Invest Confidently With BRL Trust

For most people, the need to save money is one of their most important life tasks. People need to save money for many reasons. Most people will need to save up money to have on hand in order to help them secure a good retirement if they are no longer working or simply unable to continue working as a result of old age or an unexpected illness. Most people will also need to save money in order to provide an emergency fund that allows them to meet unexpected expenses such as a car repair bill or a bill for a vet to help a beloved animal. 

Whatever the reasons for saving money, all people will need to make sure that any funds they have saved are able to at least equal inflation. Inflation is when the cost of various goods and services goes up. Inflation can have a detrimental effect on any person’s savings if you ask a few on LinkedIn about it. This kind of situation may mean that any fund they have saved up are worth far less in the future than at present. As a result of the this potential problem, many savers turn to professionals for advice. A professional can help them understand all aspects of the marketplace. Under the guidance of a company such as BRL Trust, the investor can help make sure that they are able to use the power of the market in order to avoid problems and earn an excellent rate of return on any funds they choose to save.

BRL Trust was founded by a Brazilian native with vast knowledge of the area of investing in Latin America. Under his leadership, the company has expanded into many areas of capital and banking. The result for his investors has been investments in the market here that have greatly aid off and often provided a comfortable living for those who work with officials here. Investing in a foreign market can be complicated and difficult so potential investors need to know that they have someone on their side that they can trust. Trust is the key to any transaction in this region of the world. Savers can confidently work with officials here in order to help them find the very best investment for their capital. They can work closely with staffers at BRL Trust to consider the various kinds of safe investments that are available to them in this area of the world.

Capitalizing on the wisdom of Igor Cornelsen

I never thought, in all my years of working, that I could find any money to invest. I assumed – from my limited knowledge of investing – that I could find the assistance that I would need from a financial investor. I am glad that I was able to do the research and find out about Igor Cornelsen. I was able to capitalize on his wisdom and use this advice to catapult my portfolio into something beautiful.

The first time I begin to consider investing on my own was when I got laid off. I had a 401K plan that I had to roll over into an IRA. That was one option. The other option was to just take the penalty and get the cash. I was reading various blogs where Igor Cornelsen was giving information to investors, and I decided that I would look into what he was saying. It seemed simple enough to engage in small investments in different stocks. After all, he wasn’t asking me to throw all the money from my 401K into big stocks. I will admit that I was tempted to put everything in Apple. At the time of the layoff Apple was the most valuable company in the world. That seemed like a surefire win to me. It was only be a couple of months later where Apple was losing ground to Samsung. Many months later Apple would be back on top while Samsung had a stock that was losing money.

Igor Cornelsen has already warned me that this type of thing happens in the stock market all the time. People get their emotions into it and get involved with companies because of what they are feeling emotionally. I know, from previous experience, that I can make insane decisions when I am emotionally invested in a company. I like it much better when I put forth the effort to truly research what the company is doing. This is something that was taught by Igor Cornelsen. This is one of his essentials to investing, as he points out on his Tumblr. He has made me realize that one of the most important things that a person can do is find out what the company is doing in the future.

There are an assortment of books and videos that people pay for to get investing advice. Some people even pay to go to seminars, but Igor Cornelsen gives quality investing advice freely.

Bruce Levenson – NBA Team Owner Who Sold Atlanta Hawks

Bruce Levenson is a co-founder of United Communications Group and former owner of the Atlanta Hawks. He has also worked as a writer for the Washington Star and Observer before going into the media business himself. He was also a director of, which is a group of websites aimed at technology professionals and consumers. As a business owner, Bruce Levenson has been successful in growing the valuation of the Atlanta Hawks and ensuring a successful sale.

Recently, Bruce Levenson has made the news for selling the Atlanta Hawks to the Antony Ressler-Grant Hill group. Antony Ressler is an investment manager whom is also the co-founder of Marquis Jet, an executive jet card service which provides fractional jet ownership in time blocks. He is in a group of other individuals, including Jesse Itzler whom is the husband of the founder of Spanx.The Atlanta Hawks have been successful in the sport as they are part of the top seed in the Eastern Conference.  The current CEO of the Hawks is Steve Koonin, and the coach is Mike Budenholzer. Mike Budenholzer was hired on with a 3-year contract with the team as it’s head coach. The final sale price to Antony Ressler’s group is approximately $850 Million, which is a doubling of the $425 Million valuation following the sales of the LA Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks.

Bruce Levenson is the majority shareholder of the team, with a 50.1% stake in the team’s ownership. The remaining owners of the team have also agreed to sell their stake in it as well. Antony Ressler’s group will also have control over the Philips Arena.

Sultan Alhokair Deals With Finances

Sultan Alhokair is a brilliant person that deals with finances. Sultan Alhokair is a project manager with the Retail Group of America. Other positions include being a business and financial analyst with Valia Investments, as well as being a partner in the company. Continuous production is important in this person’s career, as well as completing a variety of other duties.

Sultan Alhokair is an angel investor. With an avid interest in studying the people behind the money, Sultan Alhokair acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge. Acquiring a variety of information has helped to give a background for Sultan Alhokair that has led to a huge success. This led him into angel investing where he helps several start-up businesses.

Sultan Alhokair graduated from Northeastern in 2009. Studies included Family Business Management, regular Business Management and Financial Accounting.

Sultan Alhokair has made great contributions to Retail Group of America. With the Retail Group of America, Sultan Alhokair looks for new retail opportunities, as well as advising on sales and business ideas. Sultan Alhokair began work with the Retail Group of America in the year 2014 and also provides retail sales advice and services for fashion companies.

At the Valia Investments firm, Sultan Alhokair’s contributions are clear.
When Sultan Alhokair began with Valia Investments, it was clear that there were lots of start-up companies that were in need of backing. As an angel investor, Sultan Alhokair helps them begin their businesses while advising them on a variety of subjects.

Continuing to increase knowledge and communication skills, Sultan Alhokair continues to be a successful business person.

Senator Sanders Effectively Using the Internet & Social Media to Drive Home His Message of Change

The presidential campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is still dismissed by the mainstream media. Any discussion of the senator’s rising campaign is always coupled with language to the effect that he stands no chance of winning his party’s nomination. In addition, he is said to understand this and is comfortable making whatever waves he can by promoting his agenda boldly. In all candor, that argument does not make sense. Senator Sanders truly believes his message of socialism, and he has won election after election promoting it. His views of what is best for the American people have not changed one whit. Despite the far left-wing nature of his policies, he has succeeded at getting elected.

Now, Sen. Sanders is patiently building up his name recognition on the internet and social media unlike any other candidate. Sanders does not have the funds to “buy” a Twitter following as did Hillary Clinton. Igor Cornelsen believes his remarks go viral because people genuinely want to know what he has to say. His is not bound by any quid-pro-quot agreements that come by accepting billionaire donor funds as the Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush campaigns have done. Thus far, Sanders has been succeeding.  Even Hillary Clinton is having to adopt his populist rhetoric at least publicly. However, in her case, she was recently upbraided by billionaire hedge fund manage Leon Cooperman for taking big hedge fund donations and publicly criticizing them.

Vijay Eswaran Award Winning Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Vijay Eswaran, the CEO of QNET and the founder of the QI Group, is a
successful entrepreneur and philanthropist alike. He has even been
referred to as a saint by affiliates of his direct selling
conglomerate. Vijay Eswaran received CEO of the year in 2013 by the
Asean Business Advisory Council Malaysia and his company QNET was
more recently voted one of twenty best companies to work for in Asia,
by HR Journal Group. The fate of the QI Group and QNET were
solidified when Vijay Eswaran and his partner attained the rights to
sell commemorative coins for the Sydney 2000 Olympics in 1998. It
was always in Dr. Eswarans vision to help his fellow man to achieve
higher economic status. His partner and himself came up with a
formula to merge direct selling and e-commerce. In 1999 the company
was recognized as one of the first Asian companies to use and master
online network marketing techniques. This enabled his company to
reach out and provide services to customers and affiliated businesses
all over the world.

From the beginning of Dr. Eswaran’s entrepreneurial journey he lived and
worked by wise words passed on by his father, “Service above Self.”
It is his dedication to personal customer service and daring to
never give up that brought his business from humble beginnings to the
multinational conglomerate he now runs. Over the years he has said
in interviews that he has realized that great employees have less
commonly assessed attributes such as being as determined, true and
loyal to a shared goal as he is. He extends this somewhat familial
viewpoint further than just his employees and works to change the
lives of people outside of his company as well according to

Vijay Eswaran’s first largely publicized philanthropic work was to hire
Disney on Ice for 200 orphaned children in Malaysia. Over the years
QNET has sponsored hundreds of children, actively participated in
natural disaster relief, made donations to relief organizations, sent
disabled children to major sporting events and the list goes on. For
this man even that is not enough, he wants to build a completely
green Harvard of the East and has been doing just this in partnership
with Blair Education Services and the Sate of Perak, Malaysia.


Bernardo Chua’s Recipe For Success

Bernardo Chua is a brilliant individual that is considered be an innovator and a man who’s success knows no bounds. He is most famous for being the CEO of Organo Gold corporation that specializes in coffee and personal care products. Bernardo Chua, coming all the way from the Philippines, founded the Organo Gold company in 2008 along with Shane Morand who is the co-founder. Coming from years of experience in marketing, he has constructed an ingenious group of people made up of expert medical consultants known as the Scientific Advisory Board to make their products high quality.

Their offices branch into both the United States and Canada. Bernardo Chua has constructed a system in which individual distributors market and sell the company’s products which results in everyone in the company earning profit. Their coffee is full of natural ingredients made up of delightful herbs that can control cholesterol making their coffee healthier than other brands. The company earns millions of dollars across the globe annually and it’s become a smashing success. Incredible; just a small glimpse into the mind of Bernardo Chua and we can see where those many of years of experience has gotten him. In fact, Bernie Chua has just recently expanded operations to Turkey.

Organo Gold has received the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal Award in Vancouver, British Columbia for showing Napoleon Hill principles. They believe they can show the world the true taste of what the earth has to offer and the incoming global appreciation of Organo Gold. Bernardo Chua will not stop until his successful Organo Gold is known worldwide as a global presence that cannot possibly be ignored. He has even reached a partnership with famous professional boxer, Manny Pacquiao, stating that Organo Gold is the next generation of direct selling and it will enter a new age of entrepreneurism. Bernardo Chua’s Organo Gold has also been awarded two People’s Choice Awards for their excellent global network marketing and the other for the best organic health coffee.

Follow Organo Gold's Bernardo Chua on Twitter
Follow Organo Gold’s Bernardo Chua on Twitter!


Just imagine that none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for the excellence and effort of Bernardo Chua. It can be safe to say that the world needs someone like Bernardo Chua leading the way of multilevel marketing for the future of economics. If you’d like further information, check out Bernie Chua’s facebook.

A Corporation You Can Trust; BRL Trust

If you’re in the business for investments and looking for somewhere new and unexpected to try out, then look no further than the international investment company BRL Trust. Founded in 2005 by Mauricio Ribeiro, BRL Trust started out by giving out private loans. They are an investments corporation based in Brazil that has changed the way clients and investors alike see investment companies. In its first year of work, BRL Trust ended with over a hundred loans which can be considered astonishing by many. The company aims to make the latest and most clever ideas into services in order to boost their reputation and to the investor’s glee and delight. Their investments exploded into success which in turn made them look for more business avenues such as administration and management of investment funds and delving into more prominent markets.


The investment company BRL Trust consists of highly skilled individuals hand-picked by the company themselves ensuring that only the highest quality services and assistance can be found at the company. They will make certain that each client gets exactly what they want and in a timely manner. It is because of the dedication and the strict nature of the company’s employees that ensure that every client becomes satisfied and content with BRL Trust. They also offer services that make your safety a first priority and arrange that reliability is something at the top of their list.


They also manage, monitor and amass the many loans they get quite often as part of their large variety of services. The client will always be informed about the level of risk they take with each investment so your future can be secured safely.

They also have a very active role in social media; social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can ask questions, concerns, and any other such doubt when you try to respond to them. They will answer quickly and precisely when they can.  They are one of the best investment companies in the world so don’t lose this opportunity and contact them right away when you can.

Maximizing Time and Earning with Igor Cornelsen

As an investor that doesn’t have a financial planner, I have learned a lot from Igor Cornelsen. This financial adviser has given some wisdom that has continued to help me make better decisions about how I invest my income.

One thing that I had never heard of before Igor Cornelsen is passive income. I have always worked on jobs were I was paid wages for services that were rendered. It wasn’t until Igor Cornelsen explained the concept of passive income that I found a way maximize my time. It was a real eye opener because I realized that there were opportunities where I could earn money without being physically present in an organization. This was one of the best things in life because it freed up time and gave me the opportunity to see my family more. He has given me the ability to build a retirement plan that makes money even while I sleep or go on vacation.


From the passive income advice of Igor Cornelsen I learned how to maximize my time. It was from his small investments concept, however, that I learned how to maximize my earnings. I wasn’t sure that this would work in the beginning, but I gave it a try anyway. What Cornelsen suggests is investing small amounts in a variety of different stocks. This gives you a diverse portfolio. It also minimizes the money that could be lost in any one huge investment in a single company.


There are others, however, that may have slow growth. With Igor Cornelsen’s strategies I learning that it was important to get my money spread out across both the booming businesses that are growing rapidly and the companies that have slow growth. He even explained how to invest in damage stocks and still make a profit. 

Igor Cornelsen has extensive knowledge that has been passed down for years. He once worked as a banker, and this has given him an edge that many other financial planners may not have. He has true knowledge of the way that Brazilian banks have functioned. His knowledge here has even helped with in my transactions that I have conducted overseas. Cornelsen has made it easier to invest without consulting professionals.

Jonathan Veitch – 15th President of Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch is the current president at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. Born on January 31, 1959, Veitch would go on to be the first Los Angeles native president at Occidental College. He now lives on the Occidental campus in the Wallis Annenberg President’s House with his wife and three kids.

Veitch started his career by obtaining his bachelor’s degree from Stanford University, and then finishing his doctoral degree at Harvard University. Before accepting his current role as president, Veitch held many prestigious positions at a number of acclaimed universities throughout the United States. He was originally an English professor at the University of Wisconsin before accepting a position at The New School in New York teaching various history and cultural courses. Veitch then became the Dean of Eugene Lang College, where he would spend four years before eventually being named as the President of Occidental College in 2009.

Occidental College has seen many changes and improvements since Veitch’s tenure began six year ago.  He transformed building construction plans and limited campus growth to pacify neighborhood concerns. Showing his concern for the environment, Veitch invited public officials to discuss environmental concerns and transportation alternatives. Construction of one of Los Angeles’ largest solar arrays has been completed on the Occidental College campus to promote more efficient energy. This solar power is calculated to generate close to 11% of the annual campus electricity.

Veitch also launched initiatives to improve the college’s programs, partnerships, and civic engagement. While serving as president, both the Samuelson Alumni Center and the renovation of the Swan Hall have been completed. Other renovations are currently underway, helping to ensure Occidental College continues to expand and grow to provide adequate facilities for its students and faculty.

Occidental College was experiencing difficult times before Veitch came in to accept the challenge. The college was cycling through presidents very quickly, similar to episodes it had endured soon after its founding. Economic recession also plagued the nation, directly affecting application rates and tuition costs. Rising above the trials, Jonathan Veitch has successfully transformed Occidental College into a respected institution of higher learning. Initially, he predicted his stay at the Los Angeles college to extend at least ten years, but faculty, students, and locals will be hoping he continues to stick around to continue to help the school prosper.