Adam Sender: The Art of Collecting

Adam Sender is a go-getter who graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in history, and went on to a successful career in the financial world. He worked as a portfolio manager at Point72 Asset Management before going on to start Exis Capital Management in 1998.

As Exis hedge fund manager, Sender made bank by monitoring 24 screens daily in his New York office. But money was not just an end in itself. It was to be spent on your passion, and for Sender that was contemporary art. By 2010, Sender had collected about 800 works–paintings, sculpture, and photography. Many were in and around his office. They included a black and white Ruscha painting with the words “Let’s Be Realistic,” a Dan Flavin neon sculpture, and a Kara Walker mural on the wall outside his office. He also had photographs by Matthew Barney. Sender’s curator Sarah Aibel said, “When he’s not trading, art is what he does for love.” She added that, in the intense world of finance, the art gives the traders a break.

In November of 2011, Sender put some of his collection on public exhibition. The exhibit was called “Home Alone,” and a house he owned in Miami was chosen as the site. It was felt that Miami had a diverse population, which would be attracted to the various different artists. The exhibit included works by Sarah Lucas, Raymond Pettibons, Raqib Shaw, and Thomas Ruff. Some works were commissioned especially for the exhibition. Although it was a public event, the number of people attending was limited due to the size of the house; a bigger exhibition was planned for later.

But things don’t always go smoothly in the financial world. In 2006, Sender sold 40 works for about $20 million. By 2014, Sender had closed his hedge fund and was looking to sell 400 works of art through Sotheby’s, making $70 million. The sale was estimated to take 18 months, and included works by 139 artists. In the sale were Cindy Sherman’s photo “Untitled#93,” which Sotheby’s thought would bring $2 to $3 million, and also John “Baldessari’s Commissioned Painting: A Painting by Edgar Transue,” which might bring another $3 million. Some of the best contemporary artists the world have works in Adam’s collection.

Sender has been praised for his knowledge of the art world, and for his astute choices. He bought pieces by established artists, but also brought his own vision to building his collection. He’s also been acknowledged for sharing his collection on his website. As well as selling works, he’ll be donating many to institutions.

In a 2011 interview, Sender said, “I was trying to buy the very best work.” It always pays to buy the best. Now in his 40s, Sender has pieced together a huge treasure chest of art work from the best contemporary artist in the United States and around the world.

Vijay Eswaran Makes Leadership Look Easy

Many leaders walk around with a huge chip on their shoulders. There are some prisoners of their own minds. They watch their employees become a lot less effective as turn over gets high inside of the organization. They scramble for ways to keep their companies afloat as employee morale goes down the drain. This is one type of leader. Then there are calm leaders like Vijay Eswaran that know what it takes to make it to the finish line. He takes his failures in stride because he knows that there will be chances to excel as time progresses. This is what makes him one of the most effective leaders and one of the richest men in all of Asia.

Vijay Eswaran has certainly been one of the best in the industry to make the leadership role look easy, but it hasn’t always been that way. He has had to struggle, and he has mentioned many times that he only had his wife by his side as his support. He would graduate from college in London and drive cabs at one time. He would move around and try to gain an edge in the business world, but he had no contacts. There also were not any funds. He basically had to map out a course and start from scratch. This would prove to a very difficult task in the beginning because he didn’t know the ropes. There were no guides to lead him in the right direction. This is okay though because he pursued his dreams and became a global competitor. There are more than 20 countries where his QNet company operates and this shows the competition that Vijay Eswaran was hungry for success. Take a look at the QIGroup profile of Vijay Eswaran.

Now he has the ability to channel a greater level of success to others that come under him. He is someone that did not close the door behind him. When he found his way into the corporate world he would become someone that was determined to leave this door open for others to enter. He didn’t feel like he should pull up the ladder behind him. To the contrary, he extended the ladder for others. This has allowed a lot of other people to become much more sufficient in their daily tasks. Vijay Eswaran has become a strong tower that has went outside the boundaries of traditional leadership and exceeded. He had been able to pull himself up by the bootstraps and make it look easy.

The way that leaders handle stress can define where the direction of their organizations. It can totally help them build a tolerance for handling disaster. Even at the center of controversy Eswaran has been able to build a highly successful organization. discussed Vijay Eswaran at length.

Qnet: Choosing The Right Network Marketing Company For Success

Are you looking for a way to improve your income situation? Thinking about going into the network marketing business? If you are considering network marketing as a way to earn a decent income, you will be pleased to know that Qnet is one of the best network marketing companies out there, and can help you get started right away.

Qnet is a great company to work with, and has numerous positive reviews. If you are interested in joining a network marketing company, then look no further than Qnet. This company has been helping people realize their dream of financial independence, and they can provide you with the opportunity to reach your income level. QNET is now Asia’s largest direct selling company that specializes in everything from energy, weight loss and management to luxury goods and fashion accessories, promoting products on its website.

Network marketing is a fantastic business model that has been around for decades. This business model is based on the efforts of company distributors, also known as independent sales representatives, who sell a company’s products to consumers. Some network marketing opportunities also allow independent sales representatives to recruit additional sales representatives. Countless people around the world have achieved their financial goals through this business model.
Qnet uses a grassroots business model that enables individuals, entrepreneurs and others to begin the business of their dreams without some of the usual roadblocks such as lack of capital and significant start up costs.

There are several things you need to consider when deciding on a network marketing opportunity or company. These include stability, the number of years the company has been in business, and the company’s products line. All these factors can have a great impact on whether or not you achieve the success you desire. Qnet is a reliable company and has been in the network marketing business since 1998. Qnet is a financially stable company, so they are here to stay.

When it comes to choosing a good company, it is imperative that you research their products and training to ensure that they offer what you need for success. Products must be sold in order to make money, so pay special attention to the company’s product line to ensure they are good quality. Qnet has a line of top quality lifestyle products that people are eager to buy.

Qnet also provides excellent training program and learning resources that can turn you into a great marketer. Their training is well designed and created by experienced professionals who know what works and what doesn’t in the network marketing arena. Once you complete their training, you will know exactly how to market and promote their products and earn substantial commissions in the process.

There are several ways to join Qnet’s business opportunity. You can visit their website and check out their offers, then apply to join their business opportunity. You will be guided on how to apply and receive the training you need. You may also join by getting in touch with one of their distributors who will guide you through the process.

Tips for SEO Keyword Targeting As Elucidated By White Shark Media

Having the right keywords in your SEO helps improve the quality of work. These are the correct tools for categorizing your business and targeting the audience. It also allows you to create the content required for the webpage.
In the past, the most used tip of targeting SEO keywords was the use of key word stuffing. In key word stuffing, the Meta description, titles and different key words are all put together. As you focus on your intended target, use keywords that will instantly help your audience locate your SEO. In your page, make sure that the key word is mentioned in the title and the Meta description. In case you are using images, you can incorporate your keywords. Have the keywords included in the content page but do not use the key words too many times as they distort the uniqueness of the content.
Adding different key words that relate to the main key word is also advisable. The audience will quickly relate with your SEO if your keyword is included. The key word should always be relevant to the content. Key word research tools are alternatives that can be used. Examples of research tools include Ubersuggest, WordStream and Google Trends. Google Trend is the most popular because of its features and the way the insights are broken down to diverse interests and the same searches.
List all the keywords you would like to use and divide them into groups. This will ensure that each content page suits its intended purpose and has its own key words that match the category. You can use synonyms and a number of variants to avoid sounding boring. It is important to ensure that the search engines get the variations without altering the key word intent. When you are adding the key words in the title, do not forget to also include them in the headlines.
White Shark Media is a firm that deals with online and digital marketing solutions. Gary Garth, Andrew Lolk and Alexander Nygart were the brains behind the formation of the firm. Their aim was to change the SMB market while conquering the US and Latin America region. The company’s online marketing solutions are well fitted for large, small and medium sized enterprises. Their search marketing is affordable and cost effective thus enhancing White Shark’s Reputation.
White Shark is among the few companies that have managed to attract Google’s interest. In 2014, Google awarded them with the Google AdWords premier SMB Partnership.

Source: White Shark Blog

Advice On Land Investment Strategies

As an active wholesaler, you may come across vacant land from time to time, but inquire no further. Because they are widely misunderstood, vacant land deals are passed up regularly because wholesalers does not understand how to profit from them. The potential to profit from vacant land lies in who you know, not what you know.

As a strong word of advice to wholesalers, do not attempt to research and understand everything there is to know about vacant land before taking action. Instead of wasting weeks trying to absorb as much as you can, locate a reputable development company, such as Boraie Development, LLC in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Boraie Development LLC is one the most sought after developers in New Jersey, and they specialize in urban developments such as deluxe luxury high-rises and condominiums.

Boraie Development, LLC is always working on new projects, and the will gladly they will gladly purchase vacant land if it presents a profitable opportunity for them. Boraie are land development experts and are world renowned for exquisite developments and astonishing community revitalizations. Their reputation remains admirable as the visionary president, Omar Boraie, had been celebrated as the man responsible for New Brunswick’s rebirth. When all others doubted and bet against him, Boraie executed his dream and vision of transforming a eyesore collection of dilapidated buildings into the upscale downtown New Brunswick those same doubters admire today. Developers with that intensity of forward thinking and determination are rare, but are highly recommended when large development and revitalization projects are at stake.

Once you understand the developer needs, go out and find it. Develop leads by driving around the developer-desired areas and write down the locations of vacant land you find. Use the land records and property assessments at the county office and locate the owner of the property. Forward the information you find to the developers, and request a finders fee if they purchase the property. Builders will gladly pay a finders fee if you connect them with the owner of a prime piece of real estate. Wholesalers do not need to involve themselves any further. Simply find another parcel of land and repeat the process.

Where To Put Your Keywords

When you are building a new web page online, it can be tough to actually know his to design the site for it to be effective enough for Google. The search engines expect for content to be top of the line and also have enough back links to see the epistle as worthwhile enough to be shared on certain key phrases on Google. There are many things writers think about when creating their content. One of the things that most people stress about when crafting content and their articles is not knowing where to out keywords. It’s so important to be very clear with where you put your keywords. You do not need to have it in so many places.

Where To Put Your Keywords

The main areas to put your keyword include your title, one subheading, in anchor text once or twice, and then in your meta description. Using many different additional keywords that are similar to the original one is another thing worth looking into. You’ll find that putting your keywords in the right places can make a big difference to how Google sees your content and your website. It’s important to only use a certain amount of keywords to avoid any potential pitfalls when Google looks at your website.

You should remember that sometimes working with the right company can make a big deal. There are so many things like keyword research, back links, SEO strategy, and other aspects of SEO that can all help your site rank better in the search engines. It’s more than just creating a good article with keywords everywhere. You need to make sure that you also incorporate proper market research and other SEO tactics. The best way to succeed is to hire a professional company to help out. White Shark Media is an experienced company in the world of SEO, and they know the process involved with crafting creative SEO techniques to help with rankings.

White Shark Media is filled with experience and professionalism, and they have all the right staff members to get your site to the world of your most important key phrases. There are simple ways to get your site to the top, and this company can help you out on handling this problem. Your site can grow and improve with time if you have a reliable team helping you get out there. It’s always worth it to get a professional to help out since they can handle the hard work.

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Importance of Investment Advice as Displayed by Madison Street Capital

From time to time, the government, individuals and companies enlist the help and services of investment banks in a bid to save, invest or be advised on their investment agendas. Investment banks are institutions that assist governments, firms, entities and individuals to raise funds. An investment firm takes the role of a middleman or representative in issuing of securities. One of the most crucial services offered by investment banks is the investment advice. Through advisory services, investment banks have been able to register a large clientele owing to their satisfaction of consumer’s utility in relation to their investment objectives.
Investment advice is quite instrumental in helping the investors find the right solutions to their investment problems. With an increase in the various services provided by the investment banks, there has been the need for consumers to know the various services and products in offing. To this end, investment advisers have been giving clients the best options depending with their income bracket, future expectations, reasons to invest, risk positions and the prevailing market conditions. Investment bankers ensure that they provide adequate information to their clients before letting them invest in a given investment portfolio.
Through investment advice, corporations and individual investors have the opportunity to raise their questions with the guarantee of making the right investment choices. Without investment advice, firms would make wrong investment choices that would have adverse effects in their capital and debt structures.
The number of investment banks is steadily growing owing to the need of keeping up with the growing demand in investment services and products. Firms like Madison Street Capital dedicate their services to create and boost economic growth. The investment bank has been providing innovative and consumer-oriented products to its large clientele that incorporates institutional and individual investors. Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm that deals with financial advisory issues, business valuation as well as acquisitions and mergers services. The company is based in Illinois, Chicago. Over the years, the firm has been able to expand its product and service portfolio with the view of targeting many consumers in the market. The corporation has opened offices in Africa, North America and Asia.
The firm offers financial aid to firms that provide business services, healthcare, energy and utilities, technology, telecommunication, manufacturing and consumer product companies. By collaborating with middle market firms, Madison creates and offers great business results for their clientele. In addition, they handle different investment portfolios by focusing on the needs of each client and matching them with the right buyers and sellers in the market.

The Inclusion Of The Tennis Star Martina Hingis In The QNET’s Family


It is an annual tradition of the QI group to have a get together so as to celebrate, learn as well as encourage the growth of their community at V-Con. The annual celebration is usually an outstanding convention held by the community.

In an article published by the BusinessWire found in, it is evident that this year annual conference was a bit different from the preceding ones. The difference from the previous celebrations was due to the addition of an iconic new member in their midst. The new member was the tennis superstar, Martina Hingis. The Managing Director of the QI group, Joseph Bismark unveiled the Martina Hingis during the celebration hosted in Dubai. The announcement of the partnership between the tennis superstar and QI group was in front of 10,000 attendees during the V-UAE at the Hamdan Sports Arena. Apparently, this year V-UAE was coincidentally QNET’s 17th anniversary hence making the addition of Martina Hingis the best way to mark the celebration.

Martina Hingis will play a vital part in at the QNET’s family, after being tasked with the role of brand ambassador for the foremost direct sales company. Ms. Hingis has a blossom reputation, and she will add the title of Brand Ambassador of QNET to her titles of world tennis champ, former five-time Grand Slam titleholder, and the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Ms. Hingis links with the Marussia Formula 1 team as well as the Manchester City Football Club to the firm’s extraordinary sports sponsorship. Additionally, Ms. Hingis handles representing the QNET brand India as she will take part in various QNET sponsored events. Furthermore, she will wear QNET’s apparel as she is competing in the Champions Tennis League as well as endorsing a variety of products.

Apart from successfully including Martina Hingis in the QNET’s family, the QI Group Managing Director Joseph Bismark has been instrumental in the well-being of the firm. Bismark has an open and consultative management style that revolves around his philosophies. The inspiration behind Bismark’s views is his spiritual backgrounds that he learnt from a tender age. He has brought unity among his employees because he cultivates the sense of brotherhood as well as respect in the QNET family. Mr. Bismark works from Singapore as he oversees the QI Group’s business operations. Apart from managing QI group, Mr. Bismark takes part on humanitarian activities such as RHYTHM Foundation, an affiliate of QI group.

The Beauty In Makeup

From full coverage to no coverage, there’s no wrong way to apply your makeup.
While some prefer to just slightly enhance their beauty, others prefer to change it and that’s okay. When it comes to applying makeup, it is all about what makes you feel best. That is what’s most important.
There are several styles of makeup to choose from. From a smoky eye, to soft and simple, to a natural look, the options are there for everyone. Find colors that speak to you and apply them! For those who like to tone it down and keep it simple, a lovely look to follow would be –

A natural look In this look, you’re incorporating simple and elegant colors to enhance your already elegant beauty, to bring out strong qualities in your face. You can accomplish this look with light pinks and browns on the eyes, nude colors on the lips and just a simple mascara for a beautiful pop to your bright eyes. This look is going to make people double take, gasp, and question how your beauty comes so naturally. Only you know your secrets!

A bold look In this look, you’re incorporating darker colors for an intense and overwhelming boom of feeling and stunning enhancements of your flawless face. You can accomplish this look with dark browns, blues, blacks and grays, whites and silvers on the eyes, dark red on the lips or light colors; as to not overwhelm, and volume maximizing mascara to really bring out the biggest, boldest look for your lashes and eyes. This look is going to stun and awe, catch eyes and stop hearts as you walk by!

If you’re a gal you loves the bright colors, then there’s a brand you’re going to love. Lime Crime on Lime Crime is the ultimate, color loving, personality enhancing, attention grabbing, make up designing company around. With bright and bold written all over their description, they specialize in creating makeup that’s going to not only make you feel beautiful but also make you feel comfortable being true to you. From glam glitter shadows, to luscious lip colors and eye grabbing nail colors, they’ve got everything you need to bring all attention on you. If you want a brand to really enhance your personality, Lime Crime is it.

Ultimately, whether you’re natural or bold, colorful or subtle, makeup is made for you! and you should enjoy it how ever you choose. So forget what others say and LOVE your makeup, everyday. You’ll find a new passion, hobby and love within yourself; all thanks to the beauty in makeup.

The Great Impersonator, Sergio Cortes

Michael Jackson’s unprecedented death left a huge gap in the entertainment industry. The legend best known for his pop music hits left a fan base yearning for more of his performance. As a result, the demand for anything associated with Michael became very high. This is how his impersonates came to being and they have really gained a lot of popularity through this. Sergio Cortes is one of the Michael Jackson’s impersonators and he gained a lot of popularity by mimicking the legends styles. Among all of the globally known MJ’s impersonators, Sergio Cortes is the most successful thanks to his natural semblance to the legend.

Sergio Cortes came into the limelight in 2012 soon after Michael’s death and this was his debut into to the global scene. However, his mimicking of the legend did not start then. As a teenager, he was a great fun of Michael Jackson and he used to mimic him even then and most of his peers called him MJ. He grew to love and adore MJ following every of his events and incidentally he began to naturally grow resembling the legend. His physical, stature, his height, face, hair, and voice among other natural aspects resembled MJ’s.

Sergio Cortes’ striking resemblance of MJ made people marvel at his shows because he almost sounds and looks like the real legend. While there are impersonators of the legend, Sergio Cortes stands out for his natural semblance. Other have had to out on masks and enhance their facials to look more like Michael but for Sergio Cortes, he naturally resembles him. His impersonating show sometimes feels like the real thing and most of his fans enjoy the thrill of it. He has gained global following from both his own fans and the late MJ’s fan base. This has made a name for Sergio Cortes though out the world.

Having been born in Spain in 1971, Sergio Cortes has worked hard to maintain a very private and secret life. Very little is known about his personal life including his family and more so his nuclear family. However, his extended family shows up in his concerts and more often than not he is spotted with his own brother while he is performing. He is a very shy but yet again a very careful individual who pays attention to details. Sergio Cortes has successfully mastered the art of his idol, MJ, and he is capitalizing on it effectively.