The Role of Eva Moskowitz in Education

Eva Moskowitz holds a BA in History from the University of Pennsylvania. She also attended John Hopkins University where she got her PHD in American History. She noticed a problem in the education sector when still in high school. According to her, the teachers did not teach and the students did not learn much from their teachers. There was also a lot of cheating which made the exams almost irrelevant. Eva felt sad that even the principal could not take care of such matters.

Between 1989 and 1990, Eva Moskowitz was a professor at the University of Virginia. She was teaching women’s history. She was also an assistant professor teaching history at the University of Vanderbilt. She also taught at the City University of New York. Between 1996 and 1999, she was at Columbia University. Here, she was the chair of the faculty seminar which focused on American Studies. At the Prep and Prep school, she taught civics and was in charge of public affairs.

Eva Moskowitz decided to bring some change to the education sector in America. She began by running for public office. Eva was the chair of the education committee. She hoped that with her position, she could impact positively on education. With time, Eva realized that she could not do much from there. In 2006, she founded a charter school, Success Academy, which caters for the educational needs of vulnerable children.

Eva Moskowitz said that her ideas mostly came from being a mother. According to her, there are many things that make children succeed in their studies. The younger children for instance need several breaks between studies. Eva understands that this keeps school interesting for them. Her strategies have proven to be successful. With 11,000 students in her schools, the general performance is higher than that of other schools.