Blake Mallen And His Niche For Success

Blake Mallen is a break through professional business man that is truly promoting a new way of life towards entrepreneurship and overall living. He grew under the wings of a police officer and a school principal. His parents showed him the importance of dedication and good work ethics. He also always showed up on his schools’ perfect attendance, received awards like “the outstanding 6th grader”, and was the student body president of his high school with a nearly perfect GPA. He then moved onto study at the Univerisity of California, San Diego to earn his degree in political science. The extremely impressive part about this is that he attained his degree in as little as three years. This was a sign that helped to forshaddow the way that Blake Mallen thought.

Blake Mallen is an advocate for deterring others from thinking that they need to live a specific way in order to be deemed successful or productive. He is now the CEO and President of companies like Liv Global and ViSalus. They are both extremely successful companies that promotes living a phenomenal life that encourages yourself and others to be the best that they can be. Liv Global was founded on 2017 and has caused Blake Mallen to receive prestigious recognition for it! He has been acknowledged by the “Hermes Creative Awards” for his innovative business ideas! Liv Global is a company that helps individuls turn their bucket list into a liv list. This means that instead of putting them all into a bucket they actually get to live them and share their experience with others and profit from them!

He is also the CEO of ViSalus. ViSalus is a company that sells healthy products like meals, shakes, vitamins, supplements, and more that allows people to live healthier lives all together. ViSalus is also very well known for theur 90-day challenge that aims to show the effectiveness of their products and showcase the lives that they have impacted. Blake Mallen’s approach of making his business help individuals gain positive experience is the gold mine of all time and he will continue to thrive with everyone around him.

How Blake Mallen Capitalized On The Gig Economy Before It Was A Thing