Hedge Fund Manager Kyle Bass Courts Clovis Oncology

Kyle Bass thinks that the stock market reaction to the news regarding Clovis’ manipulation of clinical trials is “overly punitive“. Clovis Oncology buffed up the numbers on the effectiveness of their new anti-cancer medication Rociletinib. The FDA called foul and ordered some tests of their own, which demonstrated Clovis had exaggerated. That’s a horrible thing for an organization to do which caters to millions afflicted by debilitating disease, but the reason Bass is calling foul is that Clovis Oncology is far from unique among pharmaceutical companies in this degree.

AstraZeneca recently received critical attention when it was revealed they used Asian patients to conduct clinical trials with, and the drug they were using had a high likelihood of being more conducive to Asian patients. Apparently, lung cancer treatments historically work well on Asians, and this data was known to AstraZeneca. None of this would be foul, except that the drug AstraZeneca was clinically testing had a marketing constituency of North Americans. AstraZeneca was clearly using legal means to fudge the numbers–they were “lying” within the rules of the game. But did anyone see their stock plummet seventy percent in a single day? Of course not!

Bass also still believes in Clovis Oncology because he thinks their next drug, Ruca, will impact the market in a way that he can capitalize from. Whether this capitalization is from an increase or decrease in Clovis’ stock is hard to say. Bass was able to make a killing several years back when he started an organization called the Coalition For Affordable Drugs. This coalition lowered the cost of many pharmaceuticals’ medicines, and subsequently lowered their stock value; which Bass capitalized on post-haste. As a result, American politicians across the political spectrum pulled in their horns and banded together in order that Bass’ loophole could be sewn shut. But Bass still capitalized off the loss he legally extracted from the Pharmaceutical organizations.

Is this humanitarianism? Shrewdness? A Scientology plot that’s funding Bass on the sly as UsefulStooges feels? Or is the man just a prime opportunist continually stumbling into profit? Well, the latter seems the least likely, and something many people are worried about regarding Bass is his relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a well-known Argentine socialist. Bass himself is Argentine, however; could the argument be made that his relationship to de Kirchner is purely professional/nationalistic/relational? Of course it could, and there are also those who would spin it the other way.

Here’s the only thing anybody can know for sure: Bass right now has reason to support Clovis, he’s been successful in the past, and the man is downright sly. All these things cumulatively indicate Bass is a man to observe and suspend judgement about.

U.S.Money Reserve, a company you can trust

Collectors all over the world search for the right coin that is significant to rounding out that valuable set. U.S. Money Reserve, one of the largest distributors of gold and silver in the world strives to find the right coins to increase the value of any collection. Not only that, but the company knows that gold, silver and platinum will only increase in value in the coming years, bringing increased wealth to its customers.
Founded in 2002 by gold market veterans, U.S. Money Reserve is led by President Philip N. Diehl. Mr. Diehl has the distinction of being the former 35th U.S. Mint Director of the U.S. Mint and brings a unique experience to bring value to the customer. This experience, combined with others with expert market knowledge, allows the company to provide coins of the highest value to their clients.
Since its onset, the company has worked with thousands of customers while retaining an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. U.S. Money Reserve has earned the trust of both peers and customers while striving to be the best provider of Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coins and Gold and Silver Bullion.
Although beginning in 2002 with a few experts in the trade, U.S. Money Reserve has expanded to nearly 200 associates. Known and trusted by both experts and collectors the company has striven to assist its customers to profit from having an excellent collection that will increase in value. It provides high quality services.
While U.S. Money Reserve retains corporate offices in Austin, Texas, maintaining an online presence in the global market has made the company viable to any collector of precious metals.
Money Reserve has earned the trust of thousands of customers and provides some of the best customer services in the industry. With a goal to provide quality coins and precious metals, this company continues to be the top in its field.

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Charles Koch’s Top Political Priorities This Election Season

Charles Koch is an 80-year-old CEO of Koch Industries and according to Forbes says he is worth some $40 billion and is the ninth richest man in the world. Koch Industries, is a diversified industrial company based in Wichita, Kansas. Koch has just come out swinging with his new book, “Good Profit: How Creating Value for Others Built One of the World’s Most Successful Companies.”

Koch considers himself a “classical liberal,” or even just a liberal. Although “liberal” is a great word, he adds that liberals became people who wanted the government to control people’s lives and that is where he thinks the current administration is leading and what he sees as excessive government intervention. One thing he wants to make sure is getting all the corporate and national welfare out of it. For example, he says because Congress people wants to support somebody making tanks in their district, they push it through even though the military says it does not want tanks in their district and finally it is of no use and doesn’t do anything for national defense.

Koch has strongly criticized the Obama administration for overstepping its reach. He is looking to find a way to work with the White House and Democrats to find common ground with the Obama administration. Getting rid of occupational licensing through the criminal justice reform will prevent disadvantaged people from getting employed. He considers himself a liberal compromiser but he hopes that reforming and supplementing the education system will help people learn the values and principles.

What are Charles Koch’s top political priorities for this election season?:

1. He wants both parties to stop the excessive spending that has already reached $100 trillion-plus in debt and unfunded liabilities that is heading us toward a fiscal financial crisis.

2. To move away from this two-tiered society.

3. To get rid of corporate welfare which incorporates the two-tiered society.

4. To reform our foreign policy and keep Americans safe which is really the role of the U.S. Government

He is reserved in his comments about the current Presidential candidates for fear of anybody blowing it totally out of proportion. However, he stated that Americans are unhappy about the current administration and should not be dictated how to run their lives or promote socialism. He believes that the government should just set the basic rules and people can run their own lives where everyone is treated equally under the law.

This piece was published on Yahoo Finance as found in the link below:


Professional Real Estate Companies That Help Foreigners

There are many reasons why more and more individuals are showing interest in purchasing properties in Brazil. First, Brazil is an absolutely beautiful country. It has some of the most amazing rivers, coastlines, and rainforests in the world. Also, Brazil is a country that is rich in culture, delicious foods, and lots of interesting languages. The economy in Brazil is booming. It has been estimated that it will be the fifth or sixth largest world economy in the next 20 or 30 years. For individuals who are interested in business and investing, purchasing property in Brazil is a great opportunity.

When it comes to finding a real estate company to help find the right property for an individual who is from a different country, there are many options. One such company trying to keep up with the demand for Brazilian realty is Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos. This real estate company is focused on helping individuals to find the right property for them, and that is focused on developing new properties in profitable areas like the West Zone. They work with retirees, individuals are interested in vacation homes, investors, and a wide variety of other people to find the right home or property for them. They try to get a strong grasp on the individual’s goals and then direct them to a place where their goals can be reached.

Having just launched a new website, the professionals who work at Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos realize that there are many great investing opportunities in the real estate world in Brazil, and their listings prove as much. For example, one of the areas where they will direct investors’ attention is on the coastline near Rio de Janeiro. There are more than 40 miles of beautiful coasts around this large city. Not only is this a great place for individuals to vacation year round, but it is extremely popular during carnival. This means that individuals will not only be able to make a steady income throughout the year with tourists, but they will be able to make a killing during carnival season.

Real estate professionals in Brazil realize that foreigners who are interested in purchasing property have a unique set of circumstances. They need to obtain certain documents and other information before they can purchase property. For example, individuals need to go to the Brazilian embassy in their home country to apply for a tax identification number. This will allow them to purchase property and do a wide variety of other business dealings. The professionals who work at Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos can help foreigners each step of the way as they go about purchasing a property in Brazil.  Follow them on Twitter to keep up with the happenings abroad.

My Great Stopover And Our London Vacation Rentals

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to be able to go to Europe. Europe is an exciting place I’ve always wanted to see up close. My trip to Europe included many European cities including Paris, Rome, Madrid, Dublin and London. One of my favorite places to stay was in London. London is really an amazing place. Even after you’ve seen much of the world, I find that London still calls to you. The place is filled with almost anything anyone could possibly want from great food to historical palaces to wonderful art that is both ancient and contemporary.

The world of London never fails to fascinate me. As I was planning my tour, I found it helpful to consult with a local specialist for help when trying to find the best possible place to stay in all of London. Staffers at WorldEscape were so helpful to me as I tried to figure out where it was best for me to stay for a few days. They have so many possible options on their website. You can easily find a list of places here all across so many London neighborhoods including those that are close to the center of the city as well as those that are a bit further and located in places that are a bit quieter. I like a place with a lot of liveliness to it so I opted for a place right in the center as it is great to catch a quick drink at a local area bar.

The officials here are able to help provide anyone with the best possible option that might be workable for almost any situation the person has in mind. They know what time of year is likely to be busy in the region as well when it is likely to be easier to find accommodations. I was able to tap into their base of knowledge and quickly figure out which particular area was perfect for the few days I spent in London. The company is ideal for anyone who needs a good place to stay in London.

Koch Is Breaking Boundaries

Charles Koch is looking to help create a country that has a society with the aim of maximizing the good in people in order to increase potential. The ninth richest man in the world sat down with Yahoo Finance for a one on one interview and spoke about what he felt needed to be done in order to steer America in the right direction.

Koch admitted to being a liberal. Speaking on the subject, he said that he the word liberal has changed since its founding. Now “liberal” seems to be a support of government controlling people. Charles Koch wants to work with both sides of politics to figure out how to fix the problems that the United States government is facing today.

“There is an excessive amount of spending being done on the part of the government”, says Koch in the interview. The brother who brought his family’s business from $25 million to over $110 billion says that the government should be there to lay down the basic rules and let the people do the rest.

It may not be a bad idea to listen to someone that has earned 3 MIT degrees in his day. Koch has recently been working with the Obama administration and is strongly aligned with many issues that Obama is also passionate about. When asked about other politics like the presidential candidates, he didn’t feel like talking about politics was the right thing to do. He wouldn’t mention whether he liked such GOP frontrunners as Donald Trump. It looks more as though Koch is looking for someone that is somewhere in the middle, believing that Bernie Sanders is too much of big government.

One of the major problems according to Koch is corporate welfare that is depleting the national budget. If congress could help cut down on the amount of money given to major corporations than perhaps taxes on the people would be lower and less government would be needed.

One thing for sure is that Charles has thought long and hard about the state of the government and wants to do something about it. Seeing one of the wealthiest men in the world stand up and world with the president on cutting down on corporate welfare and other big issues is an impressive sight. Let’s hope it helps make a real difference.

All information obtained from its original source at http://finance.yahoo.com/news/charles-koch-is-really-a-liberal-compromiser-201545347.html#

Is It True Handy Now Allows Tipping?

Handy, the smartphone app that helps customers find home cleaning services has joined in the conversation about tipping. They added a feature on their smartphone so anyone using the services can give a tip to show their appreciation.

What Handy does is connects those in search of services like home cleaning, repairs, laundry services, food delivery and even furniture assembly with independent contractors. Those professionals can use the Handy app to find jobs and also to collect their pay. The nice thing about having a way to tip their professionals for a job well done is customers tend to tip better this way.

The professionals average is about $18 an hour, with Handy collecting about twenty percent for their finders fee. They don’t take the percentage from the tips, those are fully paid to the independent contractors. After testing the new feature it was found customers were tipping better, especially for cleaning and handyman services.

Hanrahan, the owner of the company founded the company along with some of his friends while in college. It proved to be a success as many people with smartphones use the service all over the world.

It seems that contractors working for on-demand services that includes tips is being talked about right now. Uber had some controversy awhile back when some of their drivers organized a strike for higher pay and an independent button to allow tipping on the Uber app. Then, the debate went on after New York’s Danny Meyer, who owns a restaurant raised his prices and eliminated all tipping. So once again a debate started about tipping and if it was appropriate or not.

The talk began about putting a feature for tipping on apps. When the Boston Globe took up a study, the results came back that customers were more likely to use a tip feature if it was there. Since Handy received some new funding in November, their plans to extend to many other cities is part of their goals.

Handy is located in New York where its Headquarters are in a small office in Downtown Crossing. They were originally called Handybook when they launched their new business in 2012 but changed it later on. Right now they have ten thousand contractors in their network and have logged over a million bookings so far. Having an app that allows tipping is one of their best moves.

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The Most Reputable Direct Selling Company – QNet

QNet, one of the largest and most reputable direct selling companies in the world, has recently been in news headlines around the world because it is planning to open a new production center in India. QNet has operated in India for several years, but the new production center is expected to earn QNet a pretty penny, so to speak, and increase QNet’s bottom line. In addition to helping QNet as a business, opening a production center in India is also good for nearby residents who need jobs, and for local economy.

QNet is a direct selling company, which means employees work directly with the company to sell QNet’s products, rather than employees and managers who work independently of QNet. Anyone who sells QNet’s products is their own boss, and can market their product however they see fit. QNet products are easily advertised on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, which is very appealing to employees of QNet. Being able to become one own’s boss and not have to listen to a supervisor’s harsh orders is another one of the aspects of QNet that makes the company great.

QNet was founded in 1998 in Hong Kong, where it is still headquartered to this very day. QNet is a subsidiary of the QI Group, whose subsidiaries operate in nearly every country in the world, collectively.

QNet is currently a sponsor of the soccer team Manchester City. QNet is known to have inked major deals with sporting entities in the past, such a Formula One racing teams.

How did QNet become so successful? QNet’s success is due in large part to their business model, which allows QNet’s product sellers to market their product however they want to, and gives them the freedom to conduct one’s own business. Many entrepreneurs have started off with QNet, only to later become a success, as QNet pays its vendors very fairly and is known to give fantastic bonuses to them as well.

QNet has also taken some of its top performers to soccer games of Manchester United as vacations and incentives.

QNet is undoubtedly one of the most successful direct selling companies in the world, by means of revenue. QNet has workers in more than one hundred countries around the world, and that’s not including North or South America! Mr. Vijay Eswaran, the founder of QNet, has helped steer QNet towards the place it is now. QNet has been in existence for seventeen full years, and has grown consistently ever since its conception.

If one is interested in becoming a seller for QNet, simply Google search “QNet” and visit their website. Their website will have more information as to how to become an employee of QNet.

Here Are A Few Reasons Explaining US Money Reserve’s Success

US Money Reserve is the premier distributor of precious metals, with the most commonly traded precious metal being gold by far. There is a wide range of gold coins that have been printed by the United States Federal Reserve Bank, along with a few silver and platinum coins.

US Money Reserve has a very positive footprint when it comes to dealing with customers and other businesses. Customer service is arguably the most important aspect of businesses for US Money Reserve because resolving any conflicts, struggles, or doubts that customers may have about a product or a service ultimately results in more sales and less returns. This amazing company has given lots of money to more than sixty-eight different charitable, NPO’s, including some of the best causes in the United States of America such as the Air Force JROTC Booster Club, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, and the Salvation Army.

Most people are not frequently involved in the purchase, sale, saving, or overall trade when it comes to precious metals, so it would come as a surprise to most people if they were told that US Money Reserve is one of the most important distributors of gold, silver, and other precious metals in the entire world. This is because of the great policies that US Money Reserve consistently honors and the very low fees that are charged for US Money Reserve acting as an intermediary that provides clients with one hundred percent, actual, real gold.

For anyone interested in hearing about the stories of people who have purchased gold, silver, platinum, or palladium from US Money Reserve, simply visit their website, look for the tab that says “Testimonials,” and start to read more about these people who have bought gold from US Money Reserve. You can also watch some Tv Commercials about the company. Every single testimonial on their website is from actual customers, rather than actor portrayals or reviews written by paid writers.

Anyone with any doubts regarding US Money Reserve can squash them in their tracks by contacting US Money Reserve by either e-mailing, calling, or visiting their website and seeking for the answers that they have doubts about. US Money Reserve is able to answer any question that a person may have, no matter if it is a very difficult question or one that is self-explanatory. Do not hesitate to call US Money Reserve because they will never try to attempt to make a hard sale of their precious metals — they will only try to help a person out.

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Flexible Benefits For Gig Workers May Come In Handy

With well-paying, steady jobs being increasingly difficult to find in this economy, many people have supplemented their income or even replaced it entirely with a variety of gigs. From house cleaning to pet sitting to home care, an estimated 53 million Americans now work for themselves or for companies who offer freelancing opportunities for those seeking gigs. While this is great opportunity for those seeking income it does not offer any long-term benefits for these workers.

A coalition calling for portable benefits and a Good Work Code is seeking to change this and make traditional employment benefits available for freelancers and gig workers. “Everyone, regardless of employment classification, should have access to the option of an affordable safety net that supports them when they’re injured, sick, in need of professional growth, or when it’s time to retire,” wrote the 40 people from CEOs and founders of companies like Handy and Etsy in advocating for these benefits.

Handy.com is just one of the businesses that signed this ground-breaking letter attempting to modernize traditional benefits. CEO Oisin Hanrahan says, “We’d love to see a form of safe harbor to allow platforms like ours to offer benefits, education and training.” Handy.com networks between those needing a handyman or even furniture assembly and the people who wish to provide these services. While they do not employ these people in a traditional sense, the company would like to be able to offer benefits for these contractors that are the backbone of their business.

Founded in 2012 as Handybook, Handy.com sought to offer a practical solution to finding trusted handyman and cleaning specialists. Hanrahan stumbled upon this need as he was seeking to renovate a series of apartments in New York City and experienced extreme difficulty finding reputable and reliable handymen. Since the startup, the business is now in 28 cities nationwide, booked over one million jobs, and recently earned $50 million in funding.

Assemblymen David Chiu stated, “Flexible work should not come at the expense of economic security.” These businesses are providing much needed work in this economy, as they becomes mainstream it is common sense that flexible benefits be offered to protect workers economic security.