Vinod Gupta is Focused Businessman

Vinod Gupta is someone that many people look up to. He was determined to be successful, so he did things that would guarantee that fate. He was born in India, in the late 1940s. Vinod managed to turn a one hundred dollar bank loan into an empire. He had a very humble upbringing. He was part of a village, named Rampur Manhyaran.

They did not have electricity, roads, toilets, cars, or various forms of technology. He did not allow that to stop him. After going to the village school, he enrolled at I.I.T in Kharagpur. After receiving his degree, he attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln for his admission and graduate assistantship. He also received a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University.

After school, he moved to Omaha, Nebraska, to start his job at the Commodore Corporation. They were a manufacturer of mobile homes and had over eighteen plants located in various areas. He attempted finding information about various mobile home dealers in the United States.

He wanted to evaluate what the other mobile home companies were doing. He quickly found out it was much harder than he originally thought. He ordered almost five thousand yellow pages and decided to start a quest to do better than what he had experienced. He was able to create a list in his free time that would render him getting large amounts of money. The competitors of Commodore Corporation were willing to buy the lists for thousands of dollars.

Vinod Gupta was able to add other industries into the database and his business soared. The company was sold for six hundred and eighty million dollars. Vinod Gupta is definitely a businessman who people can learn from. He saw there was a need for what he had to offer, and he created an entire empire around it.

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