Serial Entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov, like many successful people, knows the essence of quality education. He has persistently undergone educational training so as to better his skills. Alexei has also ventured in many industries to seek to understanding. He graduated with a medical degree, but later decided to pursue business. A few years later, he graduated with an MBA. It was fundamental to his success as businessman and philanthropist.

Alexei started his career after medical school. He decided to switch, and venture into business. He has founded many successful companies. Among the most successful is SOLVY, an online educational platform. In February 2015, he was appointed Chief Operations Officer of SOLVY. He has steered the company to greater heights, and continues to show his abilities and skills online. Alexei can always be reached online on Facebook, LinkedIn, and his Twitter handle.
Alexei is a known philanthropist. In his work, he has touched the lives of many students in Russia. Through the INSEAD program, he supports the scholarship issue to Russian students that want to further their education. It is a great contribution to society. The majority of the students given the scholarships are from financially unstable families. In fact, his work is applauded for giving a future to the next generation. He is creating leaders and brains, which will be instrumental in bettering the future of tomorrow. It is the sacrifice of people like Alexei, which improves life going forward.

The rational entrepreneur has diversified his portfolio to the different industries. Alexei continues to be seen as an example by the various industry leaders, and the students that he supports. The calculative investor knows where to put his money, and is not afraid to incur losses. After all, losses are an ordinary occurrence in business. It takes courage, and belief to dive into the investment world. The chances of success are determined by the actions of the investor. Therefore, people that begin early in life always have an advantage. They seem to have met these challenges, and are prepared to handle them.

Alexei is more of a serial entrepreneur than just a businessman. He has ventured both in business, and education. Early 2015, he launched SOLVY in EdSurge Conference. The Los Angeles conference witnessed Alexei entertain participants with his brilliant work. He shared his idea with teaching professional from different parts of the world. It revolved his education software. In his submissions, Alexei describes SOLVY as software that allows for progressive thinking for students. The software measures how much, in a subject, students understand. SOLVY allows teachers to select questions that students can answer on different topic, but without multiple responses to choose. In fact, described his innovation as “One of the World’s Most Promising Startups.” It was also mentioned among the “100 top Innovations, Today” by BetaList.

Yahoo Finance also says that Alexei Beltyukov has set standards to his work. According to his employees, he is the most determined man to manage any business. Alexei continues to invest in more industries, but continues to keep much focus on bettering the quality of education.

Why Individuals Are Finding Renting In New Jersey to Be More Favorable

Boraie Development LLC is a company in the real estate industry and it is currently one of the leading players in the market. The company has built a reputation in the market for its exemplary performance in the quality of structures that it has constructed. One of the major advantage that the company enjoys include economies of scale. Boraie Development LLC is a big company that has numerous resources to compete on a global front. The company has diversified its operations in the industry to encompass all types of structures including commercial and residential buildings hence maximizing on its potential to make considerable returns.

Boraie Development LLC has identified the new market in New Jersey and being the prudent investor it is, it has several projects under its name in the area. New Jersey is slowly becoming the new area of preference for most of the people who are fixed and trapped by the rising renting rates in other cities and mostly New York. In New York for instance, the price for renting an apartment has reached an all-time high which residents deem as being highly overpriced. As such, most residents in New York are seeking refuge in New Jersey where houses are a quite cheaper compared to other big cities.

Renting a home in New Jersey comes along with different benefits. One, it is important to notice that the city is a rapidly growing economy and there are great opportunities coming up in all sectors and industries. The growing number of real estates in the area has influenced and effected growth to all other areas of the economy hence creating a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in the area. Renting a house in New Jersey sets you up for a myriad of great opportunities that are imminent with the level of growth therein.

However, the overriding factor of all these is the fact that renting an apartment in New Jersey is quite cheap. This is currently due to the market’s response to the rule of demand and supply. The number of apartments in the area and others that are coming up has actually exceeded the demand for the same. Job opportunities and employments is a major benefit that residents are gaining and this should be an incentive enough to draw people to the city. Jobs create wealth and eventually the economy will be stable and sustainable. Everyone wants to live in a neighborhood where the greatest percentage is of employed individuals.

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Trust the US Dollar For the Long Run

Some economic forecasters seem a bit prescient. Christian Broda is one of the academic intellectuals that has made economic predictions with astounding accuracy. He has published many whitepapers with predictions that proved true. For example, in 2009 he published a paper that accurately marked out the forces in the world’s money markets that he said would keep our current low inflation rate for a long time. And here we are, several years later, continuing to enjoy a rate of inflation that is less than 5%.

Most other economists share an opposing view. They believe the days of an entitled America are ending, and that the negative effects of massive debt will soon catch up to the US economy. Mr. Broda’s opponents also say the catalyst will be the fall of crude oil alliances, which they believe will automatically lead to the fall of the U.S. Federal Reserve, ending the power of the US dollar. A leading pundit of this darker view is James Rickards, who wrote the bestselling book, “The Death of Money.” In the book Rickards outlines case histories of US events in the past, such as when the Civil War was fought, that resulted in the dollar’s instability, which led to problems in economies throughout the world. Many other economists supporting his views.

Christian Broda points out that while the US dollar has lately shown weaker results in the world’s money markets, it is still the main choice for currency in most areas of the world. This view directly confronts the gloomy predictions of the naysayers. Mr. Broda’s reply is that foreign currency has overall weakened, but the US dollar instead is actually growing stronger, which anyone can see if the actual data is analyzed. Thus, he has refuted those decrying the impending fall of the dollar by showing that ups and downs in money markets are normal. He shows several events in history when the naysayers predicted the fall of the dollar, and yet it never occurred.

A lot of the negative view centers on changes the Fed has made, especially around Quantitative Easing (QE). Christian Broda takes a longer view. He stated, “Now that the Fed may actually exit, the natural conclusion is that the dollar should strengthen even further… Japan is still doing QE, Europe is opening that possibility in recent weeks. It seems wise to keep your investment in the US, and think twice about following the conventional wisdom that emerging markets is the place to put your money.”

Christian Broda Had What It Took To Make It Far

What makes a person a good economist? What sets them apart from all of the others who have tried to make it in this field and who have not done well in it? Well, what makes a good economist is what makes anyone good in any field. It is the dedication that they are giving to their career. Without a good amount of smarts, dedication and passion for a job, there is no way that one will succeed at it. It takes time put into a career in order for it to really blossom and grow into something great.

Economists are just like anyone else in that way. They are people who have been driven to succeed in their field. They have put aside everything else and focused solely on their career, so that they can have the success that they have been longing to have. Economists cannot be afraid of the hard work that needs to be done, but instead they need to embrace it.

When they can do that then good things will happen for them.
Christian Broda knows as well as anyone the hard work that it takes in order to get to a good place in the field of economics. But he, like many others in the field, did not shy away from the hard work. He was not afraid of dedicating all of his time to making this happen for himself, and his dedication for the work is what has put him ahead in the field. He has been able to succeed because of it, and because of the passion that he has for the work that he does.

Smarts, dedication and passion. Those are the three things that one will want to bring with them when they start out on the path toward success in any career. They will want to have the smarts to be able to learn a lot about their field. They will want to have the dedication to stick with the learning even when times get tough. And they will want to have the passion that will drive them to succeed. If they have all three of those things, then they will be sure to end up being a great economist.

Shaq and Boraie Development Helping New Newark Basketball Camp


If there is one thing Shaq knows, it is basketball. The former NBA player returned to Newark with the help of Boraie Development in order to co-host a basketball camp along with Mayor Ras Baraka. This is according to By coming back, he wants to help young students all the way up through high school to not only develop a passion for the game of basketball, but to also show them that if they put their mind to it, they can accomplish anything.

Boraie Development LLC wanted to help put on this basketball camp because it understands how important it is to have a thriving local community. When the local community is thriving and young people are hitting the pavement and doing everything they can to improve their own lives, then everyone in the community thrives because of it. The company is all about doing whatever it can to help the local community and after all, it does work in real estate so it is one of the few businesses in all of Newark and the surrounding cities that know the ins and outs of the local communities. The company has important connections with both business owner and residents of all walks of life.

Many of the people in the community already depend on the company. Beyond the real estate business they also work with property management and sales and marketing. Many of the newest additions to Newark are thanks to the company and all of the city development they have been undertaking. Bore Development believes in the city and wants it to be the very best city it can. It doesn’t want it to try and mimic other cities or replicate service that are not truly Newark businesses. It believes the city should thrive off of being itself, and the heads of the company understand know that there is a strong passion for sports in the city, and the younger population looks up to sports starts, which is exactly why bringing in Shaq as such a prominent figure is an excellent way to bring everyone together.

A community that stays together grows together, learns together and expands together. While this week it is Shaq and the basketball camp, there is no telling what the future brings and what can happen if everyone comes together in this New Jersey city and does their part to make it such an incredible location to live.

Using Religion’s Principles to Tame Business


Joseph Bismark’s reverence for spirituality has seen him grow in business to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world today. His rise to the spotlight is as a result of his efforts to find a perfect place in his life to involve spirituality. He is a strong believer in meditation and he has been practicing Buddhism for years now. Bismarck is an entrepreneur and in his talks he always references the value of spirituality in business. Basing on Bismarck’s success, it is clear that there is a connection between spirituality and business especially in the principles aspects of both disciplines. Understanding the connection allows you to become better in business.

Spiritual principles are very important and in fact they help an individual to change his or her attitude towards life. In business, attitude is everything and as the saying goes, your attitude determines your latitude. This simply means that the level of your attitude will be the level of your success. If your attitude towards life is negative and limited, so will be your level of success. Spirituality allows you to become a better person by changing your purpose in life and bringing you into a better and realistic and active life. Life issues and pressures can really wear an individual out and by seeking spiritual intervention you can actually overcome the effects of this.

There are certain disciplines that one develops when seeking spirituality that can help him greatly in the real world of business. In the real sense, spirituality has shared most of its principles to business activities and many people who have succeeded in business can attest to this fact. People who have learned to help and live their lives to help others live theirs are making tremendous progress in their businesses. In order to remain on top of your game in business, you need to have a sound mind. With the current pressures to make it in life, self and inner peace cannot be achieved unless there is a change of mind set. A person’s perspective can only be changed through spirituality hence creating a peaceful inner self.

Spirituality teaches morals and humane treatment of each other. As such, one is more likely to success in business if he or she is practicing the best moral and humane characters. In business you will not succeed if people are not satisfied and happy about your behaviors and the away you treat them. Learning to live a day a time and shunning all your selfish desires for the sake of others is one of the greatest lessons that business people can draw from religion. Religion encourages caring for each other and compassion for one another.

BRL Trust Is A Reliable Investment Firm In Brazil

If you are looking for a reputable investment company you are in the right place. BRL Trust works with banks and other financial sectors for settling assets. Their services include trade proceedings, disbursements, and guardianship.

Many people have no idea how to go about investing their money or growing their assets. When it comes to investing, it’s advisable to get professional assistance. Keep in mind that not all investment advisors or financial management firms out there provide satisfactory service. You want to make sure you choose a company that has a track record of producing good results for clients. BRL Trust comes highly recommended in the industry.

One of the first factors to consider when choosing a company to work with, is reputation. You need to research the company you are considering, to find out what kind of reputation they have in the industry. There are many online resources that can help you find out if a company is reputable and trustworthy. If you visit review sites, you will get a lot of information that can help you in making the right decision. You will be able to read the posts and learn what other people and investors are saying about the various investment firms and financial advisors out there.

When it comes to finding a trusted company that provides investment services or money management, many people prefer to work with BRL Trust. This company is based in Brazil, and has been providing top notch services to individuals and businesses since 2005. BRL Trust has achieved huge success in the industry, and expanded to a wide range of financial arenas. The company now handles capital markets and acquisitions, management and administration of investments, and other related areas. Check out BRL Trust on Wikipedia

BRL Trust has a team of highly dedicated and knowledgeable financial advisors and investment counselors who ensures that their clients receive the very best advice and guidance regarding their investments. They can help you start investing, or to diversify your portfolio. BRL Trust is also well known for their integrity, honesty and professionalism. The company is very transparent in their business dealings, and wants you to be comfortable working with them. They will provide you a broad range of options and all the information you need so you can decide for yourself.

Whether you need services such as investment funds, fiduciary or institutional investment services, BRL Trust can provide you with the high quality service that you need. To contact them, simply visit their website, have a look around to get familiar with their services and offers, then get in touch with them. BRL Trust is there to make your life easier at all times.

Benefits and Risks of Investing in Brazil

The best way to describe Brazilian economic growth is by their own Phrase ‘E boa Pra caramba’. Majority of the Brazilian elderly class of people have witnessed great economic turmoil and even survived dictatorship from the military and has still has managed to grow its gross domestic products from $15 billion in 1960 until now they are the seventh largest economy in the world which by 2011 was stood at $2 trillion.

Macroeconomic stability in Brazil has improved since 2003. It has built up economic reserves and reduced its borrowing by changing it to real – denominated and domestic securities. In 2008 the country’s debt was awarded the status of investment grade by two credit agencies. In 2010, the after some moderation the country returned to the positive growth and continues to attract investors up to date according to Igor Cornelsen.

Benefits and Risks of Investing in Brazil

Just like many emerging markets, investing in Brazil involves both risks and benefits. The rate at which the country’s economy is growing may make it give good returns but political instability and dpedence on exports make it riskier than the markets that are well developed.

These benefits include:

Strong economic growth rate. The growth of Brazil’s economy has benefited from China’s strong demand and other upcoming markets in need of their natural resources. Its independence on its own oil has also helped it evade domestic growth problems that are associated with high oil prices.

Relatively stable economy. In the, Brazil undertook steps towards Fiscal stabilization and liberalization of its economy. Brazil’s Economy has become a top – tier that has a growing technological sector and inward focus that is supposed to produce a growth rate that is sustainable over a long period of time.

Rich in natural resources. Brazil is among the leading producer of iron – ore in the world. It is also home to one of the largest offshore oil discoveries for decades now. These factors have helped it to build a strong base from which it has come up with a sophisticated technology sector and growing domestic economy.

The Risks Include

Political instability. Political history of Brazil is somewhat volatile and this has remained so up to date. Matters of corruption involving a number of government officials were arrested for allegedly siphoning government money.

Foreign Dependence. Brazil depends more on exports than other developed countries such as United States. They also rely heavily on external financing and its current account deficit. Any financing from foreign countries always have negative effects on the economy.

Igor Cornelsen is a top Brazilian banker and investment expert who has also talked about important tips to be considered before one decides to invest in Brazil. He very well understands Brazil’s potential that has made it to become a key player in the worlds economics.

Spinal Surgery Centers Becoming More Popular in America

According to most back surgery clinics, back pain is very common but back surgery doesn’t usually fix the problem. Most doctors will first suggest using pain medication, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory medicine, applying heat, trying a nice massage and sometimes even physical therapy. If none of this seems to work for very long and the problem keeps on, especially if it is affecting you functioning, then surgery may be needed, especially if there is numbness in an your arms, legs. There can be an issue of compressed nerves in your back. This could be caused by disc problems/herniated disks caused by ruptured or bulging disks or bone spurs on your spine. This is when your doctor will need to do some x-rays to find out if you need surgery. There are different types of back surgery that your doctor may recommend.

1)Diskectomy-This is where they remove the herniated part of your disk to relieve pain, inflammation, and irritation of a nerve. They usually remove either removing part or all of the back part of the vertebra to get to the ruptured disk.

2)Laminectomy-This involves removing the bone that is laying over the spinal canal. This procedure opens a larger opening in the spine canal and relieves the pressure on the nerve.

3)Fusion-this procedure permanently fuses one or more bones with another in your spine. It could relieve the pain by making a spinal break more stable. It is sometimes done to get rid of motion that is causing pain between vertebrae from a disk that has been hurt or degenerated.

4)Artificial disks-depending on the doctor, they may insert one or more artificial disks as an alternative to fusing bones when there is pain when moving two vertebrae caused by an injured or degenerated disk. This is pretty new so most doctors won’t recommend this procedure.

North America Spine is located in North Dallas, right off of the service road of North Central Expressway and Royal Lane/Meadow Road exit, in Dallas. Each location has different hours, but the Dallas office is open seven days a week, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. The company was started in 2009, they are the doctor’s office that created and performs the AccuraScope Procedure. This procedure is a minimal invasive surgery of the spine and it only takes forty-five minutes to complete. The doctors there at North American Spine do this procedure with a tiny laser that is small, smaller than you can see that works directly on the tissue it is directed at. This procedure is for tissue issues, not bone issues.

The doctors at North American Spine are experts at spine problems; they have had training especially for Interventional Pain Management, Neurosurgery, and Orthopedic Spine Surgery. They use very small incisions and visual state-of-the-art equipment; we also do decompression and we are as least invasive as possible to treat long-term back and neck pain. We keep our patients as stable as possible to relieve their pain. As of 2015, we have helped more than 8,000 patients with our AccuraScope procedure; they have been done by doctors that are board-certified with training for these specific procedures. Research has proven that the AccuraScope procedure has a success rate of 82% and saves our patients over $23,000 in costs over a five year time frame by not having to be seen by a doctor or having to get medicines.

A Lawyer in Brazil will Save Time and Money

They Know the Business Laws of Brazil
Brazil is filled with many business opportunities at this current time and date. Those who have an interest in conducting business in Brazil may not know every law that is required. The language of Brazil may also prove to be a barrier to some. You may avoid many problematic situations if you seek the assistance of a lawyer in Brazil who is trustworthy and has a firm reputation. Every business person may save money and time with a qualified lawyer who is knowledgeable about the current laws of Brazil.

Avoid Legal Issues
When you conduct your business in Brazil, you are wise if you are informed of the laws. You can completely avoid any legal issues when you have an informed lawyer to guide you in your business transactions. You may obtain a clear and informed perspective that will ensure that you are in full compliance with the laws of Brazil.

Solid and Trustworthy Advising
The lawyer in Brazil will help you in all business dealings. They will ensure that success is achieved and that cost-effective solutions are provided in a legal manner. The advising may include the following areas:
*corporate law concerns
*domestic legal advising and services
*family law including property divisions and advising on all family issues
*employment concerns
*international issues
These are a sample of the items that a lawyer in Brazil will be qualified to advise you on. The laws in Brazil will need to be known in every aspect. The solid and knowledgeable advising will ensure that you avoid legal conflicts that need not occur with the clear advising from a lawyer in Brazil. There are many more areas of the law that provide sound advising to those who may be in need of knowledge and assistance.

Ricardo Tosto
Ricardo Tosto is a distinguished and respected lawyer in Brazil. He has a fine reputation for being well versed in the laws of Brazil. He has an impressive background. He is a graduate from Mackenzie University and has education in Business Administration as well as within the law. He is the senior partner’s office Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. This is a full-service law firm. This is a firm that is named one of the top ten in Brazil. This is a firm that specializes in business law. This firm will offer and provide comprehensive legal support to entire companies. Mr. Tosto is a lawyer who does have a solid reputation and serves his clients with integrity.