Successful Businessman Brian Bonar

The world of finance has evolved greatly in recent decades. People who save money now face all kinds of potential investment vehicles that were nearly unimaginable just a few years ago. Those who look to enter the field of finance also new and evolving complexities. The ability to tap into new markets and connect with consumers around the world has become ever more important on today’s world. Any business owner and investor must be prepared to face challenges of all kinds and move quickly in a market that can be entire different in nearly the blink of an eye. Investors who can adapt well to such circumstances are those who will proper and help others who work with them also do well even in the event of a potential economic downturn of any kind. 

One such skilled investor is Brian Bonar. Bonar has spent many decades studying the market closely and providing many companies with leadership skills that have helped them grow and expand. At present, Bonar is both President & Chief Executive Officer at Trucept, a San Diego based company that offers customers access to many kinds of services that can help their business be more efficient in the marketplace including human resources support, insurance of all kinds tailored to their needs and employee benefits that can help any company capture and keep talent in order to remain competitive in the marketplace. 

Bonar earned a college degree from the University of Strathclyde, a Glasgow Scotland based university that is noted for providing students with a broad education in all areas including international economics and finance. He also has a master’s degree in business and a doctorate from Staffordshire University, an English university located in the English city of Stoke-on-Trent. His work there helped him hone his leadership skills and his understanding of many areas of international finance and economics. 

It is to leaders such as Mr. Bonar that many people in today’s contemporary society look for to assist them as they help navigate the world of modern finance. Many people must now take charge of their own retirement plans. They need to figure out how best to invest their money in order to make sure that they can enjoy a comfortable retirement and have enough funds to last them during that time frame. A guaranteed pension is not always in the offing, making it more imperative than ever to make sure that any funds saved are used wisely and invested in the best possible way to yield an excellent rate of return that will at least match the overall market performance in any given time frame and allow the investor to grow their essential nest egg.

Keeping It (Real) Estate: New Jersey Property Picture Looks to Rebound

After the bottom dropped out of the market in 2006, the national real estate picture began a slow upward climb. According to a recent article in the July 2015 edition of Realty Today, however, New Jersey has lagged behind this upward trend most notably due to a high number of foreclosures and a smaller state population. 

Nonetheless, experts predict this will soon change and cite several reasons why they expect an uptick in the Jersey market. It’s believed that low down payments and interest rates will attract buyers, particularly from neighboring New York. Aggressive marketing of properties on social media and SEO optimization also get the word out on properties and allow prospective buyers to track options. Real-time agents are also available online to provide property details. Although families continue to be the primary buyers, demographics show an increase in singles purchasing homes. 

All of these signs pointing to a rebound come as no surprise to Omar Boraie, president of Boraie Development LLC. Mr. Boraie is the visionary behind such urban refurbishing as New Brunswick’s One Spring Street Condominium, which opened in 2007 and sold out in two months. However, Mr. Boraie is quick to give additional credit where it’s due to companies such as Johnson & Johnson. “If Johnson & Johnson didn’t decide to live in New Brunswick, none of this would have happened,” says Boraie. 

Boraie Development’s current projects include The Aspire, a seventeen-story residential building with 238 units. Mr. Boraie believes that luxury accommodations will bring many professionals back into the fabric of New Brunswick and other New Jersey cities and contribute to real estate growth in the state. “Every morning I look out and see Johnson & Johnson. I see Rutgers. I see the medical school. I see the hospital expanding ….It’s the combination that is building downtown New Brunswick,” says Boraie. This combination, indeed, appears to be part of the winning blend that will bring New Jersey real estate back on the upswing.

Susan McGalla’s Quality of Work Has Taken Her To The Top of The Business World

Susan P. McGalla is a 41 year old CMO and current president of the brand American Eagle Outfitters. She began at the teen retailer in the year of 1994 at a time when executive offices clearly reflected the roots of the chain as a store that focused solely on male customers.

Susan McGalla on ChrunchBase had previously worked in the department stores of Joseph Horne Co. and felt that she was always being judged as a part of the American Eagle Outfitters management team. Despite making the vast efforts of arriving first in morning meetings, she felt that she was still being judged for the ideas she brought to the table.

She received her current title of being in charge of design, marketing and merchandising for teen American customers last May. In the month of October, she wore jeans to assist in leading a celebratory event on the South Side to publicly announce the plan of the retailer to relocate its headquarters there. Governor Ed Rendell has remarked that he has rarely seen a president at such a young age.

Ms. McGalla’s take on being a woman in her respective field of business may not fit the traditional expectations. At one point in time, a group had approached her by asking her to apply for a “women’s executive award”. She talked about growing up in the city of East Liverpool, Ohio with a father who was a football coach and two brothers. She was always taught that she was a person, not a woman or a man. In other words, she should be judged on the quality of her work, not her gender. Her family has had a helpful role in teaching her to have confidence when presenting her ideas and herself as an individual. She has attested that following their guidance has served her well. She’s made sure to never play the “woman card”, or the easy way around things as it’s often seen as being. Besides having the ability of talking sports just as passionately as her interests of shopping, she has the ability of engaging in conversations with just about any and everyone.

Rising and Falling Houston Real Estate Prices

Houston, Texas has been consistently ranked as one of best performing real estate markets in the United States in the last decade. Historically the fate of the real estate in Houston has always been closely tied to the performance of the oil sector. Houston houses most of the nation’s big oil and gas companies such as British petroleum, Apache oil, Marathon oil, Conoco Phillips, and Tenaris. With the recent drop in oil prices the companies started laying off staff, the companies are set to cut about 23,000 jobs combined in Houston in 2015. As the energy sector started booming in early 2000’s employment rates in the oil and gas sector rose exponentially and as predicted Houston started experiencing a significant boom in its real estate market. With everyone rushing to Houston construction of commercial and residential real in the area increased significantly but with the downward turn in the oil prices most companies are slowing down construction.

The oil price per barrel dropped 40 percent in 2014 and its expected that it is going to continue to drop to around 50 percent in 2015. The United States energy information administration predicts that the price of oil will be around 57 per barrell in 2015 but predicts that it will rise to 75 in 2016. The real estate market in Houston historically has a tendency to fluctuate with oil prices, the last time there was a significant drop in oil prices in the 1980’s the real estate market in Houston was significantly affected by the layoffs of the oil companies. However in the last decade the Houston economy has been diversified, although the oil industry is still one of the best performing industries in Texas, over 100,000 jobs have been created in manufacturing, heath and engineering, and its expected the creation of this jobs will stabilize the housing market in Houston as the oil prices continue to drop.

For the Houston real estate market to survive amid what Wikipedia says is the expected drop in prices it needs to have investors who think outside the box. Haidar Borbouti has proved to be one such investor. Haidar Barbouti bought the renowned highland village in 1991, amid the Houston real estate downturn in the late 1980’s. He is credited with the massive changes to the upscale upscale shopping centre. Highland village was the first mall to house Starbucks in Houston, Crate and Barell (a home goods store) has a 30,000 square foot shop in the shopping centre, Apple- one of the leading technology companies also has one of its biggest stores in Houston housed at the mall.

Haidar is a renowned foodie and owns his own restaurant, housed in the top deck of the shopping centre; his upscale restaurant is set to bring changes to the Houston dining scene, with its focus on wholesome food.
Highland village is home of several of Houston upscale eating establishments including P.chang china bistro, R A Sushi, and the renowned steakhouse Smith and Wollensky.

The World of Christian Broda

With the financial world in an increasingly unstable state following the economic meltdown of 2008, followed by the Great Recession, economic experts like academic and hedge fund manager Christian Broda are becoming much sought after voices of reason in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Broda’s background as a Managing Director at Duquesne Capital Management and as a former Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago gives him a keen perspective on today’s volatile economic environment. Brody is also one voice in the economic world who’s still strong on the strength of the U.S. dollar. It’s a view that sets him apart from some of the other economic experts currently weighing in on the state of today’s global economy, but it’s one he feels strongly about.

Broda has weighed in heavily in favor of the dollar’s strength, even when it has put him at odds with other major economic experts. Broda is not alone in championing the ongoing strength of the dollar as the global currency of choice, however. Another economic academic expert, Eswar S. Prasad, of Cornell University, echoes Broda’s view that the dollar has lost none of its strength, even in today’s unpredictable world economy. It is Broda’s view that investors will do well to stay with the dollar, and that its strength will continue, even in today’s choppy financial waters.

Christian Broda has a Ph.D from MIT, and is the author of numerous books and articles on world economic issues, finance and business. His work, as a writer and researcher, has been seen in major journals including the American Economic Review as well as the Quarterly Journal of Economics. Broda, the married father of two sons, also serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Development Economics.

The Best Men’s Dress Shoes

Confessions of a Male Shoe Shopper
As a man shopping for men’s dress shoes can be quite challenging. What looks best? Are they expensive, and if so are they worth it? Well without researching first, then nine times out of ten you’ll end up buying a pair of expensive shoes that you don’t really want, and would be better off giving to the dog to chew on. They crease, end up looking like you’ve had them for years, and aren’t even comfortable to begin with! I’m going to share two top quality Italian leather shoe brands that will change the way you feel about shoe shopping completely.

I’ll Try The Oxfords
Lets begin with Paul Evans. This brand was founded in August 2013, and provides men’s dress shoes, and accessories too. The styles of shoes which they carry consist of oxfords, loafers, monk straps and boots. Their prices range with $249.00 being the lowest, and $399.00, but for a pair of these shoes they’re worth every penny. Customers who have invested in buying a pair of Italian leather shoes from Paul Evans, and worn them have happily admit that they are glad they did business with them, and plan to do so again. Among being fashionable, and very well crafted, in several customer reviews Paul Evans shoes are said to be very comfortable too, which is hard to come by now in days.

How Much Are Those Gallo Bianco Shoes in The Window?
On the upscale side Gallo Bianco is a store that sells men’s dress shoes too. If you are someone who doesn’t mind spending a lot of money on quality dress shoes then this brand is for you. Whether or not you’ve heard of Gallo Bianco before, you can find a pair of stylish Italian leather shoes to fit your style from them. Most of their shoes are crafted with a solid piece of hand burnished Italian leather, and they have a very fine distinction about them, With prices ranging from $600.00 to even $1,000.00 a pair of Gallo Bianco shoes are sure to steal the show. They are comfortable, and have a gorgeous color leaving the customer satisfied. It’s OK to spend a lot for dress shoes. If you choose wisely they will actually be worth it saving you money in the long run.

Strategies of FreedomPop to Expand their Services

After weighing the possibility of selling itself, FreedomPop has opted to raise $30 million instead. The funds will be raised by Partech Ventures-a European venture capital as well as current investors Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital. The report released by Recode suggests that a strategic plan of the investment is to be released later.

Last month, it was clear the company was planning to expand to European countries, while at the same considering injecting more funds or selling itself. The CEO was quoted saying that they had multiple offers but it was premature to sell it. The company shelved it plans not to sell because it would be worth three to four times next year if it’s able to expand internationally.

FreedomPop is among new-wave service providers using transmissions from major carriers to offer their services. The company ‘s strategy is to offer limited amount of voice, data and text for free, and at the same time earn money while the limits are surpassed. The company is also planning to venture into retail partnerships around October.

So far, the company’s service and devices are found exclusively online. According to Stokols, the CEO, several retailers have an interest of selling the company’s gear and as such, they are planning to test the waters to see whether it will work. The company is working to improve its weak spot-customer service. This will be achieved by increasing human positions and upgrading the software used to manage customer service.

The Important World of Finance

Financial matters are something that most people must deal with in their daily lives. Each day we confront basic money management issues. All of us must decide matters related to finance such as how much money to spend on any given product as well as where to place any funds we have earned. Money management skills are extremely important in today’s society. People need to know how to accomplish basic tasks such as saving for retirement, avoiding dangerous debt and doing things that will help make their lives better such as buying a house and saving for retirement. The person who has such basic skills will find it easier to get a job and pay their bills.

An understanding of finance is often essential in order to be able to figure out how to save money and avoid spending money on things that are overpriced. A person should be able to do things such as create a budget that allows them to live within their means as well as understand exactly where their savings are going each month on any investments they have chosen. Many people gain financial management skills in one of two ways. They learn fiscal basics from watching someone close to them manage money such as a parent. They also learn financial basics from other sources such as work or reading about financial matters in the local newspaper.

Those who realize they need to learn more about money management can sharpen their skills in various ways. Someone may opt to take a course at a local college. This may consist of a course that provides the student with basic overview of financial matters. A course of this kind can be highly useful in certain circumstances such as when someone is thinking of buying a house and needs to learn all they can about the process of home ownership. Two married people can take a course of this kind in order to help them both get a better understanding of how to manage their shared finances more effectively.

Another way of learning about the world of finance is by studying the works of Igor Cornelsen closely on one’s own. People can choose to buy books and read widely to help them understand how to meet their planned financial goals. In this way, they can acquire such knowledge on their own at their own pace. Doing so can help them meet important goals.

Brad Reifler’s Investment Tips for Public Investing

The Founder and CEO of Forefront Capitol has set a new focus for his investment company: the 99 percenters who are just trying to catch a break. His tips are geared towards the not -so- rich folks that are trying to invest in their futures, the kids college fund and the hope of retirement. His own father in-law was the motivation behind the goal.

5 Tips for Investment
Tip number one on the list may just be enough for the newbie investor to handle. The advice is brief and to the point:

  • Be careful!
  • Consider risks, charges and expenses
  • Set goals

All five tips including what motivated Brad Reifler to help those not earning the same as the one percent (that’s $200, 000 individually or $300, 000 if married) can be read in the origional article link below.

Investment Strategies for Real People
According to Brad, “There have been recent experiences that have bothered me so much I’ve decided to change the entire direction of my firm.” Because of this and the other circumstances that have occurred, he is now focusing on the average person.
One example are the rising costs of student loans. In 2005 student debt was 400 million dollars, today those numbers have tripled. Add that to the fact that less than 44 percent of people have a savings of at least $6000 and you can see why Brad Reifler has decided to help the common man make wise financial choices when it comes to investing in the stock market.

Haidar Barbouti: A Real Estate Torchbearer

Haidar Barbouti is the kind of guy who can be defined as a savior and sustainer. The Houston-based real estate developer wears many hats. He doubles up as a manager as well as a broker at Highland Village.
Barbouti has always been at the forefront in transforming Highland Village into a major business center. Since most companies are always looking for a location with tourists, established businesses, and locals, Barbouti has strived to develop Highland Village to this level. How does he do it?
He only chooses unique and focused clients with ideas that are beneficial to the center. He also asserts that tenants must work for improvement rather than degradation; perhaps the most hilarious definitions Barbouti gives Highland village is that it has a “soul”, which should be cared for.
Highland village was established during the mid 1940s. Before then, the land was deserted. The only activity practiced on it was agriculture.
Another major setback was that most Houston inhabitant concentrated in the Heights and the East. It was bad for business. However, the development of River Oaks and Westheimer sparked a new life into Highland Village.
Between the early 1960s and 1970s Highland Village was sold to a New York based firm and then to some Houston investors before it was finally sold to Barbouti. Since then, it has stayed a notch higher than everyone else.
Many people have congratulated Hadar Barbouti on his efforts and they have not been shy to speak their mind.
One of such individuals is Jim Adams, an executive vice president of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank and a descendant of the late S.N. Adams, one of the founders of Highland Village.
S.N Adams also founded the Highland Village subdivisions and Oak Estates that are located on both sides of Highland village.
It is also important to note that the name “Highland” was adopted because S.N Adams was Scottish.
The wide variety of architectural designs at Highland Village also brings about an interesting look. Buildings from all periods of history stand at all corners.
As more visitors trickled in, parking demands grew. Barbouti was forced to build a parking garage at the back of valet parking stations and P.F Chang’s.
Barbouti states that the area, together with its surrounding, has greatly changed. Likewise, retailers have not stayed the same. They now consider every detail of the environment before they can comfortably settle in.