Isabel Dos Santos Does Her Part To Help Support Poor Families In Africa And Angola

Isabel dos Santos has led a long and successful career that has inspired many women. Her father once served as the president of Angola, and she has given him a lot of credit for his support of her in her business endeavours. She has been interested in technology and the sciences for most of her life, and she received her degree in electrical engineering after studying at King’s College in London. Since she has become a success, she has been a huge supporter of education and believes that many women in Africa and Angola could benefit from getting a solid education.


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Porque vemos Angola como um todo e porque sentimos os sofrimentos da nossa terra, juntos respondemos às necessidades causadas pela seca terrível no Cunene. Todos somos Angola! No BFA levamos a sério este chamamento e disponibilizamos 2 milhões de dólares para ajudar mais de duas mil e 400 famílias afectadas pela seca 🙏🏾. Porque àgua é vida💧! Este é o nosso projecto “Mais água, Mais vida” que vai garantir a estas famílias vários serviços desde o acesso à água potável, saúde, educação, reabilitação de furos de água, e a melhoria das condições de 15 escolas para que as crianças possam ter a educação que merecem. Estamos juntos pelo Cunene, pelos Angolanos e por Angola 🇦🇴 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Cunene #Angola #ResponsabilidadeSocial #BFA #proudlyAngolan Because we see Angola as a whole and because we feel the griefs of our motherland, together we react to the needs caused by the terrible drought in Cunene. We are all Angola! At BFA we took this call seriously and provided $ 2 million to help more than 2,400 families affected by the drought 🙏🏾. Because water is life💧! This is our “More Water, More Life” project that will provide these families with a variety of services from access to clean water, health, education, water hole rehabilitation, and will improve the conditions of 15 schools so that children can have the education they deserve. We are together for Cunene, Angolans, and Angola 🇦🇴

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Isabel dos Santos has been working to partner up with others in order to create initiatives and scholarships that will help those in need. She is hoping to be able to help create new job opportunities in rural locations and other areas where poverty has taken hold for years. It is her belief that education will give people who lack employment the skills and knowledge they need to compete in today’s business sector. Her support of the “Seed for the Future” program has helped many people by giving them an opportunity to visit other countries where they can learn about technology.

Isabel dos Santos knows that poverty is one of the main reasons why many people in her home country of Angola cannot get an education. Most people there are just trying to survive and don’t have the time or money to spend on an education. Dos Santos has also been upset about the plight of children in poor countries. When the parents of children are barely getting by, the children also suffer greatly. Many kids in economically challenged countries aren’t even getting their essential needs met. She has helped out by supporting shelters that offer protection to children in need.

As the co-founder of Unitel, Isabel dos Santos has been on a mission to spread new technologies to poor regions in Africa and Angola. Her hard work has brought high-speed internet to both countries. It is her belief that this will help many of the people in these countries to be able to lift themselves up through entrepreneurism.

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