 1990’s when I saw my grandma slowly losing her battle to lung cancer the pain for her was excruciating. Not something any dignified human should ever have to battle. The chemotherapy also took a huge toll on her between nausea and being sick to her stomach. A woman that loved life and food turned into a shell of a person. Today with the help of healthcare practices like Nobilis cancer treatment is much better. As I mentioned earlier my grandmother had lung cancer in the 1990’s and because of this we drove up to the Mayo Clinic to try to get her help. What they did there was simply amazing. We went in one day and they ran all the necessary tests. That evening when all the test results were in everyone went into a board type room with no fewer than six specialists. They helped her and the rest of the family understand how bad it was and the direction to which she needed to go. Normally it is one doctor without any questions asked. Noblis Health according to cantechletter.com runs their healthcare program in a known manner. A persons health and fate is no longer up to one doctor who could have missed something. Instead Nobilis doctors work in teams like they should. Everyone discussing the prognosis and the pros and cons of every possible direction. I know this, because, my mother now has breast cancer. It was absolutely wonderful that we didn’t have go away from home to get the best care. Nobilis is right in our backyard instead of being hundreds of miles away. Plus, Nobilis without a doubt knows exactly what needs to be done. They offer world class care. It really put my mom, dad and myself at ease. Saying “at ease” and “cancer” in the same paragraph is something I never considered. They are diligent about calling to set up appointments, reminders and even different cancer programs she can attend. It is a real blessing that on one of the rockiest roads, Nobilis is a health care provider that we can count on. When life throws a huge curve ball such as cancer there is nothing more important than to help bring comfort to those and their families facing a scare. Nobilis is one of the reasons that the word, “cancer” does not seem as horrifying of a task. My father and I can not thank Nobilis enough as their diligence has resulted in my mothers breast cancer being caught early for the best prognosis.