OSI Industries

The OSI Industries Group is one of the largest suppliers of value-added foods in the entire world. OSI Industries Group has more than 65 plant locations that are put located throughout 17 different countries and employees over 20,000 people! This company is one of the largest companies in the United States that is privately held and it has so many resources that it can offer food-related businesses a partnership with a global reputation and responsiveness like no other.

OSI Industries has continued to grow over the years and does this by going into joint ventures with businesses like processing plants, large farms, poultry processing plants, food-related warehouses, and more. OSI Industries is acquiring so many food-related businesses so that it stays on top as the premier global food provider to leading companies in all of North America, Europe, and other places.

OSI also has several plants that are located throughout Australia, China, and India, and has a presence in the Phillippines thanks to a joint venture that it has with GenOSI.

OSI is working hard to aggressively expand its poultry business throughout the United States, through Europe, and in China. Because of its poultry expansion, the company has reached more sale’s records than ever before. OSI is also doubling its poultry expansion throughout Toledo, Spain which has allowed it to create several different products. Their ability to create and process more products has added a total of 45,000 tons and given jobs to almost 150 people. This means that the expansion has allowed OSI to employ a lot of local workers and give the economy a boost- which is not something unheard of for OSI to do across the globe as well.

Because OSI Industries is expanding so quickly, the company has the ability to create and produce new products that it didn’t have the capacity to do before. OSI works hard to create an environment of stewardship and cleanly develops all of its products. All of the OSI facilities meet environmental standards and the management and audit teams of all the facilities follow strict food and safety regulations that are required by the Food Safety Standard FSSC 22000.

This food supplier company is growing quickly and plans on continuing to create, produce, and supply food to more and more places all around the world.

Learn more about OSI Industries: https://www.refrigeratedfrozenfood.com/keywords/OSI%20Group