OSI Food Solutions, Leading Company in the Food Industry

When Tyson Foods announced that it would shut down its Chicago food plant in October 2016, 480 people stood to lose their employment. However, these people’s jobs were secured once again when an Aurora-based company of processed foods, OSI Food Solutions, bought the Chicago food plant for $7.4 million in June of the same year. By this time, however, only 250 employees still remained in the food plant, and most of them were offered jobs in the plant under the new management. Alison Kovaleski, OSI Food Solutions spokesperson, declined to shed light about the future plans of the plant when contacted citing the company’snon-disclosure policy about its products and customers’ information.

The company announced that the strategic position of the 200,000 square-foot facility in Chicago and its closeness to OSI Food Solutions’ facilities in the area would enable them to meet their customers’ rapidly evolving needs. The facility would be added to the company’s broad manufacturing network. OSI Food Solutions is a privately owned company and is renowned worldwide for its services. Operating in the food service industry, the company makes a vast variety of meat-based products such as bacon and breakfast sausage. Moreover, the company also deals in food products which are not meat-based for retail brands as well as other food service providers. In total, the company has operations in 16 countries having more than 60 facilities. The company is highly ranked in the business world for excellent service provision.

Why was the Chicago food plant sold?

Tyson Foods executives attributed the sale of the 200,000 square-foot facility to its limited ability in meeting the ever-changing customer needs. They, however, did not give any detailed explanation of how the plant was limited in its ability. Tyson Foods’ other two facilities in the Chicago area, however, still remain under operation. One of the facilities makes steaks while the other one has offices. The Chicago facility was previously involved in the hospitality industry in the preparation of meals such as omelettes, chicken, sauces, and crepes. OSI food solutions noted that the newly acquired plant would help in supporting their business growth by providing the necessary infrastructure needed to continue meeting the ever-evolving consumer trends.