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In recent weeks the world has been filled with shock as the Ashley Madison Hack has been released. This hack released information on millions of Ashley Madison users, and it is already ending the careers of numerous public officials. This latest hack has shown just how important it is to manage your online reputation carefully.
While analysts have been emphasizing the importance of maintaining your online reputation for the last decade, many people have not taken this issue seriously. While every year a high level government official gets caught misusing their social media accounts, people have not been paying attention.
Managing online reputations has become an extremely popular business, and one of the leaders in this business is Status Labs. Status Labs works to ensure that their clients have the best possible online reputation. This job has several different facets. Status Labs will look over your online presence and determine whether there are any vulnerabilities in your reputation.
Status Labs also works on the public relations side to ensure that when people search your name they find the best possible information about you. They do this by researching your past history and issuing press releases on the numerous good works you have done in the past. When a bad story breaks, it can feel like there is a follow up story issued every day. This can be overwhelming for one’s reputation and the only way to counter it is through high quality public relations. The many wonderful press releases that come out of Status Labs can help a public official rebuild their reputation, or even elevate their reputation over time.
The Ashley Madison hack has exposed the vulnerability that everyone on the internet should feel. Everyone has an account somewhere that they believe is private. If you feel that you could be harmed by a future hack, then perhaps now is the time to research potential counter measures. One of the best possible counter measures is to hire a high quality online reputation manager. The current leader in this industry is Status Labs.

Magic Mike XXL Inspires Females In Every Field

Prominent and extremely successful actress, Crystal Hunt,
is in the game to share her career endeavors with aspiring
female stars worldwide. Throughout the years,
she has starred in many renowned productions including “Magic Mike
XXL,” “The Derby Stallion,” “One Life to Live,” and “Guiding Light,”
Moreover, her outstanding roles have contributed to the launch of her
new production, “Queen of Drama.” Remarkably, with over twenty years
of acting experiences, her expertise has guided novice female stage
performers in their spotlight pursuits. Most importantly, her in
conjunction with her former roles has greatly contributed to her
distinguished recognition as one of America’s most successful

In many media outlets such as PR Newswire, Hunt frequently inspires
female audiences with her childhood acting experiences. Through
pageants and commercials, she cultivated her talents at a young age
which eventually led to her early adulthood appearances on “Guiding
Light,” “The Derby Stallion,” and “Sydney White.” Because Hunt quickly
excelled in the spotlight, in 2005, she was endowed a Daytime Emmy
Award nomination for outstanding younger actress in a popular drama

Along with her early acting experiences, Hunt is acknowledged for her
amazing success in the recently released American comedy/drama, “Magic
Mike XXL.” Notably, her renowned role in this adventurous film
involved supporting the “King of Tampa,” in their male entertainment
pursuits. Essentially, this group of best buddies traveled to South
Carolina to perform at their final strippers convention. During the
journey, the male stars restored old acquaintances and cultivate new
friendships in Jacksonville, Savannah, and Myrtle Beach.

Throughout the course of the film, Hunt also developed meaningful
in the movie by playing “Lauren.” Moreover, she truly
enjoyed working with outstandingly talented actresses as they
empowered one another on the set. Some of the female stars include
Elizabeth Banks, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jane McNeil, and Rhoda Griffis.
The camaraderie among the females was amazing and through this
experience, Hunt hopes to encourage more women on primetime and
daytime shows.

The supportive environment during the filming of “Magic Mike XXL,”
influenced Hunt’s strong drive to create, “Queen of Drama,” an
American reality drama series. Commendably, this show follows former
soap actresses who are working together to develop an interesting
pilot for television. The series debut was on April 26, 2015.

Notably, Hunt’s early stage achievements have greatly contributed to
her adulthood performances and, therefore, have inspired aspiring
female stars worldwide. Alongside her acting career, she produced her
first feature film in 2014 known as “Talbot County.” She is also the
founder of “My Pets Dream Boutique,” which is a classy pet store in
Clearwater, Florida. Notably, Hunt hopes her accomplishments serve as
a model for women professionals in every field.

Fixing Your Online Reputation For Free

Nearly everything you post online these days can be hacked or stolen, regardless of the heavy protection most websites take to keep private information away from the public. People often hide beneath the anonymity of the internet and think their decisions will never be pulled from the privacy of their home computers, however hackers have been proving that theory wrong for quiet some time. The most recent and jaw dropping hack was directed at the website Ashley Madison. The hack is considered one of the biggest scandals in the history of the internet, delving millions of user’s personal like email, credit card information, and even GPS coordinates out to the public without warning.

Status Labs, a well known online reputation management company, has been receiving multiple inquires from lawyers, CEOS, corporate executives, accountants, government employees, venture capitalists university deans and small business owners who have received negative backlash from their information leaking to the public. The hack has left many professionals with a crumbling reputation and they have been looking to Status Labs for guidance in reeling back the negativity about them in hopes to save their career and reputation. Even though the websites base is frowned upon, Status Labs believes everyone deserves a chance at redemption and nobody’s life or business should be ruined by a single mistake. The company has begun offering free crises communication counseling to those affected by the hack.

Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs has been the single crusader in online crises management and has been offering public figures a second chance after a crushing scandal. Fisher focuses on the clients internet persona whether its website, google search or social media. Fisher claims one of the main issues in many of the clients he sees is their lack of preparation so they are blindsided with negative attention through the internet out of nowhere. By monitoring their online presence, Fisher states that it can help them manage their online reputation from the start and make it easier to repair any damage done online. Since google is one of the most widely known and used search engines, their biggest project is fixing negative results on the search engine. By feeding it with fresh and relevant information it dissipates the often old and negative results.

Not all cases are as extreme as the Ashely Madison leak, some people who maintain a low profile hit a snag like a divorce, and are suddenly defined by the negative media coverage about an extremely personal situation. Status Labs understands that not everyone is perfect, and a simple mistake caught by the media can transform into a huge storm. Their expertise can help guide people back into a positive online light.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Breaking New Ground In Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a brilliant plastic surgeon. She is also an excellent writer and popular commentator on a number of television news programs. The daughter of a dentist and a surgical nurse, the Austin, Texas native has been embraced by the cosmetic surgery community. After earning her medical degree from the University of Texas medical school, she accepted a fellowship to the well-respected Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital and was mentored by renowned Dr. Sherrell Aston. When Walden completed her fellowship, she was immediately hired by the famous New York hospital.

While at the facility, Dr. Walden was involved in a number of clinical trials involving silicone breast implants. The trials went so well, the procedure was reintroduced into the field. After 71/2 years at the hospital, Dr. Walden returned to Texas and went into private practice. In addition to starting her practice, she also founded the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She also recently opened another branch of her practice in Marble Falls, Texas. Dr. Walden’s work is so highly regarded, in 2014 she was named one of the top beauty surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar.

But Dr. Walden is more than just an excellent plastic surgeon. She is also a prolific writer. She has co-authored three books including Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Textbook and Plastic Surgery Secrets, and numerous journal articles. Walden is also a member of the editorial board of Modern Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Practice and the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In addition she has appeared several times on Fox News, ABC News, E!, and VH1 as an expert commentator. This has allowed her to share pertinent information about the advances in plastic surgery with a very wide audience.

The mother of Rex and Houston, twin sons conceived using in vitro fertilization and born in 2011, Dr. Walden continues to do groundbreaking work in the field. Her work with and writings about cosmetic breast augmentation, Crow’s Feet wrinkles, subcutaneous injections, Gynecomastia, nasal surgery, brow fixation, and other types of plastic and reconstructive surgery have brought her to national prominence and gained her the undying love of her many patients. Her surgical and preparatory techniques and ability to get high-quality results that exceed even the best hopes of her patients have made her a rising star in the field.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery is still largely a male dominated field. However, the work of Dr. Walden has contributed greatly to the growing respect and opportunities for other female plastic surgeons. Dr. Walden is not just a talented plastic surgeon, she is also a trailblazer and an inspiration to many young women that are considering pursuing a career in medicine.

Dating In Russia Holds A Lot Of Possibilities

If someone makes a promise to themselves to find the right woman before a certain age, they may do anything that they have to to keep the promise. No one can promise themselves that they will find love by a certain age or time because love doesn’t work that way. Maybe the person feels that if they look in a certain place they’ll be able to find love, but there’s never a guarantee. Since love cannot be guaranteed at any time or any place, it’s completely up to the person the search for love, and all they can do is hope to find it.

Those that are searching for love may go online to look for it because that’s one of the best places to start. Most people don’t even want to go for the regular dating scenes anymore because they prefer to date online. Online dating is a form of courting, and it’s about two people getting to know more about one another, and they don’t necessarily have to be in the same room either. Video chat is a great way for two people to communicate and see each other at the same time, and many dating sites offer this service.

Another way for people to date online is through chatting, which is the most common form of dating. One person will write a message to the other person, and then they wait for a response. People can chat back and forth all day, even though it’s not as good is talking over the phone. Not all websites offer video chat, text messaging, or phone conversations, but AnastasiaDate does. AnastasiaDate offers all of these forms of contact because they understand that some people want to be able to get more intimate with who they are talking to.

If a man finds a great woman on AnastasiaDate website, they may not want to wait to have to get to know the lady. It’s very unlikely that the man is going to pick up and buy a plane ticket, and then travel to Russia right after meeting a lady. Since he won’t do any traveling to Russia any time soon, at least he can get to know the woman that he’s courting online. By using the AnastasiaDate website, a man can easily get to know the woman that he wants to meet on the AnastasiaDate website, and they may fall in love.

Love is a feeling, and it’s not a place or a thing, so that means as long as a person feels love, then they may be in love. It’s possible to feel the love from talking to someone for a long period, especially if they talk very often. Two people can talk as much as they’d like on the AnastasiaDate website, even if they have a language barrier. The AnastasiaDate website provides translation services for those who may not understand what the Russian ladies are saying to them. Join AnastasiaDate for an international dating experience.

The Many Types of Investment Banking

The world of investment banking is very complex but it can be extremely rewarding. Knowledgeable investment bankers are able to pull in huge clients and generate large returns for themselves and their companies. Investment banking firms don’t only work with individuals and small businesses. The majority of investment firms work with large corporations in a variety of practices. Some of the practices that investment firms and investment bankers engage in are mergers and acquisitions, the buying and selling of stocks and bonds, hedge fund management and investment consulting. These practices allow investment firms to be extremely profitable in the current financial climate and in the future.

Another service that investment banking firms provide is asset management. Asset management is the practice of maintaining and monitoring anything of importance and high value for an entity. Many investment banking firms dealing with asset management handle hundreds of millions of dollars, some firms even handle billions of dollars. These firms work with large companies and work on their behalf when it comes to their assets. These companies expect the investment firms they are working with to get them extremely high returns on their money. When it comes to asset management, investment firms also handle the investment funds of their clients.

Highland Capital Management is an investment firm that primarily deals with asset management. Highland Capital Management manages assets totaling approximately $21 billion. They are on of the largest alternative credit managers. Highland Capital Management specializes in credit hedge funds, separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations and private equity. The firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and they have offices in Seoul, Singapore, San Paulo and New York.

James Dondero is the Co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management. James Dondero of nexbank has more than thirty years of experience in equity and credit markets. He focuses primarily on distressed and high-yield investing. In addition to being the President of Highland Capital Management, he is also the chairman of Nexbank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare. He also serves on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote. Prior to founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero was the chief investment officer of Protective Life. While there, he helped build out its subsidiary and help acquire over $2 billion in assets. In the 1980s, James Dondero worked at American Express as a Portfolio Manager. He is very active in many charities, supporting causes such as public policy, veteran’s affairs and education.

The Rise and Fall of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass was born in Miami, Florida on September 7, 1969. After completing his business education at Texas Christian University, it seemed as if Bass was well on his way to becoming a top hedge fund manager. Indeed, Bass would achieve many successes including founding Hayman Capital Management in Dallas. However, despite his early successes, the more recent years of his career has seen troubling ethical and financial questions arise.

After leaving Legg Mason, INC as a managing director, Bass set out on his own and started his hedge fund in 2006: Hayman Capital Management. It would be with this fund that Bass would enter the financial world spotlight and become a rising superstar of investing. In 2007 he took advantage of the subprime mortgage crisis when he betted against residential mortgage backed securities that he predicted were likely to default. After the ensuing mass of foreclosures that spread all over the country, Bass became well-known for correctly predicting and benefiting from this crisis.

After he was thrust into the media spotlight and began to give his investment analysis to viewers, he did not fare so well. One such misguided analysis was his support of Argentinian President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her failed economic policies. When Argentina defaulted on its debt for the 2nd time in thirteen years, Bass continued to advocate Fernandez’s economic policies for Argentina. The New York Post even compared Bass to leftist Argentinian economy minister Axel Kicillof.

His work via the Coalition for Affordable Drugs is perhaps even more notorious and raises many ethical questions. Bass is accused of selecting specific pharmaceutical firms, short selling their stocks, and then challenging their patents through the Coalition. The result is that the stock prices of these companies plunge, allowing him to make hefty profits. The situation has got to the point where the Patent Trial and Appeals Board-a government agency- is weighing options to formally sanction Bass for abusing the system via his many patent challenges.

In an almost complete reversal since his founding days of Hayman in 2006, it was estimated that Bass had lost almost 30% in 2014. According to Jim McTague , who wrote an article on Bass’s “comeback” plan, Bass is currently betting on rising oil prices. Bass is also still supportive and optimistic on the Argentinian economy. Given his recent track record, many investors may well proceed with extreme caution prior to taking action on these assumptions.

Moving Ahead In Business with Capital Strategies

Without a clear strategy, many large businesses go by the wayside. It is not enough to ride on the success of initial growth. Without a clear-cut plan for future growth while utilizing present-day collateral, business stagnation is almost a certainty. In many cases, businesses that underutilized strategic goals for future growth end up regressing and many of them ultimately fail.

The use of specialists in the field of capital strategy was unheard of a few short years ago. But as businesses advanced and became more complicated and nuanced, the need for persons who understood corporate growth and the correct usage of capital to further that growth became a need.

To secure an individual that understands the workings of capital strategy and can utilize that understanding into a workable plan, can be a great boon to any up and coming business entity.

Individuals like Sam Tabar, who has worked with corporations like Bank of America Merrill Lynch have utilized years of corporate knowledge and intricate understanding of corporate assets to help businesses succeed. Tabar also held a Managing Director position at PMA Investment Advisors/ SPARX Group. He holds a unique distinction of being both a lawyer and a capital strategist. This has served him well in the business world, bringing numerous companies to higher levels of efficiency, productivity and profit.

Knowledge of the proper allocation of capital in large corporate settings is key not only to larger profits, but more efficient methods to effectively take advantage of the shortcomings of rival entities. After all, successful business is predicated upon market share and by understanding the nature of how businesses operate. On Twitter you can see that he’s a fledging enterprise should not only understand how they work but also know the strengths and deficiencies of the competition and use that understanding to place themselves in a superior position in the market.

To fully understand how the business operates is to fully understand how to make it better. Experts like Tabar use their know how to bring businesses to higher levels of gain and profitability. In a competitive market, expert advice can be the difference between success and failure.

Serial Entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov, like many successful people, knows the essence of quality education. He has persistently undergone educational training so as to better his skills. Alexei has also ventured in many industries to seek to understanding. He graduated with a medical degree, but later decided to pursue business. A few years later, he graduated with an MBA. It was fundamental to his success as businessman and philanthropist.

Alexei started his career after medical school. He decided to switch, and venture into business. He has founded many successful companies. Among the most successful is SOLVY, an online educational platform. In February 2015, he was appointed Chief Operations Officer of SOLVY. He has steered the company to greater heights, and continues to show his abilities and skills online. Alexei can always be reached online on Facebook, LinkedIn, and his Twitter handle.
Alexei is a known philanthropist. In his work, he has touched the lives of many students in Russia. Through the INSEAD program, he supports the scholarship issue to Russian students that want to further their education. It is a great contribution to society. The majority of the students given the scholarships are from financially unstable families. In fact, his work is applauded for giving a future to the next generation. He is creating leaders and brains, which will be instrumental in bettering the future of tomorrow. It is the sacrifice of people like Alexei, which improves life going forward.

The rational entrepreneur has diversified his portfolio to the different industries. Alexei continues to be seen as an example by the various industry leaders, and the students that he supports. The calculative investor knows where to put his money, and is not afraid to incur losses. After all, losses are an ordinary occurrence in business. It takes courage, and belief to dive into the investment world. The chances of success are determined by the actions of the investor. Therefore, people that begin early in life always have an advantage. They seem to have met these challenges, and are prepared to handle them.

Alexei is more of a serial entrepreneur than just a businessman. He has ventured both in business, and education. Early 2015, he launched SOLVY in EdSurge Conference. The Los Angeles conference witnessed Alexei entertain participants with his brilliant work. He shared his idea with teaching professional from different parts of the world. It revolved his education software. In his submissions, Alexei describes SOLVY as software that allows for progressive thinking for students. The software measures how much, in a subject, students understand. SOLVY allows teachers to select questions that students can answer on different topic, but without multiple responses to choose. In fact, described his innovation as “One of the World’s Most Promising Startups.” It was also mentioned among the “100 top Innovations, Today” by BetaList.

Yahoo Finance also says that Alexei Beltyukov has set standards to his work. According to his employees, he is the most determined man to manage any business. Alexei continues to invest in more industries, but continues to keep much focus on bettering the quality of education.

Why Individuals Are Finding Renting In New Jersey to Be More Favorable

Boraie Development LLC is a company in the real estate industry and it is currently one of the leading players in the market. The company has built a reputation in the market for its exemplary performance in the quality of structures that it has constructed. One of the major advantage that the company enjoys include economies of scale. Boraie Development LLC is a big company that has numerous resources to compete on a global front. The company has diversified its operations in the industry to encompass all types of structures including commercial and residential buildings hence maximizing on its potential to make considerable returns.

Boraie Development LLC has identified the new market in New Jersey and being the prudent investor it is, it has several projects under its name in the area. New Jersey is slowly becoming the new area of preference for most of the people who are fixed and trapped by the rising renting rates in other cities and mostly New York. In New York for instance, the price for renting an apartment has reached an all-time high which residents deem as being highly overpriced. As such, most residents in New York are seeking refuge in New Jersey where houses are a quite cheaper compared to other big cities.

Renting a home in New Jersey comes along with different benefits. One, it is important to notice that the city is a rapidly growing economy and there are great opportunities coming up in all sectors and industries. The growing number of real estates in the area has influenced and effected growth to all other areas of the economy hence creating a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in the area. Renting a house in New Jersey sets you up for a myriad of great opportunities that are imminent with the level of growth therein.

However, the overriding factor of all these is the fact that renting an apartment in New Jersey is quite cheap. This is currently due to the market’s response to the rule of demand and supply. The number of apartments in the area and others that are coming up has actually exceeded the demand for the same. Job opportunities and employments is a major benefit that residents are gaining and this should be an incentive enough to draw people to the city. Jobs create wealth and eventually the economy will be stable and sustainable. Everyone wants to live in a neighborhood where the greatest percentage is of employed individuals.

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